Must-have Esthetician Supplies & Equipment List

Must-have Esthetician Supplies & Equipment List

Estheticians, also known as skincare therapists, are certified professionals trained for cosmetic skin treatments. But being an esthetician is more than just giving skincare recommendations or doing facials. Estheticians also do a variety of body therapies, such as salt or sugar scrubs, body wraps, and hair removal, in addition to procedures intended to enhance the appearance, texture, color, and youthfulness of the skin.

Clients go to estheticians to combat fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and even eczema. Others schedule visits with their preferred esthetician to revitalize their skin and leave with a rejuvenated complexion. Or sometimes, clients only need to relax and unwind.

But of course, to do all these for their clients, an esthetician must be equipped with tools and supplies that will help them do the job perfectly. So whether you are an esthetician who just got licensed and is planning to start a business or you are an established practitioner planning to expand your services, here is a list of all the tools and equipment you must have.

Professional Products for Licensed Estheticians

As an esthetician, your primary goal is to address what your client’s skin needs. You will not be able to apply wax smoothly, have a deep-cleansing facial, or have the outstanding customer service your salon hopes for without high-quality, professional products that have been proven and tested by other licensed estheticians. Remember, your supplies and equipment can make or break your reputation and skills.

Esthetician Facial Products

When choosing which facial products to use, always research the brand and its reputation, ingredients, sourcing, and formulation. It is good to carry at least two different brands, preferably professional or medical-grade ones, instead of over-the-counter products. Not only are professional products tailor-made and high-quality, but they also contain more active ingredients and are more budget-friendly, which is essential when you are running a business. 

Esthetician Waxing Products

Wax has two major categories: soft wax and hard wax. Their uses vary depending on the skin areas, and they can be classified based on their temperature and melting point: cold wax and hot wax. 

Both soft and hard body waxes fall under the hot wax category since they need to be heated using a wax heater to reach the right temperature and consistency. Cold wax is gentler on the pores because they do not need a heater, but it can be more challenging to use in sensitive areas that are hard to reach and require precision.

Esthetician Cleaning Products

If you do not clean, sanitize and disinfect your tools and equipment between use, germs and pathogens can spread from client to client and from client to esthetician. Using proper infection management procedures means that you prioritize the optimal health and well-being of your clients. Additionally, it benefits your company if you build the reputation of a safe and clean business. 

Lash Esthetician Products

The cardinal principle in any lash procedure is using high-quality products and tools. Familiarize yourself with different kinds of lash extensions, different types of curls, and other supplies such as lash extension glue, cleanser, glue remover, primer, and gel pads. 

Brow Esthetician Products

Brows are a big deal as it defines and frames the face distinctively. As an esthetician, you will meet clients who will ask you to wax, thread, or even tint their brows. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the tools and products you need, also, investing in vegan and organic products will give you an advantage because it poses fewer risks for your clients.

Esthetician Kits

An esthetician kit contains all the tools and equipment you need. It includes tissues, cotton, sanitizer, towels, applicators, gloves, paper towels, head drapes, disinfectants, and first aid or blood exposure kit for emergencies. Esthetician kits also contain cleansers, oils, massage lotions, and tools for facials, extractions, or peels.

Esthetician Student Kit for School

An esthetician student kit is your starter kit. It generally includes a dry storage container, antiseptic, body drape, disinfectant, and other hygiene essentials. Hygiene is a fundamental factor in esthetics, so you must recognize this early on. In addition, some schools may require or provide you with other supplies such as toners, table clamp, mannequin hand, makeup products, wax products, and more tools that will help you get started.

Esthetician Gloves

Esthetician gloves help you perform the procedures hygienically. Latex-free gloves made of nitrile, vinyl, or cotton are good options. You can opt for gloves with textured fingertips that have a better hold. Smooth-finger types, on the other hand, are favored when skill is needed. Powdered gloves are preferred as well, as it is easy to remove. Exfoliating gloves are for body treatments, and fingercots are for securing individual fingertips during services when you do not have a full glove.

Esthetician Masks

Aside from the face masks you use on your clients, part of ensuring a hygienic workplace is having personal protective equipment of PPE. Aside from regular disinfection, sanitization, and wearing gloves, masks are also needed. You can choose to wear a cloth mask or medical-grade masks, such as N95, to protect you and your client from respiratory diseases and viruses.

Esthetician Equipment List

Esthetician Starter Kit

Your starter kit contains everything you need to start your own business. These equipment are your most important investments because they are at the heart of your quality services. 

Magnifying Lamps for Estheticians

Magnifying lamps help in providing and ensuring precision, and you need it as an esthetician. Choose a durable model with at least a 5x diopter and LED technology, so you would not have to replace the bulb again. Some magnifying lamps have a dimmer light intensity control, perfect for clients that are light-sensitive. Magnifying lamps can be attached to a wall, placed on a cart, or a magnifying base depending on the space you have.

Esthetician Trolley

Having a sturdy trolley makes it convenient for you to store your facial tools and supplies. Trolleys with at least three compartments are efficient as you can keep moving them around and bring everything you need for your client. Also, choose a spa trolley that is easy to clean so you can clean them before your next client comes in.

Portable Facial Chair

A facial chair should be sturdy and comfortable because this is where your clients will be receiving the treatments. You can choose between an electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic facial bed.

Electric facial beds are the most comfortable because it has more padding compared to other chairs. You can also adjust it easily depending on the height of your client or the treatments they booked. However, it can set you back higher than pneumatic or hydraulic facial beds.

Hydraulic facial beds have a foot pedal and mechanical device for raising and lowering the height, backrest, and leg rest. However, it requires more physical effort and is not as quiet as an electric facial bed.

Pneumatic facial beds are affordable because they do not need electricity or motors to adjust the height. Instead, it works by combining an airlift system and a mechanical system for height and backrest adjustment. But, they can be a hassle to your client because if they need to bring them back up, your client needs to get off the chair before you can adjust it.

Esthetician Stools

Being an esthetician means you will be standing for long hours, so you need a stool that can work at your convenience. Make sure it has quiet castors so you can walk about easily without making too much noise and that the height is adjustable. Of course, don’t forget your comfort while sitting on it. You can opt for ergonomic cushions for improved blood circulation and better comfort.

Facial Steamer

A facial steamer is one of the essential pieces of equipment you should have. It is one of the first steps in every treatment and helps improve blood circulation, open the pores and soften blackheads so that you have an easier job in removing them. Go for a model with a directional and adjustable head and arm, ozone, adjustable height, integrated essential oil system, protection thermostat, no-drip nozzle, and a streamlined filling and draining system.

Esthetician Tools

Aside from a facial steamer, your facial tools such as tweezers, extractors, facial rollers, and even LED masks are a necessity. These tools take your treatments to the next level as they help the skin absorb the serums and oils better so your clients can ultimately benefit from your treatments and procedures.

Microdermabrasion Machine

Microdermabrasion machines have two types: crystal microdermabrasion and diamond-tip microdermabrasion. Crystal microdermabrasion machines use a portable wand to spray ultra-fine crystal crystals onto the surface to exfoliate and remove dead skin. Microdermabrasion machines with diamond tips use a diamond-tipped wand to gently rub the top layer of the skin to reveal rejuvenated skin. 

Mobile Esthetician Equipment Packages

Aside from being your own boss and having time for yourself, mobile businesses have lower startup costs. So, if you are planning to kickstart your mobile esthetics business, here are all the things you need— aside from the vehicle, permits, and the marketing stuff.

Esthetician Extraction Tool

Extractions are a fundamental procedure in esthetics. Estheticians can do it manually with gloves, gauze, or cotton swabs to exert firm pressure and remove blackheads, whiteheads, and milia. You can also use a pore extractor, a stainless-steel tool for extracting closed and open comedones. Estheticians should have different kinds of tweezers, lancets, and of course, sterilizers for cleaning tools after use.

Portable Facial Steamer

Facial steamers help open up clogged pores for a deeper clean and better absorption of skincare ingredients used in the facials. Steaming is usually the first step of every procedure, so invest in a durable but travel-friendly facial steamer that you can take anywhere with you.

Portable Facial Devices

Investing in high-quality portable facial devices not only saves you money in the long run but also ensures that your clients are satisfied with their treatments. Since you will be operating in a mobile setting, you can opt for smaller versions of facial devices such as toning machines, LED masks, cryo-ball kits, and rollers. Many brands offer portable devices of salon and spa staples, plus they come in cheaper offers.

Esthetician Bags

Since you will be bringing the spa to your clients, you need to keep everything organized in one place. A durable, spacious bag that can carry your tools, products, supplies, and equipment is essential so that you can bring them anywhere, anytime.

Magnifying Glasses with Lamp

Portable magnifying lamps are your best friend in your mobile esthetics business. Magnifying lamps help estheticians work precisely, especially when extracting and cleaning the skin— no need to squint or end up with a painful back. Invest in magnifying glasses with long battery life and is durable, so you do not have to keep buying mag lamps. 

Advanced Esthetician Equipment

If you already have the basics, you are probably thinking of upgrading and investing in popular technologies to expand the treatments and services you can offer. Below are advanced esthetician tools that will take your game to the next level.

Electric Facial Chair

There are two main reasons why your clients are booking your services: they want to enhance their looks; or, they want to relax and unwind. And the latter starts by offering them a comfortable chair where they will receive your treatments. Electric facial chairs give the most comfort for both the customer and the esthetician. It is easily adjustable even to a height that will make services including leg waxing, massage, and lash extensions much easier to do. Additionally, they do not make noise so that your treatments go smoothly. 

Skincare Products Refrigerator

In recent years, skincare mini-fridges gained popularity and have skyrocketed since. But as an esthetician, you will benefit from investing in a fridge built for your skincare products. Not only will your clients notice a soothing and cooling effect from the products, but it also helps extend their shelf life. However, some products should not be stored in cold temperatures, such as natural oils and face masks not made of food preservatives.

Skin Analyzer

A skin analyzer is a gadget that helps determine your skin’s hydration levels by using bioelectric impedance analysis or the way our skin responds when exposed to a current, thus indicating our skin condition. This device makes it easier for estheticians to recommend the right treatments and products tailored for your skin. 

Hydrodermabrasion Machine

Hydrodermabrasion facials are popular right now because they help boost collagen production, making the skin look brighter and younger. This procedure uses supersonic jets of water droplets to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Additionally, it boosts your clientele because hydrodermabrasion is suitable for all skin types.

Multifunction Facial Equipment

Estheticians offering a wide range of services have a greater chance of growing their market. Professional multifunction facial devices combine multiple treatment functions to provide a wide range of skincare treatments to their clients. Microdermabrasion, high-frequency devices, ultrasonic facial scrubber, and galvanic tool are some popular treatments included in these specialized facial devices.

CryoFacial Machine

Cryofacial therapy uses low temperatures to stimulate collagen production that makes your skin look brighter and firmer. It is non-invasive and has little to no downtime. Additionally, investing in a CryoSkin Machine makes expanding your services easier because cryotherapy treatments are also applicable to body contouring procedures.

Microcurrent Device

Microcurrent devices send low-voltage currents of electricity to the skin to give it a natural-looking lift. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves blood circulation, and has long-lasting results. This facial is popular and sworn by many celebrities, so investing in a microcurrent device is an excellent choice if you are planning to expand your services.

RF Facial Machine

A radiofrequency facial is a painless procedure that uses energy to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This electrical energy heats the dermis, or the inner layer of the skin, without damaging the top layer or epidermis. This treatment is non-invasive and has zero downtime, making it in demand. Investing in an RF machine will help boost your business.

What do Estheticians Wear?

Estheticians need the appropriate clothing to ensure that they are comfortable and can deliver the best service to their clients. If you are thinking of taking up esthetics and are researching what estheticians wear, here is everything you need to know— from head to toe.

Esthetician Uniform

Esthetician uniforms do not only give you a sense of identity, but it also makes you look clean and professional. Esthetician dress codes differ based on their workplace, but it is generally a neutral-colored set of pants and a short-sleeved scrub top, so they can still move freely. As an esthetician, you need to be comfortable from your top to your shoes so you can focus all your energy on your client. Home-based or mobile estheticians can dress in their wardrobe, like jeans or leggings, but it is encouraged to wear scrubs for hygiene purposes.

Esthetician Jackets

Similar to a scientist or a doctor’s lab coat, estheticians also wear jackets. These jackets help protect them from getting debris or residue from the skincare or cosmetic products they are using on their clients. Also, they give off a professional look so that even if you dress casually, you can put on an esthetician jacket and see your client.

Esthetician Tunic

Your uniform need not be boring, so you can always customize it. For example, if you’re not comfortable with wearing scrubs, you can use a tunic. They have higher necklines, slimmer fit, and are more stylish compared to scrub tops. Just keep in mind that your comfort comes first so you can deliver the best service to your clients.

Esthetician Shoes

For a more professional and medical look, some estheticians use lightweight rubber slippers for comfort and convenience. But if you are not required to follow a specific dress code, your trusted sneakers or boots also work fine. However, wearing high-heeled or squeaky shoes may not be the best choice for you. Instead, you may want to look for shoes with cushioned insoles that relax your feet and help avoid excess sweating so that your feet do not feel tired even after a long day of work.

Esthetician Protective Gear

Wearing personal protective gear ensures that you protect yourself and your client from diseases and viruses. Before and after meeting each client, make it a habit to use clean masks, gloves, gowns, laser glasses and eye or face shields for added protection. Remember that the cleanliness of your salon or spa is a distinctive quality, so make sure you do it right for your clients.

Tips in Buying Equipment

Your equipment can make or break you, so treat them like an investment for your future. Don’t sacrifice quality over the price because if you look enough, you can find high-quality tools and equipment that fit your budget. Your equipment impacts your clients, so you need to choose it carefully because you want your clients to feel at ease, comfortable, and confident in your service. 

Before anything, research suppliers and companies and canvass the prices. Getting your equipment from established and trusted companies can save you hassle in the long run. It means they can give you insurance, warranty, and assistance that even if your equipment is broken or discontinued, you can still ask them for a repair or spare parts. 

You may also want to source your supplies locally because this will save you tons of money for shipping and deliveries, and you can also help the local economy flourish. Keep in mind that your business also relies on the economy, so if it is thriving, you can expect your business to do so as well.

You can also buy wholesale, especially disposables and other essential supplies. Many suppliers offer discounts for bulk orders so you can save some money.

Being an esthetician is a tedious path, and it does not stop once you get your license. Whether you’re starting your business at home, renting building space, or going on the go, you need to have these tools and equipment so you can satisfy your clients and hopefully have them coming back. It may cost a lot of effort and money at first, but remember what made you take the first step and remind yourself that you have come so far. So go ahead, place your orders and start your esthetics empire. 

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