Vacuum Cupping Techniques for Slimming and Detoxifying

Vacuum Cupping Techniques for Slimming and Detoxifying

What is Cupping?

How Does it Work?

Let’s Talk Benefits!


Vacuum Cupping Techniques for Slimming and Detoxifying

Why Do You Need Vacuum Therapy Equipment?


From LED light therapy masks to body shaping techniques, it’s necessary to know the trends in your business. If you are thinking about adding new and exciting treatments to your portfolio, expand and grow your business with amazing vacuum massage therapy equipment.

Though very new to the beauty scene, cupping has been around for more than two thousand years. It is a traditional Chinese remedy for treating a lot of health and beauty problems. And we are willing to bet that you have heard about cupping massage therapy. Or, more likely, you have seen Instagrammed celeb post-cupping treatment photos. Vacuum cupping curiosity started rapidly growing after Michael Phelp’s appearances during the 2016 Olympics. Remember those multiple dark bruised circles on his shoulders? Those dark circles, a result of cupping, have actually teleported this thousand-year-old technique into fame and stardom. Phelps, like many other athletes, has used vacuum therapy for years to accelerate healing and recovery.

In the beauty business, cupping healing abilities are considered a great bonus, though the interest mainly lies in weight loss and detoxification. But before we get into details, let’s talk a bit about the “myths” surrounding this or any other body slimming massage. This treatment is very safe, extremely beneficial, and useful to almost everyone. It is a result-oriented treatment, meaning the weight loss is noticeable right away. However, you must always communicate to your clients that cupping isn’t some magical treatment on its own and that they still have to eat right, drink a lot of water, and regular exercise. People are very misinformed when it comes to body slimming equipment and there are so many crazy things about weight loss out there, making it necessary to explain everything in detail. that necessity of explaining everything in detail is apparent.

And now on to the fun part - let’s talk vacuum therapy equipment and cupping!



What is Cupping?

Cupping is defined by the British Cupping Society as “an ancient medical treatment that relies on creating a local suction to mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing”. There are traditional cupping treatments with glass cups and fire, and modern treatments performed with vacuum cupping therapy machines.

Cupping, as acupuncture, is a big part of Chinese medicine. The traditional Asian medicine way of cupping is to create a vacuum in a small glass using fire. Usually, the glass is either held over a small lit torch or the inside of the glass cup is swabbed with a flammable substance, like a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, and then lit on fire. The glass cup is then quickly placed on top of the skin. The air cools, thus creating a vacuum and sucking the skin inside the cup. Luckily, the treatment has been modernized a while ago, though some beauty salons prefer the traditional way of cupping. Today’s amazing machines generate suction and create a vacuum with a push of a switch. They are more effective and definitely less invasive than traditional treatments, and the results are also more advanced.



How Does it Work? 

Cupping machines come with silicone cups of different sizes; you can use them if multiple steady suctions and vibrations are needed or use one silicone cup for the vacuum massage treatment. During the treatment, the vacuum actually separates the tissues while increasing hydration and blood flow. When the blood flow increases, it automatically boosts skin oxygenation and nutrient delivery. Additionally, and this is the most important part of body detox and slimming, cupping greatly increases lymphatic circulation and drainage.

Waste products are drained from the system through the vacuum cupping. You have to remember that the lymphatic system is located just below the skin where almost 70% of the lymph vessels lie. Suction massage easily engages and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Plus,  when muscles are pulled by vacuum and undergo different pressures and suctioning, the body reacts as it would to an injury by engaging both the neurohormonal and immune systems, increasing protein production. The treatment results in a shift to acidic PH levels from healthy ones and that sends the body the SOS signal. This signal rashes blood to the “injured” area, increases blood flow and engages the lymph system. All of this results in the body’s inflammatory abilities kicking in. This is a very normal and natural response to an injury.

Modern medicine has actually taken interest in this ancient Chinese practice a long while ago. Over the years, many medical professionals have taken an interest in this amazing treatment and its healing abilities. More than 130 studies on vacuum cupping and the influence it has on health have taken place. A review of all those studies concluded that cupping therapy, in combination with acupuncture, can treat even some serious and highly problematic illnesses and facial paralysis, cervical spondylitis, and herpes. Plus, with all the other beauty benefits, it is definitely worth investing in and trying for yourself!


Let’s Talk Benefits!

This treatment has been around for thousands of years for a reason: the benefits are endless. So let’s start counting!

The treatment is beneficial to those with Hypertension (high blood pressure). Suction increases the blood flow and lymphatic drainage while relaxing the muscles. This actually affects the nervous system in a way that helps to lower blood pressure.  

Cupping positively affects the circulatory system. Cupping effectively enhances blood flow, which helps make veins and arteries stronger, and eliminates congested blood.

It is an amazing natural painkiller. The treatment effectively relieves muscle pain. Cupping is widely known and nowadays is a preferred treatment for neck pain, back pain, cramps, and for headaches and migraines. The firm and steady suctions are able to provide muscle relaxation without damaging the muscles. It’s unimaginable, that this kind of pain-relief massage can be performed manually. When massage therapists apply greater pressure, the muscles actually react by stiffing up, which is unacceptable during the pain-relief treatment since the muscles need to be relaxed. The experience described by patients is as if the cups have suctioned away the pain.

Slimming benefits of vacuum cupping treatments are well documented. Weight loss has made this treatment well-known and popular. Plus, the treatment is completely pain-free and pleasant. You will be able to attract many new clients with just the word-of-mouth, as the results are instantly noticeable. One of the most valuable cupping benefits is lymphatic drainage, which also helps smooth the skin and reduce cellulite. When a weight loss massage is performed, you can use oil and just glide the suction cup on the surface of the skin, treating the body section by section.

Detoxification of the body is the next cupping benefit. Detoxification is achieved by the means of, firstly, lymph drainage and waste products elimination and, secondly, by suction actually pulling the toxins to the surface of the skin and in doing so, clearing the body. Vacuum cupping treatment can be specifically designed for your customers, you can target any area that is troubling to them.

Vacuum cupping treatment is also a great skin treatment. The cupping can be performed on the body and the face. Increased blood flow, expanded capillaries, and a boost in the nutrient delivery with proper oxygenation of the skin – are all ingredients for a tightened, firm skin. Cupping boosts elasticity and is used to treat some skin conditions such as acne, herpes and even inflammatory conditions.

The cupping treatment is very relaxing; it is one of the most amazing massage therapy treatments. As mentioned, the treatment oxygenates the skin and increases the blood flow. This calms the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. All of this promotes a relaxing sensation.

The other well-known benefits are:

  • It is safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment
  • Is helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Decreases appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Highly increased amplitude of movement because of the release and softening of deep tissues
  • Skin smoothing effect
  • A boost of protein production for better skin elasticity
  • Cell regeneration
  • Clears pores and allows for better product absorption
  • Healthier, better looking, younger skin

There is also a list of illnesses that are treated by cupping that is presented by the British Cupping Society. The list includes some blood disorders, arthritis, some gynecological disorders, varicose veins, nervous system and even depression. It is also used to treat respiratory problems, such as Asthma or bronchitis.



Overall, there are few contraindications for vacuum cupping. First and foremost, always check with your clients if the procedure is pleasurable to them. It is a very relaxing and non-invasive treatment, so your clients should never feel any pain or feel uncomfortable. The machine treatment, unlike the manual one, doesn’t leave any marks on the skin. As for the contraindications, please check with your clients if they have any of the health conditions listed:

  • High fever
  • Skin conditions such as sores, skin allergies, and inflamed or damaged skin (burns, cuts)
  • Irregular angles are a problem with some cupping techniques but for sure not all of them
  • Pregnancy (if pregnant, the lower back and abdomen area should never be treated)
  • Serious heart conditions

Please remember that high suctioning should never be used when treating the face.



Vacuum Cupping Techniques for Slimming and Detoxifying


There are many amazing vacuum cupping techniques that you can use. There are tons of instructional videos available online, and we, of course, offer free training by our licensed professionals who can provide you with any information and answer all of your questions. All of the techniques are aimed at one common goal: tissue separation. This increases blood flow, hydrates, and stimulates the lymphatic drainage. The TOP 5 techniques used by professionals are:

1. The Suction and Release Technique

The first one is called the Suction and Release technique. You hold a cup in your hand, placing it on top of the skin surface, creating suction and releasing the cup (pulling away from the skin), and then repeating the technique. Please note that when the technique is done correctly you should not hear any popping noise when releasing the cup. In order to do so, you can just push the skin away to release the cup. You should never release it by sliding your fingers under the cup. The popping is prohibited not just because of the noise, but because when the cup is released in such a way, it can damage the tissues in some areas of the body.  

2. The Vibration Technique

The second one is called the Vibration technique. When performing massages using this technique, you should place the cup on the treated area and just leave it to vibrate for a bit. You will be able to see how the skin vibrates through the clear cup. The better machine you have, the more powerful vibration you will be able to offer.

3. The Shaking Technique

The third one is the Shaking technique. The cup moves over the skin with a bit of shaking done manually, and then you quickly pop the cup up from the skin surface. With this technique, you may find it hard to glide and simultaneously shake the cup as the skin is also moving. In this case, just hold the skin in place with your other hand.  Anchor the skin and move the cup. By holding back the skin, you’ll be able to easily regulate how much skin is sucked into the cup.

4. The Gliding Technique

The fourth is the easy and effective Gliding technique. You simply glide the cup on the surface of the skin. You can do circular movements or parallel lines.

5. The Rolling Rotation Technique

And the fifth is the Rolling Rotation technique. This one is harder to perform, as it is difficult to find a smooth flat skin surface so that when you place and stabilize the cup it won’t pop when you start rotating it.


Why Do You Need Vacuum Therapy Equipment?

You need it! And there are a lot of different reasons. First of all, vacuum therapy machines are money makers. This machine would highly increase your productivity, shorten the time of massage treatments, and, of course, bring in new clients and profits. 

Additionally, a vacuum therapy machine will take the pressure off your hands. Though good masseurs are always in demand, recent developments, innovations, and upgrades make it so much easier to offer better treatments than the best t masseurs can. Only the high suction power of machines can tackle specific muscular and soft tissue problems. Vibration and its amazing benefits are also impossible with manual treatments.

The machines do a lot of work for the operator, and with cupping massages, are quite valuable. Let’s just look at a couple of examples: when performing the necessary drainage massage on someone who has diabetes, the machine does the pumping for you, so you can actually draw all your attention to the treatment technique and not be constantly pumping with your hands. Machine suctions are also necessary when working with athletes and people who train regularly as it is a real challenge to separate their tissues while massaging the muscles. Cupping machines are amazing!

We have a great line of professional vacuum cupping machines that are very affordable and have great ROI. We work with the best manufacturers of quality beauty slimming machines and our clients save thousands when buying multifunctional machines for their businesses. With our multifunctional machines, you will be able to offer effective weight loss and amazing skin care. Our collection of multifunctional machines not only offer the most popular and in-demand skin treatments along with vacuum cupping but will also save you a lot of money and space in your salon.

One of our amazing multifunctional machines has up to five top treatments! In addition to all the benefits of cupping machines, you’ll also be able to offer your clients anti-cellulite massages, fantastic skin lifting and tightening with radiofrequency skin treatment, LED light therapy, and the very popular infrared therapy.

With RF, you can offer no-knife facelift treatments. It’s the best remedy for sagging skin. The treatment significantly boosts collagen and elastin production which are essential for lifting and tightening the skin. With RF treatments, your client will be able to see the difference right away. Among the top RF benefits, there is fine line and wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and elasticity boost. It is a safe and non-invasive way to give your clients younger, healthier skin.  

The same machine offers LED light that results in increased blood circulation and better oxygen flow. Your clients will see healthier, tighter skin. With protein boost, the skin will be lifted. This treatment effectively reduces wrinkles around the mouth, deep forehead lines, and even has been reported to reduce under-eye puffiness and wrinkles.  LED light is a great remedy for inflamed skin and some skin conditions, like acne.  

Furthermore, the amazing infrared treatment that came into the beauty scene from general medicine also offers highly effective slimming and detoxifying properties. Infrared heating helps with muscle recovery, reduces tissue inflammation, relieves pain, and is great for the cardiovascular system.

All those benefits in just one single multifunctional slimming machine! Imagine that!


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