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Understanding Professional Microcurrent Gloves and Why You Should Invest in It

Understanding Professional Microcurrent Gloves and Why You Should Invest in It

If there is a thing such as the pursuit of happiness - in the beauty industry, they call it the pursuit of ‘anti-aging’. Beauty products are no longer enough that today, beauty gadgets are starting to conquer the beauty industry. For the future of skincare, the new gadget that is making noise is called microcurrent treatment.

Understanding Microcurrent Treatment

Microcurrent device uses low-level current energy to tighten, lift, and tone muscles. It is also believed to promote cell growth. Among the most popular microcurrent devices out there is facial microcurrent device and recently, microcurrent gloves. 

What is a Microcurrent Glove Equipment?

Microcurrent gloves are known today as “magic gloves”. It is slowly replacing the old popular accessory for facial therapy – the use of 2-prong ball tip probes.

Initially, microcurrent is used as a part of physical therapy. It is used for pain management treatment and in the 70s, it is used in treating facial paralysis like Bell’s palsy. Today, microcurrent is being used to increase cellular activity in the face, tighten and smoothen facial muscles, and improve skin appearance.

A microcurrent glove equipment comes with a machine that produces microcurrent and a pair of silver gloves. It is knitted and is made of silver-bonded fiber. Microcurrent is passed from the machine to the gloves and a client’s face. A microcurrent glove must be made of pure silver to reduce the risks of allergic reactions. These gloves also come with antimicrobial properties.

The Features Microcurrent Glove Machine

The popularity of microcurrent gloves among clients and therapists is due to some of their known benefits.


Microcurrent gloves come with silver lining and antimicrobial properties, making them a very effective tool in preventing and tackling acne.


Microcurrent gloves are easier to use when treating a client as compared to probes. Clients are also less frightened when they see gloves on their therapist rather than a probe with cotton or ball tips.

Easy to clean

After each use, just wash your microcurrent glove with a neutral detergent. Using antibacterial soap is also okay. Avoid twisting the gloves to remove excess water. Just hang it and leave it to air dry to prolong its shelf life.


This treatment is non-invasive and though a small number of clients are not at ease with microcurrent, the consensus is that it is a painless treatment.

Benefits of Using Microcurrent Glove Machine

Microcurrent treatment is a great way to fight off symptoms of skin aging, the effect of poor lifestyle and diet, and improve skin appearance. In general, the benefits of using microcurrent glove treatment are:

  • It conditions facial muscles
  • It smoothens and reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • It reduces skin sagging
  • It increases skin elasticity
  • It boosts blood circulation to the targeted area
  • It can help in body sculpting
  • It can help in body toning
  • It reduces eye bags
  • It improves skin color and overall appearance

Can Everyone Have Microcurrent Treatment?

Microcurrent is used as a preventive treatment against anti-aging and other facial skin problems. The ideal age to start using it is as early as in your 20s. keeping your face treated at an early age will help it stay lifted and firm as you get older.

There are people with the certain condition who cannot take microcurrent treatment. These include:

  • Pregnant or lactating
  • People with thrombosis, Epilepsy, Phlebitis, Cancer
  • People with implanted devices such as a pacemaker or any metal implants in their skull and spine
  • People with severe facial problems like open sores or open acne
  • People who already had extreme Botox treatment or extreme face fillers like a neurotoxin

How Often Should You Get Microcurrent Glove Treatment?

Once you start on microcurrent, you should do it regularly to maximize its effect. If you are just starting, your therapist can set you on schedules or series. Once you completed it, you can now do a routine microcurrent treatment once or twice a month. If you have your microcurrent gloves, you can do it more often but make sure to let your therapist know.

Does Microcurrent Gloves Work and How Does it Work?

Microcurrent gloves work and are as effective as their counterpart microcurrent probes. Microcurrent runs through the gloves and these microcurrents stimulate the nerves and tissues of the skin. These microcurrents improve elastic, collagen, and ATP production. These are the cells and properties that your facial skin needs to stay tight and toned.

To see results from microcurrent treatment, you need to complete the treatment time. Your therapist will assess your need and will advise you on the number of sessions you need to restore your youthful appearance. After treatment, your therapist will tell also advise you to continue treatment regularly as part of your preventive care. 

How Long Before You Can See the Effect?

After a session, you can certainly see the effect of microcurrent treatment. For the best results though, you will need several sessions with consistent scheduling. This is considered as a cumulative treatment where the effect stacks up after each treatment, giving you the best result in the end.

Microcurrent Gloves Side Effects

Microcurrent treatment, in general, is a non-invasive procedure with no known side effects. However, as every individual is unique, some people might feel a little different after a microcurrent session. Microcurrent glove treatment affects the nerves and tissues of the targeted area, and these can cause possible side effects such as nausea or drowsiness. These side effects can be attributed as well to the client’s physical condition such as lack of sleep or lack of food intake before treatment.

If you will experience any possible side effects after having a microcurrent treatment, it is best to rest. If symptoms don’t get better after 24 hours, seek medical attention.

Microcurrent Glove Treatment Preparation

Consult an Aesthetician or Therapist

Before signing up for a microcurrent treatment, do some research first. Ask for referrals in finding the best therapist or aesthetician in your area. Schedule a visit and talk to your chosen therapist. Check the cost and the number of treatments you will need. Your aesthetician might check your skin as well to determine how many sessions are needed. Most of the time though, the number of sessions will depend on the result that you want to have. More sessions mean a better result.

Avoid using facial cream a night before treatment

There are facial creams that stay in the skin for more than 24 hours or are just simply hard to remove. One example of facial cream that stays in the skin for a period is Retinol. Microcurrents can push those remaining facial creams deep into your skin and in the process can irritate the skin. This can lead to redness of the skin and puffiness for some.

The same goes for chemical peels that are applied to the skin. Avoid applying such before your microcurrent treatment to avoid having any skin allergies after treatment.

Prepare for possible side effects

Microcurrent treatment has no known side effects but just in case, you must still prepare yourself to feel different after the treatment. During treatment, low-voltage currents are running in your facial nerves and tissues that can slightly stimulate other nerves such as nerves responsible for your taste and sight. This can lead to the illusion of tasting metallic taste.

Microcurrent can also stimulate the optic nerve that can lead to the illusion of flashing lights.

In some cases, some clients reported having nausea and feeling drowsy. These symptoms don’t need treatment though and you just need to take a rest until your balance is back.

Take your before and after photo

What is the best way to track the effectiveness of your microcurrent glove treatment? Document your journey to a younger and healthier you with photos. Take a picture before heading to your therapist’s clinic and take one after the procedure.


Yes! You can celebrate after each microcurrent treatment session. Keep the spirit up and pat on yourself the back for starting a journey towards skincare.

Microcurrent Gloves Alternative

One of the challenges we always face in life is the challenge of making a choice. Should you go for a burger or a pizza? Would take a beer or wine? Should you go left, or right? Should you trust microcurrent or radiofrequency or hydrodermabrasion etc? Making tough choices shouldn’t be that hard though when talking about your skin preventive care plan. To help you make an easier decision here is some information you can use.

RF Lifting

Radiofrequency lifting is a facial treatment that promotes the production of collagen. It uses kinetic heat to wake up our facial skin and help it generate more collagen fiber. It also boosts the production of hyaluronic acid, a hydrating acid that helps the skin to stay plump and fresh. Overall, RF lifting is a great way to keep our facial skin look taut.

RF lifting is also a non-invasive treatment. Microcurrent is a preventive care treatment to keep your skin wrinkle-free while combating symptoms of aging while RF lifting is an effective short-term lifting procedure to keep your skin look younger and tighter.

Is it safe to use microcurrent along with RF Lifting treatment?

As some celebrities have tried like Gwyneth Paltrow, the use of RF Lifting and microcurrent glove treatment is safe and possible. However, it can be time-consuming and costly. Imagine appearing on two different treatments for the same area. It can also stress your face if you keep poking it. The best solution is to choose the best treatment based on your need and current facial condition, your budget, and your time.


Hydrodermabrasion is a skin treatment that starts from the outside layer of the skin. It begins by removing dead and dry skin while at the same time giving the skin a dose of hydro-serum. Overall, it exfoliates and hydrates the skin, giving it a healthier and cleaner look. This treatment is highly recommended to people with sensitive skin.

The effect of this facial treatment is instant, and the process can take up to 90 minutes. The effect is not lasting though and if you want a lasting result, you have to take another treatment called Oxygen Infusion plus Skin Hydration therapy.

Is it safe to use microcurrent along with Hydrodermabrasion treatment?

Both treatments are non-invasive and can be easily done. If you have the luxury to have both treatments, you can have Hydrodermabrasion first to remove dead cells and exfoliate your skin. Once rejuvenated, you can continue using microcurrent glove treatment for preventive care, so you won’t have to go through Hydrodermabrasion again in the future.


If you have a serious skin problem, it might require a more serious facial treatment called Microdermabrasion. This is an invasive procedure, unlike microcurrent glove treatment.

Microdermabrasion can be done in two ways: first, it requires sanding off the skin’s outer layer, and the second technique is by using suction. Both techniques aim to remove the damaged part of the skin before rejuvenating it. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is 100% safe for all skin types. Microdermabrasion is a treatment and cannot be used for preventive care, unlike microcurrent glove treatment.

Is it safe to use microcurrent along with Microdermabrasion treatment?

Since Microdermabrasion is for serious skin problems, it is best to have it first especially if you have serious wrinkle or fine line problems. Just like with Hydrodermabrasion, once your face is ready for another treatment, you can opt to have preventive care through microcurrent therapy.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial is also referred to as Intraceuticals treatment in the medical world of skin therapies. This treatment promises fine line reduction, boosts blood circulation, and higher collagen production.

Oxygen facial begins with cleansing and facial exfoliation. A wand-looking device is then used to put pressurized oxygen into the skin. This is followed by a hyaluronic acid, a serum known for its plumping effect. After treatment, you can immediately put on makeup.

The effect of oxygen facial is still debated though. If you are not into applying anything to your face and skin for treatment, microcurrent glove treatment might still be a better choice.

Is it safe to use microcurrent along with Oxygen Facial treatment?

It is 100% safe to have both treatments, but it can be time-consuming. For the best result, it is best to just have the latest and most effective treatment which is microcurrent gloves treatment.

LED Facial

LED facial therapy has been one of the first treatments introduced in the facial therapy industry. It was originally used by NASA scientists in their research and eventually evolved as a skincare therapy.

As the name implies, it uses LED light to stimulate the skin, leading to skin cell repair, growth, and increased collagen production. A LED facial is very easy to use and most people just bought their device and do their treatment. As long as you know what all the light color means, you can do LED facial therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Unlike Microcurrent treatment, LED facial seems to have a slower effect that users are advised to regularly use their LED mask at least four times a week. A visit to a professional therapist is also encouraged for best results, at least once in two weeks. That means having a LED light on your face all the time!

Is it safe to use microcurrent along with LED Facial treatment?

Both treatments are accepted and revered in the spa world because they are painless and easy treatments. However, it is not advisable to have both treatments together. It is best to just stick with a treatment backed by research and results. Wearing gloves once a week might be easier than applying pressurized oxygen every other night.

Microcurrent Glove Therapy and Where Can I Use It

As microcurrent therapy continue to gain popularity in facial preventive care treatment, it is also getting popular among people undergoing pain management. Microcurrent therapy is now used to reduce joint, back, and neck pain. It is also used by sports doctors in treating sports-related injuries especially in treating tendons. Among the known effect of microcurrent glove treatment includes:

  • Reduces skin sagging
  • Reduces headache
  • Reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Slows down macular degeneration
  • Speed up tendon and muscle healing
  • Helps the skin to rejuvenate
  • Improves collagen production
  • Promotes nerve growth

One of the most prominent uses of microcurrent glove treatment is in treating Bell’s Palsy. This only shows how effective is microcurrent treatment in stimulating nerves and cells, promoting them to grow more.

Microcurrent Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is known as facial paralysis. It happens when the muscle in the face suddenly becomes paralyzed. It causes the face to look disfigured, affecting speech and the ability to eat.

When microcurrent was introduced in the market, doctors noticed how it can repair sagging skin by tightening it. Doctors also noticed that microcurrents can lift facial muscles, giving a customer a firmer and younger-looking face. In 1980, a microcurrent instrument used for treating Bell’s Palsy was approved by the FDA. It was developed by Thomas W. Wing.

Today, Microcurrent treatment is one of the most effective treatments in rehabilitating skin damaged by Bell’s Palsy.

Microcurrent Treatment for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common pains that people suffer from. It can be caused by our lifestyle, pain injuries, accident. For most, it is simply because of aging. Our nerves easily get tired and torn and it needs to be rejuvenated and stimulated. This is what microcurrent treatment can do.

For treatment, the microcurrent glove is used to deliver mild current to specific parts of the body to stimulate its nerves. Microcurrent is known to stimulate the production of a chemical called ATP or Adenosine 5'-triphosphate. This property is known for transferring and keeping cell energy. When stimulated and production is heightened, it can lead to faster cell and nerve recoveries. For stiff joints or muscles, ATP stimulation can help loosen out these joints and muscles.

Microcurrent Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by body pain that can lead to sleeping problems, emotional and mental distress. People with this condition are also more sensitive to pain. This condition is also the second most common condition that affects the muscles and bones.

In cases of Fibromyalgia, microcurrents can be used continuously or regularly. Patients with Fibromyalgia wear patches that can release currents as needed. Because it is non-invasive, easy to wear, and with proven results, microcurrent treatment is indeed one of the best relief sources for Fibromyalgia patients.

Microcurrent Treatment for Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an eye condition that is associated with aging. Macular degeneration affects the retina and can in turn lead to blurry eyesight in your direct line of sight.

According to studies, microcurrent effectively stimulates sleeping and aging retinal cells, rejuvenating them in the process. When rejuvenated, these retinal cells can now have increased blood flow and can reduce wasted and old retinal cells.

New studies are looking at the possible effect of microcurrent on retinitis pigmentosa or the loss of peripheral sight.

Should You Invest in a Microcurrent Gloves Machine for Your Spa?

Getting a microcurrent gloves machine is a big decision. You have to consider the price because it is not cheap. Still, buying a device for your spa business should be a pleasurable experience and not a cause of stress. To have this kind of experience, you have to prepare the following:

Your Budget

If you can’t have the capacity to pay cash, consider taking a loan. However, make sure to get a loan that you can pay with low-interest rates. even if your machine doesn’t do well in the first few months. You will be introducing new technology and it might take some time to win a clientele and see some ROI.

Do your Research

Read and study microcurrent gloves machine. Take time to study how to operate it or attend seminars about using it. Ask your staff to do so as well especially if you will be entrusting it to them in the future. Check the different brands of microcurrent gloves systems, how to maintain them or do repairs in case a problem arises. This will reduce possible costs in the future. It is also a way to avoid delays and cancellation of sessions that can lead to loss of trust from your clientele.

Market it in Advance to your Customers

As you plan to buy your microcurrent gloves device, you can start introducing it to your clients. This is a great way to gauge their reaction as well, whether they are willing to try it or not. Think of promotions that you can offer to your loyal customers just to give them a taste of your microcurrent machine without losing too much. Say buy 1 session and get 1 session free or free consultation.


Microcurrent treatment has been around for decades. It’s been used for treating pain and other medical conditions and is now being used for skin preventive care. Microcurrent treatment has evolved as well in the way it is given to patients. Microcurrent can now be delivered to target areas via patches, probes, or gloves. With these options though, microcurrent gloves are the newest and are steadily getting attention from spa business owners beauty spa customers.

But why it is continuously gaining popularity when there are too many techniques out there that promise the same thing as microcurrent treatment? Simple – microcurrent gloves are easy to use, easy to clean, with antimicrobial properties, and are non-invasive.

Are you ready to take your next face regiment to the next level?

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