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Nd:YAG , Q-Switch Protective Glasses

SKU: 051165 Glasses For Laser Treatments

Nd:YAG , Q-Switch Protective Gla


Price: $ 199.00
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    • Optical Density:

    200 - 540nm OD 6+

    900 - 1100nm OD5+

    • LB-Rating: 315 - 540nm DIRM LB5
    • 900 - 1070nm DIR LB5
    • Transmittance: 30%
    • Available for: 532nm & 1064nm etc., Application: 2 line YAG and KTP ,Q-Switch
    • According: CE EN207


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    Nd:YAG , Q-Switch Protective Glasses Nd:YAG , Q-Switch Protective Glasses
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