Professional Back Massagers

Professional Back Massage Machines

Our body is the most important structure in our life. It gives a significant role to function and to live life, that is why it is essential to take good care of our body. Self-care is a must and essential. Experiencing the right back massage treatment and the machine is a must-try and interesting, if you are interested in this topic, then you can read more on this article, and this is for you!

What is Back Massage Equipment?

Are you excited to know more about back massage equipment? Let’s talk about it now! Back Massage Equipment is the tools, machines, and gadgets used for improving, enhancing the skin, face, buttocks, and body, in a convenient and efficient way.

What Benefits Your Clients Can Get from Back Massage Machines?

There are a lot of health benefits you can get from back massage machines that will help you as well. From your body to the skin, one of the back massage equipment is good for body sculpting and toning, it also makes the skin firm, and it reduces the cellulite, especially for the thigh area. Second, it also helps to relieve muscle pain and help to increase blood circulation, it is also good for health, beauty, and wellness.

Types Of Back Massager Machines

First is the Zemits CelluGlide, which also has body toning and contouring; this back massage machine is effective, and it really lessens and gets rid of fats and cellulite from the thigh and leg area of the body.

The second is the Zemits Body Luxx Percussion Massage Device, this device can also be used for laser lipo slimming treatments, and it also warms up muscles, it is also good because if you love exercising or working out it also speeds the recovery of your body and the muscles.

Next, is the Zemits MarvelouSlim Vacuum Therapy Machine, this machine is good for skin firming, and for smoothens of the skin because it reduces cellulite.

The Zemits Leger 2.0 Vacuum Buttocks Enhancement & Anti-Cellulite System, this machine is good for the enhancement of the buttocks, facelift massage that contours the face and the neck.

The Oomnex Belagiwood Maderotheraphy Wood Massage Set has a set of different types of wood, it gives a holistic way of massage treatment in a natural way. It also helps increase the circulation of the blood and the lymphatic. It is also great because it is made of 100% wood. Amazing, right?

The Oomnex CuppiEos Vacuum Cupping Slimming System for Face and Body, this machine specializes and performs plumping of the buttocks, lymphatic drainage and firming of the skin, and face.

How Do Back Massage Machines Work?

Some back massage machines are wireless, easy to use, convenient and friendly. Portable system and with interchangeable rollers included. Different types of rollers for their own purposes and specifications. Some back massage machines have interchangeable treatment cups used for different purposes. It also creates pressure inside the vacuum cups that can reduce the cellulitis of the person. It also works by stimulation on the skin.


Back Massage Treatment

What Is Back Massage Treatment?

Back Massage Treatments are the procedures that were done and in the type of massage. It gives an effective, efficient, and comfortable body treatment as well. Most of the time there is a specific area that can be treated such as the legs, thigh, arms, stomach and hips, and buttocks.

Who Needs Back Massage Treatment?

The people who want to undergo on it and who want an improvement and enhancement on the body, buttocks, skin, and face. The athletes are also in need of back massage treatment since they are exposed to the sports industry and games, so back pain is sometimes inevitable and unavoidable and, for them to be more fit to avoid any pain and injury during or after their distinctive time of games and sports.

Does Back Massage Really Work?

Back massage is for the improvement of the health, beauty, and wellness of people. Yes, there are effective results on it. There are tons of different types of back massage, it just depends on your preference and choice.

Back Massage Results

After back massage treatment, there are distinct results on it. It improves the skin, body, and face. It also increases blood and lymphatic circulation and relieves muscle pain and reduces stress. It produces productivity because it can promote physical fitness in a person that will lead to a healthier and good lifestyle.

How Often to Get Back Massage Treatment?

Back Massage Treatment can be done once a month or as it depends as prescribed by the physical therapists or massage therapists.

What Are the Side Effects of Back Massage? Does it hurt?

There might be side effects after a back massage treatment. It also depends on your tolerance of the body. On the other hand, it may cause sore muscles, muscle aches or fatigue, headache, and pain.

How Many Back Massage Treatments are Needed?

Having and receiving a massage can give you tons of health benefits. It is ideal to have massage treatments at least one to two times per month and that is recommended. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Back Massage?

Back massage is recommended at least every 2-3 weeks to aid in the regeneration of healthy tissues and to alleviate pain caused by strenuous physical activity.

What Is the Aftercare for Back Massage?

The Aftercare for back massage is by drinking plenty of water after the back massage treatment that will keep you from being hydrated since this will also help in the reduction of fatigue and toxins in the body. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol after the treatment or any type of caffeine because it is not good and advisable.

How Long Do Back Massage Treatment Last?

The back massage will last for 60-90 minutes. While deep tissue massage is more vigorous, you should not experience any discomfort or pain.

Can You Have Back Massage After Botox?

Some doctors recommend waiting for 3 days. If you have Botox in another area of ​​your body, you need to avoid touching it. Professional massage but includes treated areas. It is recommended to book the next massage a few days in advance.

Back Massage Benefits

There are a lot of back massage treatment benefits, it smoothens the skin, it improves the circulation of the blood, and it reduces tightness. Moreover, it also provides relaxation in back muscles and reduces back pain. Additionally, it soothes anxiety, realigns back muscles, and relieves headaches as well. Moreover, massage relieves stress and can improve and help sleep better. It can also improve the immune system, physical health, and mental health. It increases productivity and flexibility.

Back Massage Recovery Time

The Inflammation and discomfort can persist anywhere from a few hours to a day and a half is the back massage recovery time.

Back Massage Pros and Cons

The pros of back massage are it improves blood circulation, reduces pain, and improves mental health. On the other hand, the cons of back massage are it can cause an allergic reaction, you may experience any side effects, and may cause accidentally physical injured.

Back Massage Treatment Before & After

Before proceeding to back massage treatment, make sure to inform your therapist if you have an open wound so it won’t cause any conflict during the treatment. Make sure to cover it before the session/treatment. After back massage treatment, you must take your time to rest and avoid getting up quickly and drink a lot of water for you to be hydrated and not dehydrated and avoid alcohol and any type of caffeine and avoid doing rigorous and intense exercise after the treatment.

Back Massage Cost in the US

Back massage machines or equipment may cost in the US ranges from $ 125 to $ 1199 depending also on the brand you will choose. The average cost per hour may vary on the location and brand but it may cost $ 40 - $ 50 per hour in the US.

What do you expect after back massage treatment?

You may feel tired or tired due to muscle relaxation and stress relief after the massage. You may feel pain after a back massage treatment.

Are Back Massage Results Permanent?

The benefits of back massage results can last from a few days to a full week. There are several things you can do to keep your relaxing and stress-relieving effects if possible.

What Are the Other Names of Back Massage?

  • Maderotherapy
  • Wood Massage
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Laser lipo
  • Sport massage
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Percussion massage
  • Vacuum Therapy
  • Manual massage
  • EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation
  • Swedish massage
  • Rub-down
  • Shiatsu


Back Massage Technology Alternatives

Vacuum Therapy Vs Maderotherapy

Vacuum Therapy is defined as a noninvasive massaging treatment that uses a mechanical device with suction cups to elevate your skin. Relieving muscle tension increases lymphatic flow and removes toxin and water retention from the body. Exfoliates the skin for a smoother, firmer appearance. To enhance the toning effect, stimulate the middle layer of the skin.

Maderotherapy is based on wood equipment for massage treatment. Also known as Wood treatment. The back, legs, arms, waist, hips, thighs, belly, buttocks, and other areas of the body can all benefit from Madero therapy. If you want to tone, lose cellulite, and calm these areas of your body, the MaderoTherapy is for you.

Vacuum Therapy Vs Manual Massage

Vacuum Therapy is also considered an aesthetic procedure. It breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits. Vacuum Therapy can provide also butt lift. Vacuum therapy is a painless, safe, and highly effective massage technique that uses a mechanical suction cup to gently lift the skin. By stimulating blood flow by various mechanisms and promoting lymphatic drainage, it improves the color tone and texture of the treated area.

Manual Massage is defined as physical treatment and the type of massage that is performed by the physical therapists, manual therapists, massage therapists. Manual massage also promotes healing and reduces muscle tension.

Vacuum Therapy Vs EMS

Vacuum Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment for severe cellulite. Vacuum Therapy is also for breast enlargement and enhancement.

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation is defined as a protocol that elicits and jumpstart muscle contractions also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation. It is a device for pain relief, body slimming. EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation can also significantly aid in cellulite reduction, reducing the spongy, orange peel effect of cellulite by deeply stimulating your muscles, increasing muscle mass, tightening connective tissue, improving circulation, and skin tone, and positively influencing your metabolism and fat burning.

Vacuum Therapy Vs Percussion Massage

Vacuum Therapy is for suction tissue therapy is a treatment that uses suction cups attached to a particular machine that creates suction tissue. Results are displayed immediately and last up to 5 years. Stimulates the production of natural collagen. Reduce cellulite. Turn up the volume.

Percussion Massage is a relatively recent tool in the fitness world. A recovery treatment especially for rigorous sports training. Percussion Massage is a revolutionary treatment for soft tissue pain and pain that uses tools to deliver quick, short-lived impulses deep into the body's soft tissue. This novel tool hastens tissue growth and repair by significantly increasing blood flow to the affected area.


Performing Back Massage Treatment

Who Can Perform Back Massage Treatment?

The people who can perform back massage treatment are the Doctors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Massage Therapists.

How To Use a Back Massage Machine?

Back Massage machines have tons of specializations and benefits. There are different types of back massage machines, mostly are rechargeable for distinct hours, interchangeable cups, massager, wireless, compact, convenient, and easy to use. Just point the machine to the targeted areas. There are adjustable options on the settings area and percussion-ranging speed ideal for customization of every treatment.  Before using the massager, just lightly rub the skin and gently knead the muscles. This allows the device to instantly target painful areas and improve overall effectiveness. You will get to the right position. When massaging the back, you need to sit straight and apply the massager directly to the area to be treated.

How To Perform Back Massage?

Always choose a comfortable and safe location, bed massage, or massage table. Replace your clothes with a towel to perform the back massage well and properly. Let the client or patient lay down on the bed or massage table to undergo the session/treatment. Additionally, by providing and preparing the materials and machines needed for the session.

Back Massage Treatment Protocol

Make sure you are allowed to have back massage treatment as prescribed by your doctor and a medical certificate may also be necessary. Massage therapy is also for treating lower back pain. Proper condition and medication as well. 

Back Massage Treatment Steps

Here are the back massage treatment steps specifically; Effleurage which means light or deep stroking, petrissage which means kneading, tapotement which means soft slapping, and friction are the four basic massage strokes. 

How Long to Wait Between Back Massage Treatments?

If you want to get the most out of your sessions, you don't need to wait longer than two or three weeks between those sessions. 

Back Massage Treatment Areas

The acupoints extend along the length of the spine from the upper neck to the lower back. In the same way as massaging the neck, massage both sides of the muscles surrounding the spine without exerting pressure on the spine itself. Move your back slowly and evenly up and down.

Back Massage Treatment for Muscle Injury Problem

There are a lot of benefits back massage treatment can give. On the other side, there are unpreventable happenings that may suddenly occur. Here is the first problem, back massage treatment can sometimes cause muscle injury, due to the fact of wrong or bad massage.  

Back Massage Treatment for Muscle Cramps or Spasm Problem

The second problem is Muscle cramps or spasms, it is an unavoidable feeling to have muscle cramps or spasms during or after back massage treatment this is because of overexertion of muscles that can result in tension.

Back Massage Treatment for Back Pain Problem

Additionally, Back pain is inevitable after a back massage treatment.  It can also be because there is a sore feeling after every back massage treatment and experience.

Back Massage Treatment for Nerves Injury Problem

The next problem is on the nerve’s injury, nerves injury can occur when they are compressed this may occur because of poor, wrong, and bad massage that can cause nerve injury.

Back Massage Treatment for Muscle Inflammation Problem

The next problem for back massage treatment is muscle inflammation due to improper massage. 

Back Massage Machine Maintenance

Charge the back massage machine properly at the specified time. Always keep it clean, and don't overcharge or overuse it so that it can be used for a long time and run. By using it correctly and correctly. Follow the instructions on the manual paper of each back massage machine for each use and become familiar with the settings and directions as well.

Back Massage Consumables / Expenses

The prices, consumables, and expenses may vary depending on the type of back massage you will avail and purchase and depending on the place or location you want to have your back massage. Here are the estimated expenses for a back massage, it may cost $ 40 - $ 50 is the average cost per hour. However, if you purchase a back massage machine or equipment it may cost $ 125 to $ 1199.

Back Massage Training

Back Massage Training is a must to have a proper and right way to perform a back massage to every person you want to indulge in beauty, health, and wellness. There is a school in Florida, namely the Florida Academy that offers back massage training when starting as massage therapist, this is a training school for beauty and wellness, they teach different kinds of therapy techniques specifically basic massage, Swedish massage, chair massage, and trigger point massage. 

Back Massage Consent Form

This is informed consent and the process by which a well-informed client consents to participate in massage treatment. It arises from the client's ethical and legal right to determine what happens to the client's body and the therapist's ethical obligation to involve the client in his or her well-being decisions. Additionally, the patient should agree on the terms and conditions stated on the form and sign a signature and the actual date of the treatment, this is an agreement form as well.


Benefits Of Back Massage Machine for Your Spa Busines 

Treatments You Can Perform with Back Massage Machine

The treatments you can perform with Back Massage Machine are beauty and enhancement purposes like buttocks, skin, and face lifting and firming reduce cellulite and body sculpting. For health purposes, body and back relaxation, muscle relaxation to have a healthy lifestyle that can promote wellness and goodness. Back Massage Machine can help reduce and relieve back pain, muscle pain, pain relief, avoid fatigue, stiffness, and strain.

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Combine Back Massage with Other Technologies:

Back Massager With EMS

EMS, or Electric Muscle Stimulation, is a technology that helps to relieve muscle pain and fatigue while also stimulating lymphatic circulation, which promotes cellulite reduction and helps to avoid orange peel. Additionally, the Zemits CelluGlide is an example of a back massager with EMS, which also helps to smooth out and reshape problem areas of the body. This can be used to treat the tops of the legs and arms, the stomach and hips, and the buttocks. This massager is also beneficial because it can help normalize blood and lymphatic circulation.

Back Massage with Infrared Sauna Blanket

Everyone should get a back massage if they want to live a healthy lifestyle. It relaxes the body, and it gives a lot of benefits to people. It helps maintain blood circulation that can lead to a healthier and great body. It gives and provides relaxation to sore muscles. The Infrared Sauna Blanket is really an amazing way to try. This gives tons of health benefits for you, specifically, a stronger immune system, detoxification, relief of the tension of the muscle, and it can also increase the metabolism of a person. Sauna is as effective as a muscle relaxant, which is the second step in pain relief after over-the-counter medications. Relaxation of the muscles breaks the cycle of back pain. Therefore, saunas offer the benefits of muscle relaxation without medication. Moreover, it does more than just relax your muscles. It relaxes you.



Professional Back Massage Treatment, Machine, and Equipment are functional, essential, and beneficial. It is a must to invest with the right-back massage machine for you, massage is one of the most important and relaxing treatments and forms of self-care, it is a must to make time on it and purchase on it.

Back Massage Treatment and Machine is good, and it provides a lot, pertaining on enhancement specifically of the buttocks and breast and can be an improvement on the physical health and mental health, and it is significant that gives a lot of quality benefits for the people who need it and want it. Back Massage improves blood circulation, reduces cellulite, gives facelift, reduces back pain, relieves muscle pain, and relaxes the back muscles to have a healthy body and mind.

Back Massage is so important and a must-try, it also increases energy, gives relaxation, confidence, beauty, and health benefits, reducing unwanted pain, fat, and tension. Back massage treatment and machine are good combinations for distinct face, body, skin, beauty, aesthetic, and health purposes! The main purpose for back massage treatment is for relaxation, improvement, enhancement, and revitalization and of course, nurture one’s body, mind, face, skin for a better and smoother life.

Beauty, Health, and Wellness must be prioritized, always choose the right-back massage machines for you and the right-back massage treatment that you want and suits your needs, and of course maintain a healthy lifestyle, to have a great and sustainable, and well-balanced life. delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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