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Teeth Whitening Equipment


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Teeth Whitening Equipment


1.Essential After Tooth Whitening Treatment
2. Restores, rebuilds and revives tooth enamel
3.Restores natural shine to teeth
4. Removes Sensitivity


Your first experience at Elegance Medi Spa in Vancouver consists of an in-office treatment (approximately 30 min) that will give you a colour boost and leave teeth two to eight shades whiter.


Our teeth whitening treatment will last four to six months, depending on your lifestyle and habits. When you notice your smile looking a little dull, book an appointment for a touch-up. Your touch-up or colour boost is exactly the same as a regular whitening session.


Tooth whitening systems use peroxide-generating compounds as the whitening ingredient and a Laser LED to activate the gel. Most are formulated with hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide or urea peroxide. The latter two are most common, and are about three times less potent than hydrogen peroxide itself.

In general, the more peroxide, the greater the whitener power. Formulations differ depending on the way the product is applied either painted on, or in a tray. Depending on the strength of the whitener, the peroxide acts on the surface of the tooth, as well as the next layer below the dentin. It does not go far enough to reach the pulp (the innermost part of the tooth.) Tooth Whiteners will whiten only natural teeth, not caps, crowns, veneers,
fillings or dentures. The results are not permanent, but will last for approximately six months.

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