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Professional Microcurrent Facial Equipment for Spas

Microcurrent facial machines are the new, the advanced, and the innovative game-changers in the anti-aging industry. Simply put, these machines do the same for your face muscles, as the gym equipment does for your body, minus the sweat. Toned, firmer skin with fewer lines and wrinkles is easily achieved by exercising the facial muscles. This innovative technology has arrived just in time to help: it does the exercising for us. Essentially, we are talking about a workout for the face.

How Does it Work?

Both professional and at-home microcurrent facial machines are pretty much the same: low-level current is used to activate the anti-aging properties of the skin. There are a lot of types of different tissues in the body and each one has a different, its own signature electrical frequency. There are a lot of ways these frequencies can be disrupted and affect the tissue. Microcurrent therapy is designed to recover natural cell frequencies. This paves the way to better protein production that is essential for tissue regeneration. The treatment has also been proven to reduce or altogether eliminate the inflammation and improve blood flow. Impressively, there are a huge number of different medical conditions that are successfully treated with Microcurrent therapy. In the spa industry, the treatment is often referred to as “the 5-minute facelift” because of its rather dramatic results.

Benefits of the Microcurrent Lifting Equipment? 

Increased protein production. By applying microcurrent on the skin,  we are exercising facial muscles. It boosts protein production, firms up the muscles, and tones the treated area. 

Increased ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. ATP molecules are distribution vehicles and storage facilities for energy, they can also boost elastin and collagen production, which is essential for healthy, younger-looking skin. The muscles of the face, unlike the muscles of our body, are directly connected to the skin. By exercising and toning the muscles you are actually lifting the skin. 

Reduction of swelling and puffiness. Stimulation of the lymphatic system results in a reduction of swelling and puffiness around the eyes. 

Safe and easy to use. Both professional and home microcurrent facial machines offer the highest levels of safety and are easy to use. As with any other treatment, there are some contradictions, but overall it is very safe. 

There are a few absolute contraindications. Ask your clients if they:   

  • use pacemaker,
  • suffer from epilepsy and/or have heart disease,
  • have any metal/electrical implants,
  • have tumors,
  • suffer from acute infections,
  • have fractures,
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You should always carefully read the manual so you can make informed choices.  

What Are the Main Expected Results?

The results after treatment are noticeable almost immediately. The more treatments you’ll undergo, the better results you will see. You can expect lifting and toning of the skin along with the wrinkle and fine line reduction, it’ll become smoother, more hydrated, and revitalized. Microcurrent Facial Machines take on even the deepest aging signs– the procedure is proven to improve the sagging jawline. The under-eye bags and face puffiness will decrease and altogether disappear in time.

If you are looking for facial muscles stimulator- you are at the right place. Microcurrent therapy equipment is the best option for your needs. The treatment uses electricity to give the face a much-needed workout and quickly tone the face muscles into shape thus tightening and lifting the skin. Research shows that treating muscles with a professional Microcurrent facelift machine results in muscle contraction that produces Adenosine Triphosphate molecules (ATP) which stores and distributes energy. ATP can effectively enhance elastin and protein production- the basics for tight skin. Microcurrent muscle stimulation also helps to relax muscle tension that inevitably leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

“The 5-minute Facelift”

Microcurrent is all of the rages right now for a good reason. Treatment shows immediate amazing results that improve with every new session. Prior to arriving in the beauty industry Microcurrent therapy dealt with difficult areas in general medicine - was used to treat patients with paralysis and atrophies. But due to its amazing ability to tighten and lift the skin by exercising the muscles this treatment has earned the praise of the anti-aging industry.

Benefits of using a Professional Microcurrent Machine for Face

The Health and beauty benefits of Microcurrent treatments are numerous. And a lot of reports have been published to support this statement. This is a widely researched and excessively tested medical procedure, just to give you a number: it has been used for over 70 years to treat facial paralysis. This treatment works.

So let’s list the benefits:

  • Tightening and lifting of the skin, improved texture of the skin, and strengthen muscles
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Increased cellular metabolism (ATP production)
  • Protein boost (collagen and elastin)
  • Little or no swelling, puffiness, and fluid retention
  • A remedy for fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pain relief
  • Increased healing processes
  • Better blood circulation

This is very sophisticated facial equipment. We advise you to buy a professional Microcurrent facial machine of a well-known and respected brand. Please note, that, unlike with many other beauty machines, a professional Microcurrent device for the face requires training and a basic understanding of the science of Microcurrent therapy and muscle physiology. Dramatic results show even when treating the hardest areas like a sagging jawline, eyebrow lift, and lifted corners of the mouth, are easily achievable with a bit of knowledge. Operators have to be aware of the muscles being treated, how they work and where they are located. To achieve the operator of the perfect result needs to understand the direction of muscle growth and work directly over the muscles. Plus, professional training gives you a clear understanding of the areas that should be avoided at all costs. Carotid sinus, eyeball, and cardiac areas, any tumors should not be treated. Plus, you should reschedule an appointment with customers that have any infections or fractures. Scar areas can be treated after six months.

Microcurrent Alternatives

Microcurrent vs RF facial

RF is measured in frequency energy (or wavelengths per second) which is classified as ‘electromagnetic spectrum’.  Microcurrent therapy uses a low level of electrical current which mimics the body’s natural current. While RF produces heat on deeper levels of the skin,  microcurrent works with the muscles and educates them to perform better and tighten up. The heat from the radiofrequency helps produce more collagen and elastin. The current from the Microcurrent facial helps to tighten the existing muscles, just like a workout. With Microcurrent, you can see the results after just one treatment, but for RF it takes a few sessions before seeing the desired goals. There are also a few side effects with RF facials such as redness or swelling, but there are no side effects for Microcurrent. Both treatments need to be continuously performed to keep the desired results.

Microcurrent vs Cryo facial toning

Both, Microcurrent and cold therapy are very holistic treatments. Cryo toning works with cold temperatures which shrink the pores, soothe any inflammation, and tone the sagging skin and make it look younger-looking and healthier. The main difference is, Microcurrent works with the facial muscles, but the cold treats the epidermal skin. Microcurrent will give you a more lifted face, but cryo facials will give you a refreshing glow after just one treatment. In A-Esthetic, we love both treatments, but when it comes to treating aged skin, Microcurrent will be a better option for you.

Microcurrent vs LED therapy

LED has been one of the most celebrated treatments in the aesthetic industry for a while. The different LED lights have so many benefits to the skin, but they work on the epidermis only. Now if we combine Microcurrent and LED treatment together, we get such a powerful combination for anti-aging and skin recovering treatment. While toning up the existing muscles, LED therapy helps boost the skin toning and tightening process even more. When using red LED therapy with Microcurrent, you work on boosting new collagen and elastin while working out the muscles - how wonderful is that?! We have great options for the Microcurrent LED combo, we would love to tell you more! 


Zemits Microcurrent systems

How do you operate your Zemits Microcurrent system?

Always wear protective under gloves(latex, nitrile, or vinyl) when using Dynamic Gloves
Always apply gel prior to placing probes or gloves on the skin
Always use both hands or both electrodes to conduct the current
Ensure your client is not wearing any jewelry or metal

What is the Zemits Microcurrent system protocol?

The energy must be adjusted depending on how your clients feel and on their skin quality.
Always start with Low Energy Level, adjust gradually. Be careful not to increase it too much on sensitive areas, such as around the eyes, lips, forehead.
Always use conductive gel for even current conduction.
Always start with TIME adjustment before pressing the START button.
Always follow the lymphatic flow directions

How do you take care of your Microcurrent machines?

It is important to clean your machine regularly, for hygienic reasons, to keep it in good working order and guarantee the extent of its useful life. Disconnect the machine before any cleansing operation. Clean the probes from the remaining gel, and spray the probes with 70%-90% alcohol. Gloves: wash under rinse water with antiseptic soap, please do not get metal connectors wet, dry up, spray with 70% alcohol.

Who can perform Microcurrent treatment?

Microcurrent is a safe facial treatment and most cosmetologists can perform this treatment.  We do recommend always checking with your state board just to be sure.
Training is required to perform the treatment in the best way for great results.

How long does the treatment take?

We recommend the esthetician starting the treatment on one half of the face and then moving to the other side of the face. The whole face takes about 30 minutes. Starting with lymphatic drainage, muscle relaxation, and finishing with muscle stimulation. We provide manuals, treatment protocols, and free training to go over each step with you.

Does Microcurrent treatment hurt?

There is no pain or downtime with this treatment. Clients might feel a tingling sensation, and that is all.

What products are needed for Microcurrent treatment? 

For this treatment, you need conductive gel only. We have our skincare line where you can use your gel according to your client’s skin type. 

Microcurrent Timeline

Your clients will see and feel the first results immediately, the skin will feel tighter after the first session. It will become brighter and there will be a significant reduction in swelling and puffiness. After the 4-5 Microcurrent therapy treatments, the lifting and tightening effect would become evident. More permanent results are usually achieved after 10-15 treatment sessions. It is individual for every customer. After achieving the goal you can recommend at least once a month appointments to maintain the results.

Is Microcurrent right for my clients?

This really depends on your clientele and their age. Start consulting and ask them about what other treatments they would wish to have or skin concerns they would like to target. This will help you make your choice as well. 

Cons and Contraindications

Cons are almost impossible to find. There are a few reports of nausea, but the statistics are so insignificant that hardly deserve a mention. As for the contraindications, there are a few. Recommend other anti-aging skin treatments if your clients are suffering from heart conditions or if they are pacemaker users. No one with metal or electric implants should undergo the treatment. Pregnant women cannot become your Microcurrent clients.

In this category, you can find professional Microcurrent machines for sale. You can invest in a great Microcurrent machine sold as a part of the amazing Multifunctional machine, in addition to Microcurrent treatments, they offer a line of in-demand popular beauty treatments. There are stationary and portable machines, all with almost immediate ROI.

Here you can find our consent form for Microcurrent treatments


All of our partners offer quality and safety through years of research and development. 

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In this category, you can find Microcurrent facial machines. In order to recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Microcurrent facial machines, you have come to the right place.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of products, the largest range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide free demos and training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell. 

Please call us now if you need any assistance selecting your equipment. 



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