VelaShape Body Contouring Treatment Overview

VelaShape Body Contouring Treatment Overview

VelaShape Body Contouring Treatment Overview

We live in an era where everything can be seen in the virtual world, we update happenings and upload photos of ourselves in social media. Where people judge through the screen and because of this there are several issues that might arise and that includes low self esteem and insecurity. For years, we have been conditioned to think that a perfect body should have no excess fats, flat abdomen, toned muscles, that the ideal body is mirrored by a Victoria’s Secret Angel or a Guy model wearing Calvin Klein. Those are the images that we see, fed to us by the mainstream and mass media. Even with the existence of empowerment campaigns, self love and awareness, body positivity, we cannot deny the fact that people still value self improvement and we must remember there is no shame in trying to refine what you have.


The VelaShape Treatment

VelaShape Treatment is a Food and Drug Administration approved procedure that is considered as a non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction for specific areas of the body. VelaShape is often as a treatment option for neck rejuvenation, body contouring, and cellulite reduction. VelaShape’s said to help achieve a toned, more contoured and well shaped body to make the person feel more youthful in a matter of time without experiencing significant discomfort.


What is VelaShape?

VelaShape Treatment is FDA approved for men and women of any age and skin type, patients should be reasonably healthy and should understand that VelaShape is not a weight loss type treatment, not permanent, and is primarily for skin tightening and contouring. A patient with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30 is considered to be an ideal patient, who falls under the Nunberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Stage 1 and 2. Patients who has normal weight or slightly overweight are considered good candidates, if they want to minimize the appearance of cellulite, patients who wants to decrease the size of specific fat deposits in the body or tighten loose skin in the abdomen, arms, neck, knees, flanks, saddlebags, thigh, or buttocks may also be good candidates to avail VelaShape treatment. More importantly, patients should do a consultation to point out the problem area, talk about the goals for the procedure, and discuss any medical or aesthetic concerns with their doctor in order to determine if they are a candidate for the VelaShape treatment.


How does it work? 

VelaShape treatment combines bipolar radio frequency energy, infrared light energy, and  mechanical vacuum, these causes deep heating of the fat cells, surrounding connective tissue, and underlying dermal collage fibers. Through this procedure by reaching a specifically targeted temperature, it stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin which helps in the reduction of skin laxity, body volume, and overall improvement of skin structure and texture. VelaShape treatment also increases the metabolism of stored energy, increases the lymphatic drainage of the body, and reduces the size of fat cells and fat chambers. During the procedure, a special lotion is applied in the target area to allow the VelaShape device to glide smoothly. As the device moves gently across the skin, it will pull the patient’s tissue closer to the machine’s energy source using the vacuum, the radio frequency will then help improve the elasticity and collage, the infrared light heats the targeted fat cells, increasing metabolism therefore improving the texture of the targeted area. VelaShape treatment is recommended to be done every other week for better results, three to six sessions of the said treatment can deliver optimal result. Patients do need to remember that VelaShape treatment is not permanent once they reach their desired outcome, it can be maintained by undergoing booster treatments every 3 to 6 months. In the United States, VelaShape treatment can range from $75-$2,525 but the average cost is usually at $1,075. The cost of the treatment varies and will depend on the number of sessions of the patient, the size and number of areas treated, the experience and location of your doctor.


Does it really work?

VelaShape treatment can sculpt and smoothen the body, reduce the circumference or the size of the treated area so that the patients can get that desired trimmer appearance. But the question is how long does it last? since its considered a non permanent procedure. What patients need to understand is that it requires a combination of maintenance and follow up procedures, and an effort to maintain the desired weight and healthy body in order to have that desired goal in mind before doing the procedure. There are several studies conducted by different clinics and institutions in the medical field that proves the effectiveness of VelaShape treatment. In 2018, an article was published in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology where the survey result of studies of the treatment concluded that VelaShape has been shown to significantly reduce cellulite in the body. A clinical trial result was also published in 2014, it showed that a series of VelaShape treatment to reduce fat led to, “average reductions in the circumference of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs of 1.4, 0.5, and 1.2 cm, respectively” within 3 months of their last treatment session.


What are the complications?

VelaShape is considered to be a safe procedure and requires no recovery period. Most common complications after the procedure are scabbing or blistering, the redness appearance on the skin, and though uncommon, slight chance of burn like feeling on the skin. Patients with sensitive skin can also experience swelling but it will heal in no time. The treatment is considered to be highly safe with minimal risks. Though it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women since there is no research done yet to determine if it safe for them. Also VelaShape treatment is not recommended for people diagnosed with diabetes or anticoagulant condition. For patients with broken or irritated skin, the target treatment area should also delay the procedure. After the VelaShape treatment, patients are free to resume regular activities. There are several recommendations of aftercare to get the desired outcome of the treatment. One, mild exercise to help assist the lymphatic system in metabolizing the fat released. Two, avoid large meals that might expand the stomach, eating small meal for two to three days after the procedure is encouraged. And lastly, avoidance of alcohol 3 days post-treatment to make way for the rapid clearing of fat content and toxins released by the body after the treatment.


Professional VelaShape Equipment

Since body shaping is booming and popular in the market, VelaShape Equipment has been introduced. The equipment combines radio frequency and laser light technology into an effective and safe cosmetic machine. There are two VelaShape treatment system, VelaShape II and VelaShape III, let us discuss the differences. VelaShape II uses a technique  known as “elos", it is a process of tissue manipulation and vacuum that smoothens the skin and tightens the figure. It targets areas where there are most fatty issues for example the thighs and buttocks this treatment is deemed to be less time consuming and highly effective. On the other hand, VelaShape III uses bi-polar radio frequency, vacuum, and infrared rays to heat the specific area of treatment. It heats 3mm to 15mm deep inside the skin. Since the VelaShape III has more penetration due to the high radio frequency, it burns more fatty tissues, and increases the metabolic system and the collagen depositing of the body. Both system of treatment has been proven to be a comfortable and painless experience for the patients, this is because the technology focuses on treatment that can be considered effective yet comfortable for the patients. Since both procedure penetrates and targets fatty tissues, boosts metabolism, and improves the texture of the skin, getting follow up treatments would give the patient consistent and sustainable results. VelaShape treatment system uses a combination of things such as infrared light, bipolar radio frequency, vacuum, and massage. It is deemed as more effective compared to other cellulite treatments that use one modality of treatment. The vacuum with the help of massage improves the texture of the skin, the infrared light and radiofrequency energies, heat the skin and tightens the tissue, it can also shrink fatty cells. Those things builds the firmness and elasticity of the skin overtime. There are several benefits that clients or patients can have if they undergo a VelaShape treatment, non-invasive and painless procedure, no injections, can work all over the body, feels like a warm massage, improves blood circulation, no known serious side effect, noticeable changes in no time. And considering all of these there is no doubt why a lot of people have been trying the VelaShape treatment.


VelaShape Alternatives

We already described the VelaShape treatment thoroughly and established the effectivity of the treatment. Now, we can look at some of the alternatives available in the market that patients or potential patients can choose from if they want to improve their skin texture and define body contour.

VelaShape vs CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure that is a non-invasive, non-surgical medical procedure that removes extra fat cells from beneath the skin. CoolSculpting machine works by placing a roll of fat into two panels that cool the fat to a freezing temperature, otherwise known as cryolipolysis. Patients opt for CoolSculpting when they want to target body fats in areas like thighs, lower back, belly, sides, and it can also reduce cellulite appearance on body parts like arms, excess fat underneath the chin, and buttocks. Usually the procedure lasts an hour for each targeted body part, and large body parts may require more CoolSculpting treatment than smaller body parts. Like any other procedure, possible side effect of the procedure can include a tugging feeling while the treatment is ongoing. Another side effect is the feeling of pain, stinging, or aching sensation at the area of treatment which eventually fades on its own. Also, there will be redness, swelling, bruising, and skin sensitivity in the area of treatment. In very rare cases, side effect can include increase in volume of fat cells in the area of treatment which was found to be more common in men than women. Average cost of CoolSculpting is between $2000-$4000. 

VelaShape vs Cavitation

A procedure that is said to be a safer alternative to surgical options such as liposuction. Ultrasonic Cavitation (Ultrasonic Lipolysis) also knows as Liponix is a body contouring procedure that is used to remove fat deposits under the skin. It uses ultrasonic radio waves to break apart fat cells, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system into the body. A patient is an ideal candidate for cavitation when their health is in a good state overall, does not smoke, already within 15 pound of their goal weight, and has realistic expectations. Since cavitation only targets small area of fats to help contour the body it is not an ideal treatment for people who are trying to lose a lot of weight. Cavitation is a low risk treatment but side effects include redness, bruising, headache, and in some cases unevenness in the skin because of the difference in absorbing fats in different areas after breakdown. Lumps, bumps, and valleys can also appear on the skin after treatment. Though irregularities in the skin can be resolved after follow up treatments. The average cost of Ultrasonic Cavitation is at $1300.

VelaShape vs Ultrashape

UltraShape is another fat reduction treatment that is a non-surgical procedure. It uses targeted ultrasound technology designed to eliminate fat cells in the abdominal, keeping in mind that this treatment is not a weight loss solution. Ideal candidates for the treatment should be able to pinch at least an inch of fat in their abdomen and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less. The UltraShape uses ultrasound technology to target fat cells in the midsection without damaging the surrounding tissues. When the fat cells are destroyed, fat is released in the form of triglycerides which the liver processes to be removed from the body. A clinical study revealed that UltraShape showed a 32% reduction in abdominal fat thickness after three treatments only, spaced two weeks apart. It is often the recommended treatment to get optimal results. Reportedly, UltraShape does not cause any pain. Patients can experience tingling or warm feeling during the procedure. Due to the measured energy used in an UltraShape procedure, fat cells can be destroyed without harming the skin, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. Other patients can have bruising and blisters on the abdomen following the procedure. UltraShape procedure can range from $1500-$2500.

VelaShape vs Lipolaser

Lipolaser is considered as a cosmetic treatment that supports body sculpting by removing excess fat and cellulite in the body. Lipolaser is another non-invasive procedure, the only difference is that it uses laser-based, spot fat reduction and body contouring system. It uses the laser energy safely and painlessly to penetrate the skin and target the specific fat cells in the body therefore minimizing the risk of damaging nerves, skin, or blood vessels surrounding it. It is able to stimulate the cell by releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol. When this targeted procedure happen the fat cells “shrinks” significantly resulting to inch loss. The lymphatic system absorbs the fat and processed by the liver to an energy source which allows the body to excrete the fat which leaves the body through its natural waste mechanisms. The treatment usually lasts between 30-45 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Other benefits of LipoLaser are regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin and improvement of circulation and metabolism. Since its still a procedure, side effects of Lipolaser includes infection, dimpling, scarring, discoloration, or sagging skin, and discomfort in the treated area. Lipolaser can range from $2500-$4500.

VelaShape vs LPG Endermologie

Endermologie is an approved treatment by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  that is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin using deep tissue massage. Endermologie is less invasive than other cellulite treatments and has no downtime/recovery time. Most patients use Endermologie or Lipomassage to reduce cellulites on their thighs and buttocks, but endermologie is also a safe treatment for other areas in the body. Just like the previous treatments, it makes use of the deep tissue massage to stimulate the Lymphatic system and drain excess fluid and fat in the body. Endermologie can also improve body contouring and skin texture. Since its using a deep-tissue massage, Endermologie can also help relieve muscle aches and pains, improve skin tone, and general circulation. An endermologist uses a handheld massage tool to apply pressure and knead areas with cellulite. It combines suction, rolling, and pulsating to stimulate fat locked within the tissue. As the tissue loosens in the targeted area, the clumps of fat cells will slowly break apart that will lead releasing of the tight area and improving skin texture. Endermologie sessions lasts up to 30-45 minutes and recommended sessions should be at least 8-10 treatments for best results. It is reported that the patients feel no pain during the treatment and little to no side effects, patients finds endermologie relaxing just like a massage. And just like other treatments, this is not permanent so in order to maintain the end result a patient should do annual follow up treatments. Endermologie can cost around $50-$2000.


VelaShape Pros and Cons

Since we already have in-depth knowledge about VelaShape treatment and its alternatives in the cosmetic field, this time we will break down the pros and cons of getting a VelaShape treatment. This will give you a glimpse of what to expect so that you yourself can decide if you want to undergo the procedure or not. We know its always important for a patient to have enough knowledge before deciding whether to improve a part of their body or not.


Let us begin discussing the benefits of VelaShape Treatment. First, the treatment doesn't take very long, although depending on the area of treatment, the procedure only takes up to 20-30 minutes per area. Secondly, the procedure according to patients is painless which means no recovery or downtime needed, patients can go back to their usual daily routine after the procedure. Next, the VelaShape Treatment is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is considered to be safe for all (gender, age, skin type and tone). And lastly, the VelaShape treatment works well in combination with the other procedures.


Of course it cannot be denied that each treatment has its downside and VelaShape treatment has a few caveats. For better results, the patient will need to undergo multiple VelaShape treatment usually 3-6 sessions spaced a week apart. Though you will see improvements in the first three treatments, it is still recommended to continue and have booster treatments afterward. VelaShape treatment is not permanent, results will be temporary so the patient should have 3-4 follow up sessions annually to maintain the desired outcome. Results are also subtle, so you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper diet in order to maintain the outcome of your VelaShape treatment.

It is very evident that in a world where the use of social media is very rampant and almost everyone have access to it, the pressure to look perfect and be perfect cannot be denied. So with the advent of technology and great minds to invent and create procedures that can really improve appearance and help people gain that self esteem and self confidence is a thing that we should take advantage of. There is no shame in trying to enhance the features that we have, “natural beauty” is good, yes. But we should always remember not to condemn or judge the people on their choices especially if it makes them happy and feel good about themselves. We are slowly moving into that period where conversations about body enhancement is made possible by different media platforms, where people are now taking up a stand and not treating this topic as a taboo, we have individuals advocating for those people who made the choice to improve upon what they have. It is your choice, now, will you consider getting a VelaShape treatment?

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