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Professional Oxygen Dome Therapy Equipment

Oxygen Dome Therapy is a fast-rising dermatological procedure that is non-invasive and is known to be used by celebrities such as Madonna, to get young-looking skin. It does not take hundreds of dollars or going under the knife to get the skin that most women covet. 

With Oxygen Dome Therapy, glass skin is now an attainable dream for women. This procedure is safe and does not make use of any harmful chemicals as it only harnesses that which is abundant in our surrounding, air. 

But, if you’re curious as to the different equipment that is used in Professional Oxygen Dome Therapy procedures, then look no further. This article will discuss in detail all the equipment used for this treatment to ease your mind and make the treatment less intimidating. 

Types of Oxygen Dome Therapy Systems and How Do They Work

In a nutshell, Oxygen Dome Therapy works by increasing the oxygen in our skins. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, we need oxygen to live. Thus, the concept behind the procedure is that more oxygen in our skins helps rejuvenate them. 

The treatment usually consists of two systems namely the mist system and the dome system. Both of these systems are able to harness concentrated oxygen and the anions in it to keep the skin sufficiently oxygenated. 

Mist System

The first system that is used for Oxygen Dome Therapy is the Mist. No need to fret about this equipment, this is just a handheld applicator that resembles an airbrush applicator. 

The mist system is used to mix the highly concentrated oxygen, anions, and serums and is applied all over the face. If you’ve ever had airbrush makeup done before this is technically the same procedure. 

The serums that are in the mix aids in skin regeneration. These serums are usually customized to fit the skin problem that the therapy is aimed to solve. Meanwhile, the anions (negative ions) help expedite the body’s process of cell regeneration. 

Cell Regeneration is important because it is through this process that the body is able to shed old skin cells and generate new ones. Thus, an expedited cell regeneration process can help solve pigmentations, discolorations and keep skin soft and supple. 

Dome System 

The Dome system is the second part of the procedure. However, before the dome is placed over your face, a face mask is usually applied to the skin. This face mask is already presoaked in serums/moisturizers that also target to solve specific skin problems. 

As the name suggests, the dome is a dome-like box that is put on the face. This dome draws in the air in the atmosphere and converts it to 90% pure oxygen. Anions are also still part of the procedure and the machine helps introduce them to the skin. 

Exposure to the Dome usually lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. This is an extremely relaxing procedure and should not be painful at all. The dome system aid in blood circulation resulting in healthy and glowing skin. 

What Are The Equipments Used for Oxygen Dome Therapy

The different types of equipment used for Oxygen Dome Therapy usually consist of the Oxygen Dome Therapy Machine and other facial therapy treatments such as exfoliators, serums, and face masks? 

The Oxygen Dome Therapy Machine already contains the two systems that are used during the procedure. It has a mist applicator attachment that can mix oxygen, anions, and serums. Most importantly it has the dome attachment that goes over the face during the second part of the procedure. 

The Oxygen Dome Therapy Machine is also able to harness the surrounding air, separate oxygen, and only deliver 90% oxygen to infuse the skin. 

What Are The Benefits One Can Get From Using OxyGen Dome Therapy Machines 

The following are the myriad advantages that one can have from using Oxygen Dome Therapy Machines

  1. Increased blood circulation 
  2. Increased production of collagen 
  3. Faster Cell Regeneration 
  4. Kills Bacteria 
  5. Non-Invasive 
  6. Done by trained professionals 
  7. Improves skin texture 
  8. Helps balance skin PH 
  9. Boost Immune system 
  10. Reduces lactic acid in the body 

All About Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment 

We’ve heard of the phrase that keeping our bodies hydrated is the secret to supple and clear skin. While this is all true, did you know that there is another secret to achieving flawlessly soft skin? Aside from being hydrated, our skin needs to be oxygenated to thrive. 

This is the secret behind Oxygen Dome Therapy,  a once well-kept Hollywood secret. So if you’re one of the people out there wishing they had the skin of an actor/actress, that dream can now become a reality. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy is an easy and non-invasive procedure that does not take a whole lot of time from your day but goes a long way towards rejuvenating your skin and finally solving that adult acne problem you can’t seem to shake. 

What Is Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment? 

Oxygen Dome Therapy is generally described as the facial treatment that makes use of a hyperbaric system that is used to deliver concentrated oxygen and anions to the skin to improve cell turnover and skin wellness. 

A few definitions are needed to better understand this treatment. Hyperbaric is a medical term that is used for procedures that involve exposing any part of the body to concentrated oxygen (sometimes as concentrated as 100%) at a pressure that is higher than atmospheric pressure. 

Anions are also called negative ions that are believed to reduce free radicals in the body thus, promoting holistic wellness and health for the body.

Who Needs Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment? 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment is usually prescribed and is advantageous to people who are suffering from different skin problems such as acne, discolorations, and dry skin. 

However, everyone will serve to benefit from getting Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatments. This procedure can improve cell generation that everyone will benefit from. It is also not a procedure that is targeted only for specific skin types. 

Does Oxygen Dome Therapy Work? 

As of today, there are no scientific studies that are conducted to prove without a doubt that Oxygen Dome Therapy works. However, the results presented from different dermatological clinics stand as evidence of the advantages of this procedure. 

Some of its skeptics however such as Dr. Christopher B. Zachary well respected professor and dermatology chairman at the University Of California, Irvine School of Medicine, said that this treatment is as ineffective as snake oil 

However, it is important to note that proponents of Oxygen Dome Therapy do not claim that this is the answer to all skin problems. Like all treatments, this procedure must be coupled with a healthy lifestyle. 

Neglected skin will not be rescued by Oxygen Dome Therapy procedures. One must also do the work to help maintain their health. Otherwise, their unhealthy habits will just be canceling out all the benefits gained from the procedure. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Results 

Some of the results of Oxygen Dome Therapy can be seen below. These images can be seen at Concierge Med Spa 

How Often Must You Get Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment? 

It is recommended to get Oxygen Dome Therapy treatments twice a month. This is twice the amount of time that is recommended versus that of normal facial treatments. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy isn’t as exfoliating as normal facial treatments hence it needs to be done more often to reap its benefits. However, this is just a recommendation. What works for others might not necessarily be true for you. 

It is important to consult with a dermatologist to check how often you get this treatment. More severe skin problems might also merit more frequent Oxygen Dome Therapy treatments. 

What Are the Side Effects Of Oxygen Dome Therapy? Does It Hurt? 

Oxygen Dome Therapy is non-invasive and should not hurt. However, there may be some slight side effects that can be experienced such as face puffiness or mild facial swelling. These are normal as the skin is exposed to higher atmospheric pressures than normal. These should subside a few hours after the procedure. 

Allergic reactions may also be experienced due to the serums that are applied to the skin. Some face masks can also react with the skin. Skin Redness is also a common side effect especially if you have sensitive skin. 

All of these side effects should be mild and should go away a few hours after the procedure. Any persistent side effects merit immediate attention by a doctor. 

How Many Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatments Are Needed? 

Some people see immediate results after getting their Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment. However, people who are suffering from skin problems are often advised to come back every week for 6 six and then a monthly visit. 

It is best to reach out to your dermatologist to find out what is best for you. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Oxygen Dome Therapy? 

For those who do not have any severe skin problems, there is already a noticeable difference after the Oxygen Dome Therapy. However, for those suffering from adult acne and discoloration, results are often seen after 6 sessions. 

Remember that this should be partnered with good hygiene and clean living. Vices such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and eating processed foods have adverse effects on the body and will show on our skins. 

What Is the After-Care For Oxygen Dome Therapy? 

There is really no recovery period after Oxygen Dome Therapy. In fact, a lot of people apply makeup right after because the treatment primes their skin and makes it the best condition for applying makeup. 

If however, you experience some side effects such as redness, swelling, or allergic reactions to the serums used during the procedure, it is best to let this subside before adding any products to your skin. 

How Long Do Oxygen Dome Therapy Results Last? 

Oxygen Dome Therapy results last for as long as 14 days. The results can also be seen immediately for people who do not suffer from severe skin conditions. It is recommended for those who are attending events to get this treatment 1 to 3 days before as their skin will be perfectly primed for makeup. 

After 14 days, you will need a touch-up to keep your skin rejuvenated. However, this is just a general rule. There is no one size fits all rule when it comes to beauty. It is always better to ask the recommendation of your trusted dermatologist to find out what is the best for you. 

Oxygen Dome therapy is therefore not permanent and would need regular touchups. 

Can You Have Oxygen Dome Therapy After Botox? 

Oxygen Dome Therapy is not as exfoliating as other facials. It has less scrubbing and less massaging so one would think that it would be perfectly fine to get it right after a botox. 

However, it is better to wait 24 hours before getting an Oxygen Dome Treatment after a botox. You need to give your skin time to heal before subjecting it to another treatment. Always remember that Oxygen Dome Therapy uses pressure to infuse the skin with nutrients and oxygen. 

This pressure could cause adverse effects if one is still recovering from a Botox procedure. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Benefits 

The benefits of Oxygen Dome Therapy are the following: 

  1. Non-Invasive 
  2. Does not require lone recovery times 
  3. Rejuvenates skin 
  4. Eliminates acne-causing bacteria 
  5. Encourages cell regeneration 
  6. Removes free radicals from the body 
  7. Increases collagen production 
  8. Increases Blood Circulation 
  9. Keep skins supple  
  10. Helps even skin tone 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Disadvantages

Just like all facial treatments, there are some disadvantages when it comes to Oxygen Dome Therapy. Some of these include 

  1. More pricey than other treatments 
  2. Has potential side effects such as redness and allergic reactions to serums 
  3. No clinical study backs up its claims despite tangible results. 

How Long is an Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment? 

The length of an Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatment is not at all time-consuming. Some spas usually do the treatments in just 30 minutes. However, most spas usually allot an hour for the entire treatment. 

Some extra offerings are partners with Oxygen Dome Therapy Treatments. These tend to be pricier because of the extra service and can take as long as 75 minutes to complete. 

What Are The Other Names Of Oxygen Dome Therapy? 

Oxygen Dome Therapy comes by other names such as “Oxygen Facials” and “Oxy Domes”. It is important to take note that Oxygen Dome Therapy is different from HydraFacials which is a form of dermabrasion. 


Oxygen Dome Therapy Alternatives

Oxygen Dome Therapy might be fairly new but it does not mean that it can’t hold up against some of the alternative treatments. 

In the tables below I will be summarizing the differences between Oxygen Dome Therapy and the following procedures: 

  • RF Lifting 
  • Microdermabrasion 
  • Microcurrent 
  • Hydrodermabrasion 
  • LED 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Vs. RF Lifting 

RF lifting is also called Radio Frequency Skin Tightening or RF Therapy is a treatment that aims to tighten skin and increase the production of collagen. Unlike Oxygen Dome Therapy this procedure only makes use of RF frequencies and not oxygen. 

The table below further details the differences between the two: 

Oxygen Dome Therapy 

RF Lifting 

Makes use of concentrated oxygen and anions 

Makes use of RF Frequencies 

Makes use of Air 

Makes use of Heatwaves 

Can be done to solve skin problems such as acne 

Only serves to tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles. 

Can only be used in the face 

Can be used in any part of the body (oftentimes used for body contouring 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Vs. Microdermabrasion 

Microdermabrasion makes use of an applicator that has a rough or abrasive surface that is used to gently exfoliate or in some terms “sand” the surface of the skin. This technique then peels away the old layers of the skin. 

Once old layers of the skin are peeled, the body will naturally produce new skin cells that are healthier that would replace the previously exfoliated skin This procedure is different from Oxygen Dome Therapy as the latter does not make use of abrasive applicators but hyperbaric machines that infuse the skin with concentrated oxygen and anions. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy 


Is used to solve skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, and discolorations. 

Is used to solve skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, and discolorations.  

Make use of a mist applicator to apply a mixture of oxygen and serums to the face. 

Makes use of an applicator with an abrasive surface to sand away the surface of the skin 

Less exfoliating 

More exfoliating 

Have minimal side effects 

Can cause minor bruising and would need more prep time and aftercare. 

Good for any skin type 

Not recommended for sensitive skin 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Vs. Microcurrent  

Microcurrents is a facial treatment technique that makes use of low voltage current (electricity) to promote skin growth and rejuvenation for elastic and younger-looking skin. 

The low voltage that is used for this treatment is often described as your facial muscles going to the gym. It jogs the muscles to promote circulation that helps tighten the skin, therefore, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy 


Uses oxygen to infuse the skin with nutrients and anions 

Uses low voltage electricity to flow currents to the skin to increase cell growth 

Results in younger-looking skin  

Results in younger-looking skin

Less exfoliating 

Less exfoliating 

Does not have any health prerequisites to avail. 

Is not advisable for people who have heart conditions especially if they are wearing pacemakers. 

Safe for people who’ve had botox after 24 hours

Not safe for people who had botox until after two weeks 

Oxygen Dome Therapy Vs. Hydrodermabrasion 

Microdermabrasion makes use of an applicator with a crystal head that exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells to promote the healthy production of new skin cells. Because this procedure makes use of rough materials, this is not recommended for those with sensitive skins. 

The usual alternative to Microdermabrasion is Hydrodermabrasion. This facial technique  makes use of water rather than crystal heads to exfoliate skin making it more suitable for sensitive skin types. 

The process involves spraying the skin with jets of water at a supersonic speed that can remove dirt from pores and dead skin cells. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy 


Uses oxygen to infuse the skin with nutrients and anions 

Uses jets of water to exfoliate skin 

Results in younger-looking skin  

Results in younger-looking skin

Less exfoliating 

More exfoliating 

Good for all skin types 

Good for all skin types especially those with extra sensitive skin 

Safe for people who’ve had botox after 24 hours

Not safe for people who had botox until after two weeks 


Oxygen Dome Therapy Vs. LED  

Just like Oxygen Dome Therapy, LED facial is a technique that is used to promote skin growth through the rapid turnover of cells. Instead of air, however, LED facials to make use of light in the procedure. 

The face is exposed to lights and different wavelengths of light are absorbed by the different layers of the skin. The range of wavelengths that is involved in the procedure is blue light, red light, and near-infrared light. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy 

LED Facial 

Uses oxygen to infuse the skin with nutrients and anions 

Uses LED lights to penetrate different skin layers to promote cell growth 

Results in younger-looking skin  

Results in younger-looking skin

Less exfoliating 

Less exfoliating 

Good for all skin types 

Good for all skin types but is not recommended for those using Accutane

Safe for people who’ve had botox after 24 hours

Not safe for people who had botox until after two weeks 

Can see results after 6 sessions 

Must complete 10 weeks to see results. 


Benefits of Oxygen Dome Therapy For Your Spa Business

Oxygen Dome Therapy is a good offering that will surely increase customer loyalty and satisfaction to your spa business. Not only is it an innovative solution that is good for all skin types, a lot of celebrities also stand by the merits of this procedure. 

Oxygen Dome Therapy also results in milder side effects than other facial treatments. Other facial treatments such as microdermabrasion can be too harsh on sensitive skin while LED facials can also cause burns. 

With Oxygen Dome Therapy the risks that come with having sensitive skin are minimized. It is a relaxing way to practice good self-care 

Treatments You Can Perform With A Oxygen Dome Therapy Machine

Owning an Oxygen Dome Machine is also a good investment as you use it to offer a variety of services for your spa.

  • You can bundle it with a body massage (oxygen facial + body massage) 
  • You can offer it as a couple’s bonding activity (couple facial) 
  • You can offer it a mother-daughter activity for mother’s day 

Instagram Hashtags For Oxygen Dome Procedures

Social Media is a great avenue to promote your spa offerings. All you need really is a dash of creativity. Here are some great hashtags you can use to promote your Oxygen Dome Procedures 

  • #Underthedome
  • #O2forSkin
  • #LoveOxygen
  • #StayHydratedWithOxygen
  • #OxygenDomeLove 
  • #GlassSkinWithOxygen
  • #OxygenClearSkin
  • #GoodbyeDullSkinWithOxygen
  • #StayFreshWithOxygen
  • #OxygenGotYourBack 

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