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Ultrasound Slimming Machines

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Zemits CoolRestore CRYO Body Slimming and Skin Firming System | Advance-Esthetic
Zemits CoolRestore CRYO Body Slimming and Skin Firming System 130034 Cryotherapy Machines
$ 9,950.00
$ 8,955.00
The all new Zemits CoolRestore introduces cold or Cryo therapy to targeted areas to help eliminate local fat deposits and achieve a slimmer figure with non-invasive technologies. And also to tighten the skin, improving its tecture, firmness and elasticity. The Zemits CoolRestore is one of the most powerful Cryo systems on the market reaching as low as -18 degrees celsius and as high as 45 degrees celsius. The sleek and incredibly unique design of the system along with the two handpieces for face and body make this system a staple in any medspa or clinic. 

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You are doing your business and your clients a disservice if you still don’t offer cavitation slimming treatments. Ultimately, cavitation slimming machines are all the rage nowadays, as they offer body contouring and amazing skin care that tones and lifts the skin. Cavitation treatments results are considered to be an immediate and long-lasting alternative to liposuction. With professional ultrasonic cavitation machine there are no risks involved, no scaring or anesthesia, absolutely no downtime and an amazing 2 to 10 centimeters of circumference loss after every session.

Being extremely popular, cavitation body slimming machine will definitely boost business and is a great investment, certainly, a must-have!

How Does it Work?

Research has shown that ultrasound, when applied in low-frequencies to fat cells, brings the effects of cavitation. This means that ultrasound damages and collapses cellular membranes in fat tissues releasing triglycerides into interstellar spaces, later they are removed through natural metabolic mechanisms. The method of ultrasound cavitation, or as it also called ultrasonic liposuction cavitation slimming, is irreplaceable when dealing with local fat deposits and cellulite. Low-frequency waves are proven to eliminate fat and dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite. The procedure is always followed by lymphatic drainage treatment that detoxifies and oxygenates the skin. 

What Are the Benefits of Cavitation Ultrasonic Slimming Machines?

Cavitation treatments can treat any area of the body with extra fat deposits. Great results are evident when treating commonly requested stomach, thighs, buttocks, and back, but treatment is also highly beneficial for legs and upper arms.

It’s safe and non-invasive fat elimination treatment. Ultimately, your salon will be offering the results of liposuction treatment, but with no skin perforations, no knives, no downtime, no anesthesia, and no blood loss. Low-frequency ultrasound targets specifically fat cells, all of the surrounding tissues are unengaged and left unharmed.

The procedure is fast and painless. With Cavitation slimming machines for cellulite reduction treatment clients can relax and enjoy the procedure: it is completely pain-free and the only sensation felt on the skin is a bit of warmth. Depending on the area that needs to be treated, the procedure takes from 20 to 60 minutes.

Results are effective and immediate. The procedure will melt the fat and better your skin reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cavitation slimming machine for cellulite reduction treatment gives results that are visible after just one treatment, but, for optimal visualization of the treatment, you need to wait for a few days. It is very effective body contouring treatment; research has shown up to 10 cm overall loss.

The Machines, the Service

Before purchasing Vacuum and Cavitation slimming machine that would be perfect for your business, first and foremost, think of what will fit your needs. There are great Multifunctional machines on the market today; in addition to cavitation treatment, they offer a line of popular advanced beauty procedures. The lymphatic drainage is a necessary step after the cavitation treatment, so look for the machine that offers both treatments. You can also find a 5 in 1 ultrasonic cavitation machine with all body treatment methods needed in the beauty salon, such as cavitation, vacuum therapy, Rf therapy for the face, RF therapy for the body, microcurrent therapy etc.

With skin care treatments, you should always pay attention to the brand. The brand should be respected, reliable and well known within the beauty industry.  Great Customer Service should also be a preference when investing in a Machine for your business.

Here at AE, we are proud to work with the best companies in the field and offer seamless customer service. You can also check all the equipment in our showroom.

In this category you can find Ultrasonic cavitation slimming machines. In order to recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Ultrasonic cavitation slimming machines, you have come to the right place.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of products, the largest range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell.

Please call us now if you need any assistance selecting your equipment.


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