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Wood's lamp

In this category you can find Wood's lamp. In order to recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Wood's lamp, you have come to the right place.

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Products in this category:

Ionto Wood & Magnifying Lamp Skirt 21104 Wood's lamp
$ 110.00
Ionto Wood & Magnifying Lamp Skirts are designed to allow you to work in a well lit room while only your clients face is darkened for diagnosis. A direct replacement for the Ionto-Comed Wood/Magnifying Lamp Combo.
Luxo Magnifying Woods Lamp 21122 Wood's lamp
$ 329.50
Luxo Magnifying Woods Lamps, Made In Norway, are the ultimate 5 diopter inspection magnifiers with wide rectangular (4" x 2") viewing area. Dual light switching provides for both UV and normal light inspection. The UV black light bulb highlights blackheads and whiteheads not normally seen with regular light and helps diagnose whether skin is oily, dry, dehydrated or blotchy.
Wood's Lamp Replacement Bulbs 19300 Wood's lamp
$ 35.00
Wood's Lamp Replacement Bulbs are an extra set of backup bulbs for your woods lamp. These are replacement bulbs for RockBeauty Woods Lamp Skin Analyzers.
Wood's Lamp PRO-6009 19302 Wood's lamp
$ 75.00
Wood's Lamp PRO-6009 is a medical based tool developed for the diagnosis of skin types and conditions. It makes use of a filtered ultraviolet light to illuminate skin and allow the esthetician to conduct a more in-depth skin analysis.
Woods lamp P-82 19222 Wood's lamp
$ 8.00
Woods lamp P-82 is a replacement bulb for your woods lamp. The woods lamp is skin care equipment designed for professional use during skin care treatments in days spas and facial rooms.
Woods lamp Blu 20114 Wood's lamp
$ 89.00
Woods lamp Blu is an ultra-violet woods lamp. Used for skin analysis and diagnosis.
Woods Lamp Hand-Held Unit 221 37172 Wood's lamp
$ 61.00
Easy to use woods lamp, helps expose different skin substances under its violet rays Comes with black lamp cover. Uses four individual black light bulbs.
Wood's Lamp Stark 19025 Wood's lamp
$ 79.00
Easy to use woods lamp, helps expose different skin substances under it's violet rays.

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