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If you are interested in expanding your portfolio by adding a new and existing treatment – you are definitely in the right place! In this category, you can buy vacuum massage therapy equipment that will surely boost sales and attract new clients in no time whatsoever. This amazingly effective vacuum fat loss machine was made popular again by people who have no fat on their bodies – professional athletes. The 22-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has reincarnated this ancient Chinese remedy by showcasing his flawless body with patterns of dark circles that appear on the surface of the skin post-treatment. The world noticed the results and it became a very popular treatment amongst many.
Since then we have now seen Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many other celebrities bravely showcasing the dark circles on their bodies from vacuum therapy.
We fully support this new craze as the benefits are countless. Michael Phelps surely didn’t use the treatment for its slimming properties, this should tell you that this is not your ordinary fat-melting equipment!

The Vacuum Slimming Machines 

Vacuum therapy machines represented in this category are exclusive professional machines perfect for a spa or at-home beauty salon. We have the widest imaginable range of machines presented here, surely, we will be able to help you pick a perfect machine for you. We can also help you choose the perfect portable vacuum therapy machine if you are a professional on the go, all of our portable machines are compact, powerful, easy to transport, set up, and dismantle. Plus, most vacuum therapy machine suppliers have amazing multifunctional machines available to you. You can add the best and the most popular treatments to your beauty portfolio.

These machines come with the best skin lifting and tightening features – the great radiofrequency vital protein-boosting equipment. This treatment starts a healing cascade and can quickly restore the integrity of the sagging skin. This is also very important to use in tandem with the slimming treatments to simultaneously tighten the skin after fat deposits have melted.

A cellulite vacuum therapy machine is a great option for those who provide high-quality body procedures, as it helps to correct cellulite and burn fat. It also massages and sculptures the body improves skin elasticity. The procedure ensures blood flow to the body part that undergoes treatment, which helps to nourish the tissues with oxygen and enhances blood circulation within the body. It helps to improve the whole metabolic process. Vacuum therapy includes all body parts, which allows enhancing the local body processes.

If you are still unsure of what machine would be better fitted in your daily routine, just give us a call and our industry experts will happily advise you.

How to Use a Vacuum Slimming Machine?

The main use of this treatment is to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, thus aiding

the flow of waste products and tissue fluids from the area to the nearest lymph nodes.

This mechanical treatment uses external suction to lift the body tissues via moving or static cups.

The treatment is similar to a massage; however, suction is applied instead of pressure.

If performed correctly the treatment is very relaxing.

The treatment can be applied to any part of the body where there is sufficient adipose tissue.

It is often used in conjunction with other treatments and is most beneficial if used as a course of



The Main Benefits of Cellulite Vacuum Therapy Treatments

  • Vacuum therapy can be performed on all body parts
  • The machine comes with different shaped and sized cups to treat different areas of the body
  • It is often used to soothe and treat pain
  • Lessens the visibility or altogether eliminates the orange peel skin
  • Boosts vital protein production
  • A safe and easy procedure with almost non-existent side effects and only a few absolute contraindications
  • With vacuum therapy, it is easy to tackle hard-to-treat areas to sculpt and reshape the body
  • Boosts circulatory system
  • Enhances the cell metabolism 

Who needs vacuum therapy?

 Vacuum therapy is a holistic approach to today’s well-being. Whether you are trying to help your client’s lymphatic drainage system and blood flow or they’re struggling with excessive fat, vacuum therapy is a great way to help your clients feel better and confident. 

How Does Vacuum Therapy Banish Fat Deposits?

With all of the amazing benefits of the vacuum treatments – the effective pain relief, restoring skin’s elasticity, rehydration, oxygenation of the skin, the circulatory system boost, and much more – all of that took a back seat when the main feature was discovered – weight loss and cellulite reduction. So now we have an effective slimming treatment machine in our hands. Let’s see how it works!

Weight loss occurs when low atmospheric pressure is created during the treatment. When the different sized cups are placed on the areas with problematic fat deposits and visible cellulite the suction and pressure rush the blood to the treated area and increase the blood flow. An additional bonus of the rapidly increased blood circulation – fat is transported into the muscles where it is then burned off. Furthermore, this boosts cell metabolism and oxygenates the body. The vacuum pressure activates the lymph system because 70% of the lymphatic vessels are placed right below the skin and are easily activated by pressure. Apart from effective body detox, all of the steps mentioned help tackle the fatty deposits and burn fat quicker. Additionally, most of the women that have undergone a series of vacuum therapy treatments have shown not only great reduction of cellulite but also skin regeneration and rejuvenation in the cellulite-prone areas. This happens because the increased circulatory system moves vitamins and enzymes through the system that can help treat the orange peel skin.

Does vacuum therapy work?

If your client is expecting great results after just one treatment, then this is not the best option for them. Vacuum therapy needs to be offered in treatment packages to hit the desired goals. Since it’s very holistic, the results will take time just like going to the gym. 

Who can perform vacuum therapy? 

Many estheticians can perform different treatments, but when it comes to body treatments, such as vacuum therapy,  it’s always a good idea to check with your state board and get certified when necessary. 

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy Machines

Very often estheticians try to compare different kinds of equipment, which is difficult as different treatment types have their benefits and outcomes. 

Take a look at the most popular comparisons: 

Vacuum Therapy vs Ultrasonic Cavitation

Vacuum therapy works with suction pressure within the cups while cavitation uses ultrasound technology to break apart the fat cells. As for vacuum therapy, it is a more natural and holistic way to heal the body and fight against cellulite, as for weight loss, ultrasonic cavitation might be a better option for some. Ultrasonic cavitation is targeted for fat loss only where vacuum therapy has multiple benefits from healing to toning the bodily functions. 

Vacuum Therapy vs Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo a.k.a laser lipolysis uses lasers to melt away the existing fat cells. Vacuum therapy is a completely non-invasive way, where laser lipo requires minor surgical incisions. After laser lipo treatment, the client might have to require downtime for a few days but with vacuum therapy, there is no downtime. 

Vacuum Therapy vs Radio Frequency

Vacuum therapy targets specific fat cells while Radio Frequency (RF) heats the skin and melts the fat essentially. The melted fat cell will release the liquids to the bloodstream where they will be filtered out by the liver. 

Vacuum Therapy vs Cryolipolysis

When it comes to body toning, Cryolipolysis is a technology that freezes the fat cells in the body and eliminates them through the lymphatic system within the next 14 days from the last treatment session. Cryotherapy is somewhat similar to vacuum therapy, RF, and cavitation where the fat cells will be eliminated from the body in one significant way to the treatment performed. When it comes to comparing vacuum therapy and Cryolipolysis, both treatments can be used to heal muscle recovery and joint pain. Both treatments are considered holistic treatment types as they have healing properties.

How long does the treatment session last?

A full body application takes 45 minutes, whereas application to a partial area of the body takes 15 minutes.

How long does it take to see results from vacuum massage?

With vacuum therapy, clients can see the results after just one treatment session. 

How many vacuum slimming treatments are needed?

Vacuum therapy is called a ‘gym workout’ for the body, where you need to continue with healthy lifestyle choices and continuous treatment sessions for desired goals. When performing 2-4 treatment sessions within a 1-2 week timespan, clients will see amazing results. In A-Esthetic we recommend 5-8 treatment sessions during the first month and continuing with 1-2 sessions in the future to maintain the results. 

How long do body vacuum results last?

After just one treatment, clients can see the results for up to 6-8 hours, depending on their body and skin type. With continuous maintenance, clients can see the results permanently.

Are vacuum body slimming results permanent?
Vacuum therapy results with body toning are only permanent when performed continuously. 

Does vacuum therapy hurt?

Not at all, clients can feel a warm tingling sensation, and that is it.  

How much should I charge for the treatment?

Depending on your area, you can start by charging $85-$150 per treatment session. Remember, with vacuum therapy you want to offer treatment packages, so it’s a great option to make a bundle deal for your clients. More treatment sessions = faster ROI for you. 


The contraindications are almost nonexistent, this is a very safe and non-invasive treatment. Please ask your clients about serious skin conditions, like, severe allergic reactions, sores, skin that has been seriously damaged, for example, burned, or cut, should not be treated. Serious heart conditions are absolute contraindications and when treating pregnant women never treat the abdominal area or the lower back. 

The advantages of cellulite vacuum therapy machine:

  • Vacuum cellulite machine works with all body parts
  • The machines are mostly portable and don’t take much space
  • Vacuum therapy has curing effects for spine problems and arthritis
  • A vacuum machine for cellulite is safe and easy to use
  • Skin becomes elastic, even, radiant and flexible after the treatment
  • The procedure has fat burning and body sculpting effect
  • Easy and fast operation of the machine 
  • The creatively designed system will be a beautiful addition to your spa room 

The vacuum cellulite machine is safe to use. As vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment made with the help of a vacuum machine for cellulite, it can be used on all skin types. Also, its effectiveness and quality make the procedure efficient and productive. The outcome of vacuum therapy is surprisingly good. The results are apparent and pleasing because the cellulite vacuum therapy machine also helps to cure arthritis and spine problems. The condition of the skin prominently improves, skin becomes more flexible and smooth.

With its pleasingly good price and high effectiveness, a vacuum fat loss machine is the best choice for those who provide anti-cellulite treatment in their salons. As it is a well-known and efficient procedure, vacuum therapy is popular among big beauty salons that provide professional body treatments. If you are thinking of adding a body treatment to your business - such as vacuum therapy, this healing, and anti-cellulite procedure will be very profitable and in demand at all times.

Vacuum Cupping Machines

Usually, we tend to trust things that have been around for a while. You can be sure that something that has been around for years was thoroughly studied, perfected and that popularity was gained because of the evident results. There is no better way to show us something works than to present years of evident safe success. There were many effective things that people practiced to treat different illnesses and to look better, a lot of them didn’t pass the time test and failed miserably. That is why we no longer use cough syrup for children where the main ingredient is a drug, we’ve stopped wearing radium pendants to cure rheumatism and, we are happy to state, that no longer we have radioactive anti-aging cosmetics!
We have a lot of those crazy “healthy” things people used to do throughout history and, though some of them were very effective for what they were used for, we, as a society had to stop because those remedies were also killing us. But we digress. Let us introduce the treatment that withstood time and is now more popular than ever. Treatment so old – it’s ancient.

What Is Cupping Therapy And How It Works? 

Cupping therapy is more than a two-thousand-year-old technique introduced to the world by the Chinese. Of course, we are happy to say, the cupping machine for sale we have for you in this category has two thousand years of improvement of this technique and the results they deliver are fantastic. In a nutshell, an electric vacuum capping machine is used to boost the circulatory system by rapidly and effectively enhancing the blood flow, separating tissues boosts protein production, suction speeds up cell regeneration to give your clients healthier-looking supple skin. Cupping massage is widely known for its pain relief properties and body detox through lymphatic drainage. Slimming benefits, noticeable cellulite reduction, and much more have made cupping therapy famous again.

Professionals have stated that all of the benefits of cupping are due to the suction that is created inside differently sized cups. Suction mobilizes and increases blood circulation thus promoting healing. With cupping, you can use many different techniques when the cups can be positioned in one place or glided over the treated surface area, they can be put on the skin and released, shaken, or gently moved clockwise – all of them designed to maximize treatment results. There are many effective ways to treat the face and body with a powerful vacuum therapy cupping machine.

The Main Vacuum Cupping Benefits


  • Increased blood flow
  • Proper oxygenation and vital nutrient delivery
  • Elimination of the excess waste products and body detox through lymphatic drainage.
    Lymph system is just below the skin, a vacuum massage is a perfect way to stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Quicker inch loss. Greater results when performed after fat-busting ultrasonic cavitation treatment
  • Effective skin hydration
  • Pain relief
  • Great lifting technique for buttocks
  • Elasticity boost through vital protein synthesis
  • Effective anti-cellulite therapy


The contraindications are almost nonexistent as this is a very safe treatment. It is stated that anyone running a high fever shouldn’t be treated. You should ask about serious skin conditions, like, severe allergic reactions, sores, skin that has been seriously damaged, for example, burned, or cut, should not be treated. Serious heart conditions are absolute contraindications and when treating pregnant women never treat the abdominal area or the lower back.

The Price of Vacuum Therapy Machines 

Here at A-Esthetic we strongly believe that quality, safety, and advanced technology are not mutually exclusive. Our equipment is of the highest quality while being very affordable. We often have special offers and money-saving discounts; we offer free demos and training for you to truly get to know our systems. We have a wide range of prices for everyone, though a professional vacuum body slimming machine price will surely surprise you. The ROI on the machines within this category is very quick, if not immediate.

Vacuum Therapy Training

In A-Esthetic you will get free vacuum therapy training and a certificate with equipment purchase. Our educational team has over 25 years of experience in the aesthetic field. The training will be held online or in person, whichever works for you. Please visit our website to learn more. 

Vacuum Therapy Consumables

At A-Esthetic we offer our skincare line that can be used to perform vacuum therapy. Visit our website to learn more.

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The Service

It all starts here with our service! Apart from the product quality and affordability, we are well-known for our exclusive free training and our on-site licensed estheticians are always ready to help! We are on a mission to help you and your business grow.

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In this category, you can find Vacuum therapy machines. To recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Vacuum therapy machines, you have come to the right place.

We aim to offer the highest quality of products, the largest range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell.

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