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P.R. Shape Technique

P.R. Shape Technique

Brand: Silhouet-Tone


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  • The award winning body contouring device, P. R. Cell 2G, is now combined with the efficacy of the U. Shape. Vacuum massage, motorized rolling massage, and ultrasound technology unite to provide effective and fast results for body shaping, circumferential losses, and cellulite reduction. Our unique protocol provides a powerful treatment for those suffering from stubborn fat pockets and the "orange-peel" effect of cellulite. With multiple technologies at your fingertips, impressive results are now possible.

    The PR SHAPE TECHNIQUE is ideal for women who:

    • Live a healthy lifestyle but still struggle with resilient stored fat
    • Are predisposed to cellulite and have not achieved significant results with cosmetic products
    • Have a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) but persistently suffer from cellulite dimples
    • Would like risk-free and painless results without undergoing surgery.
    • Experienced major hormonal fluctuations, resulting in dramatic figure change. 

    The P. R. Shape Technique is customizable for all body types and can treat a range of concerns such as cellulite, dimples, love handles, saddlebags, and excessive weight in the abdomen.

    STEP 1 — P.R. CELL 2G / Drain and Detoxify the Skin

    The PR SHAPE TECHNIQUE begins with motorized rollers that are used to perform a deep suction massage known as "Palper-Rouler", a renowned European technique which consists of a vigorous palpating and rolling massage. By drawing the skin up and gently rolling it out, lymphatic blockage is released and the connective tissue that causes the appearance of cellulite is significantly reduce.


    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite - orange peel and dimpling
    • Releases lymphatic blockage
    • Stimulates blood flow
    • Detoxifies, decongests and oxygenates the skin - resulting it smooth and toned skin


    • Ergonomic multidirectional treatment head that allows easy and precise moves
    • 3 treatment heads to accommodate specific body parts and problems
    • A variety of relaxing and energizing massages
    • Electronic rhythm control

    STEP 2 - U SHAPE / Break and Liquefy Fat Cells

    To enhance the outcome of the procedure, the U SHAPE will produce ultrasound cavitation that will work on the body's fat cells by converting them into a liquid form. In this form, they will be naturally drained by the body's own filtration system, all in a non-invasive way.


    • Breaks fat cells
    • Releases diet and exercise resistant fat pockets
    • Works the deeper layers of the skin and promotes connective tissues tightening
    • Defines the silhouette with circumferential losses


    • Large soft-touch display buttons - quick and easy set-up
    • Pre-programmed to reach different layers of the skin
    • Adjustable intensities for maximum comfort
    • Customizable treatments
    • Detachable handpiece and cable conceive to change the treatment head quickly and easily 

    Accessories of P.R. Shape Technique:

    • R. Cell 2G
    • Pneumatic Treatment Head (large)
    • Pneumatic Treatment Head (small)
    • Face Accessory
    • Shape
    • Patented Contoured Hand Pieces
    • 5 cm² Applicator 3 MHz
    • 1 cm² Applicator 3 MHz

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    P.R. Shape Technique P.R. Shape Technique
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