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Magnifying desk lamps

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A magnifying desk lamp is a must-have for every beauty salon.

If you are searching for a magnifying desk lamp for your business, you came to the right place.

What is a Magnifying Desk Lamp Used for?

Magnifying lamps make an item an esthetician is looking at more bright and visible. A magnifying lamp is used for performing mechanical face cleaning, permanent make-up, facial hair removal and many other facial procedures. It suits perfectly for effective diagnostics of dermatological problems and performing the procedures for their treatment as it allows magnify specific skin area.

A special type of such lamps is used for manicure and pedicure.

Main Criteria for Choosing a Magnifying Desk Lamp?

The first criterion is a diameter of a small window.

The bigger the window is, the more comfortable an esthetician work is. But there is one minus. A big lamp occupies more space.

A second criterion is a number of diopters for a dimension of zoom rate.

The optimal value for most of the estheticians is an average figure of 5 diopters.

Dioptre is a measurement unit of optical power of a lens. 1 dioptre is equal to an optical power of a lens or spherical mirror with focal distance in 1 meter.

In a nutshell, the focal distance is a distance from lamp lens to an object an esthetician is looking at when the picture stays sharp, not fuzzy. It is also known as a “working distance” of the lens. Large working distance is perfect when an esthetician needs to use tools for working. Small working distance is better for close-up inspection of a client's skin.

Here is a table shows magnifying power, comparing to optical power and focal distance:   

The optical power of the magnifying lamp, D

Focal distance, sm

Magnifying power

1 Diopter


In 1.25 times

3 Diopter


In 1.75 times

5 Diopter


In 2.25 times

8 Diopter


In 3 times

The most widespread lamps in the beauty industry are lamps with 3 and 5 Dioptre.

The third criterion is the level of illumination.

It depends on lens diameter. The bigger a lamp, the brighter illumination.

LED or Fluorescent Lamps?

Bulbs used for illumination are one of the most important features in the magnifying lamps. When you considering buying table top magnifying glass with light, the source of light is the most important features you need to pay attention to. In general, modern lamps use fluorescent or LED lamps for producing light.

LED Lamps

LED lamps are more modern comparing to fluorescent lamps. Light emitting diodes are placed in a magnifying desk LED lamp along the perimeter of a magnifying lamp, what creates a shadow-free effect. LED lamps use less energy and their validity period is longer in comparison with other lamps available at the market nowadays. Their biggest plus is that they do not heat during work, hence LED lamps are completely safe.   

Fluorescent Lamps

For sure, modern fluorescent lamps, also known as luminous lamps, are improved nowadays compared to their prior versions. But they have few disadvantages. Frequent switching on and off shortens the lifetime of the fluorescent bulbs. They also need some time to reach full brightness. However, it should be mentioned that modern fluorescent lamps produce more natural light than their older types.

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