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Pressotherapy has revolutionized today’s market as it becomes a popular aesthetic procedure and medical treatment among beauty and physiotherapy centers. The following article discusses the various types and significant benefits of pressotherapy equipment.

What Is Pressotherapy Equipment?

Pressotherapy equipment functions as a compression system that delivers air at varying pressure. It functions similarly to lymphatic drainage massage, but unlike massage, pressotherapy is provided by a machine that consistently delivers the precise amount of pressure.

What Benefits Your Clients Can Get From Pressotherapy Machines?

Generally, a pressotherapy machine stimulates the lymphatic system of the body. However, it also has other potential benefits, such as:

  • Eliminates toxins;
  • Relaxes the muscles;
  • Reduces blood pressure;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Redefines arms, legs, and stomach;
  • Removes edemas and lymphedema; and
  • Firms the skin and combats cellulite.

Types of Pressotherapy Systems

In general, there are numerous varieties of pressotherapy, depending on the technique and instrument used. Below are some types of pressotherapy systems:

Pneumatic Compression- uses a mechanical drainage method through compression and decompression phases to stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation.

Bandage pressure therapy- utilizes non-elastic or elastic bandages with severe compression or multilayer bandages. This typically have a beneficial effect on the deep venous system.

Compressive sleeves- treats lymphedema and bursitis cases through tight-fitting clothes worn on the upper extremities.

Elastocompression boots- serves the lower extremity lymphedema. There are two distinct forms of boots: sequential and non-sequential. The sequential boots apply varying degrees of pressure. Meanwhile, the non-sequential boots apply a constant force. 

How Do Pressotherapy Machines Work?

The machine subjects the body to pressure waves. With this, air pressure is applied in a controlled manner based on the patient's weight and the area of the body being treated. The sensation of a massage combined with relaxation and compression effects is sufficient to stimulate the lymphatic system with this technique. Mostly, pressotherapy treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes and the number of sessions will depend on the desired outcome and patient's medical condition.


Pressotherapy Treatment

The pressotherapy treatment is gaining popularity as it produces rapid benefits and a noticeable sensation of relief. Additionally, it is a relatively inexpensive process, making it accessible to the majority of individuals. Outlined below is some important information about pressotherapy treatment.

What Is Pressotherapy Treatment?

Simply speaking, pressotherapy has comparable movements to a massage. It is a treatment that involves applying compressions to the body. This is accomplished by inflating accessories wrapped around the body portion that needs to be treated.

Who Needs Pressotherapy Treatment?

Anyone can have pressotherapy treatment even if you do not have a medical or cosmetic concern. However, it can be highly beneficial for individuals who suffer from varicose veins, circulatory or digestive problems, cellulite, obesity, or rheumatism.

Does Pressotherapy Really Work?

Scientifically, pressotherapy has been demonstrated to enhance natural figures and overall body profile. It was proven to aid in eliminating unattractive cellulite, reducing fat, and reshaping of legs, stomach, and arms.

Pressotherapy Results

The most common medical results of pressotherapy include tightened natural human fluids, improved extracellular fluid clearance, and increased oxygen flow in the human body. Along with these are the aesthetic effects like improved skin and redefined body parts.

How Often to Get Pressotherapy Treatment?

It is recommended that you receive a series of treatments depending on your needs and each treatment should be done weekly to attain the best outcome.

What Are The Side Effects Of Pressotherapy? Does it hurt?

While pressotherapy is generally regarded safe, it is important to be aware of the common side effects, which include muscle soreness if the machine's pressure is set too high and slight irritation where the pressure meets the skin.

How Many Pressotherapy Treatments are Needed?

It is critical to assess your individual condition in order to identify how frequently you should undergo pressotherapy. Each person's body is unique, and the number of treatments you should have is determined by a variety of factors. However, the typical number of treatments is between six and ten.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy requires multiple sessions to be effective. However, after one session, you will notice a noticeable improvement in your physical fitness, particularly in terms of tissue elasticity and flexibility.

What Is The After-Care For Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is an extremely soothing procedure. After the treatment, you should feel exceedingly light and relaxed immediately following the therapy. Additionally, you may notice an increased urge to urinate as a result of the water mobilization.

How Long Do Pressotherapy Results Last?

Depending on your lifestyle, you can expect the effects of a course of treatment to persist for a long period. For best results, pressotherapy should be coupled with proper diet and exercise. The treatment can also be repeated based on the needs and as often as required. 


Pressotherapy Benefits

There is a wide variety of benefits you can get from pressotherapy from beauty to medical.

  • Contours the legs and decrease cellulite;
  • Improves circulation and venous difficulties;
  • Treats non-infected inflammatory conditions;
  • Reduces bloating and edema;
  • Increases skin oxygenation;
  • Improves skin tone and firmness;
  • Helps in post-surgery treatment;
  • Eliminates toxins and waste; and
  • Aids in the increase of immunity.

Pressotherapy Recovery Time

As pressotherapy is regarded safe, there is no downtime after the surgery, and you can resume your normal routine right away. This treatment does not use any anesthesia and it is not considered a surgery. It only uses air pressure to the parts of the body.

Pressotherapy Pros And Cons

After the treatment, you do feel lighter and more energized. The treatment has proven beauty and medical benefits. However, to receive full advantage of the treatment, at least six sessions are required. In the long run, a balanced and consistent healthy diet and exercise programs are the most effective ways to avoid bloating and water retention.

Pressotherapy Treatment Before & After

If you are experiencing muscle tension, stress, edema, or bloating, these may be reduced after a pressotherapy treatment. The after-effects of the treatment include reduced muscle tension, alleviated stress, and increased blood flow.

Pressotherapy Cost in the US

The cost of pressotherapy varies according to the states and duration of your appointment. Generally, a thirty to forty-five minutes session costs between $50 and $150.

How Long Is Pressotherapy Treatment?

The usual treatment lasts for about thirty to forty-five minutes and the number of sessions varies from each person’s needs. In this regard, pressotherapy machines are provided with customized programs that are tailored to the individual patient's demands and morphology.

What To Expect After Pressotherapy Treatment?

After the treatment, you may feel your body become lighter. However, there are some who experienced fatigue. In this case, you might want to take a rest and allow your body to gradually return to normal. You may also feel thirsty and may experience a frequent urge to urinate.

Are Pressotherapy Results Permanent?

The pressotherapy results can be permanently maintained with the addition of 3D cavitation and RET radiofrequency treatments, or 3D Laser Lipo.

What Are The Other Names Of Pressotherapy?

Lymphatic drainage is the other name of pressotherapy. It provides a mild massage that promotes the lymphatic system's natural circulation. Lymphatic drainage is also the most effective approach to eliminate toxins from the body.


Pressotherapy Alternatives

Pressotherapy is a breakthrough treatment method. An indispensable tool for improving lymphatic drainage, detoxification, swelling fatigued legs, and skin suppleness. Outlined below are some alternatives to pressotherapy treatment in case you need some.

Pressotherapy vs. Cavitation

During the pressotherapy treatment, a body part is covered in chambers, where the air is delivered in varying pressure, to stimulate the movement of lymph. Meanwhile, during cavitation, a licensed expert uses an ultrasonic instrument to treat problem regions and breaks fat cells, allowing their contents to drain. Most places where excess fat is deposited, such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and upper arms, are typical treatment locations.

Pressotherapy vs. Vacuum Therapy

Pressotherapy uses pressure variations to move the lymphatic system, promoting drainage and decreasing water retention. These effects are also related to an increase in blood circulation and a decrease in weariness as a result of toxins being eliminated. If pressotherapy makes use of pressure variations, vacuum therapy is a technique that utilizes a vacuum to boost blood flow to various regions of the body. It is administered by a machine that is customized to the individual's body part, creating a different negative pressure than that found on Earth, enhancing blood flow in the lower region of the body.

Pressotherapy vs. Lipolaser

Unlike pressotherapy which stimulates proper lymphatic drainage to aid the body's natural detoxification process, lipolaser includes liquification of the contents of fat cells, temporarily porous their membranes to promote total fat evacuation. It is a revolutionary new cold laser therapy that significantly lowers fat deposits while also addressing skin imperfections. It is non-invasive and absolutely painless.

Pressotherapy vs. Cryo Slimming

While pressotherapy uses air pressure to deliver results, cryo slimming melts or freezes fat cells, instantly destroying them. It combines heat and cold to reduce fat in a targeted location. 

Performing Pressotherapy Treatment

The pressotherapy treatment is a computer-controlled compression device that utilizes pumps to inflate the suit's individual chambers with air that is strategically placed around the body. With this, it is necessary to know how the basic information about how the treatment is done.

Who Can Perform Pressotherapy Treatment

You should only receive pressotherapy treatment from qualified individuals like licensed estheticians who have a thorough understanding of the treatment's principles, as well as significant practical training. This is to guarantee that people doing the treatment are completely competent to do it safely and successfully.

How To Use An Pressotherapy Machine?

Typically, pressotherapy is conducted in spas or wellness centers. While pressotherapy is comparable to lymphatic drainage massage, unlike massage, pressotherapy is provided by a machine that consistently delivers the precise amount of pressure. This is the standard procedure on how to use the machine:

  • A garment is worn around the legs, stomach, or arms, or all three, and has tubes connected to a computerized air pressure system.
  • You will feel like something is squeezing you. This is because the garment is filled with air pressure that compresses and decompresses.
  • Your body may feel light afterward, and some individuals report that they feel compelled to urinate immediately, which could be related to the flow of water in the body.

How To Perform Pressotherapy?

It is accomplished with the assistance of a machine that resembles a bodysuit and applies controlled pressure to your body. The bodysuit rhythmically inflates and deflates, massaging the lymph nodes.

Pressotherapy Treatment Protocol

Adults of all ages are generally regarded safe when undergoing pressotherapy. However, if you are pregnant, have just had surgery, or have any other health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, or fever, you should always consult a physician before receiving pressotherapy. If you have recently broken a bone, osteoporosis, or other bone issues, you should also consult a physician to ensure safety. 

Pressotherapy Treatment Steps

Pressotherapy is a procedure that involves the application of air pressure using a specific suit that inflates around the appropriate locations, most frequently the arms and legs. The process involves compression and decompression which promotes lymphatic drainage. Additionally, it increases circulation, which aids in detoxifying and cellulite removal.

How Long To Wait Between Pressotherapy Treatments?

As suggested by licensed medical and aesthetic professionals, this treatment should be performed 1 to 2 times per week, about 30 to 45 minutes each treatment session.

Pressotherapy Treatment Areas

The most common treatment areas of pressotherapy are those prone to water retention, such as the abdomen, buttocks, legs, and upper arms. The treatment can potentially makes these areas slimmed and defined. 

Pressotherapy Treatment For Lymphatic Dysfunction and Problems

The main feature of pressotherapy treatments is the increase of lymphatic circulation. This treatment helps in waste elimination and fight against toxin accumulation through drainage.

Pressotherapy Treatment For Obesity

Pressotherapy treatment serves as a fat-dissolving method. It uses different pressure of air to dissolve the fat cells in the tissue. Regular inflation, deflation, and variation in air pressure can all help to speed up fat burning. It also helps in the promotion of metabolism and blood circulation.

Pressotherapy Treatment For Cellulitis

When it comes to cellulite, pressotherapy is one of the most commonly used treatments. Cellulite typically appears on the abdomen, knees, buttocks, hips, thighs, and upper part of the body. This treatment is proven to reduce the effects of cellulite.

Pressotherapy Treatment For Swelling

When there is an issue with the lymphatic system, the excess fluid accumulates in our body causing swelling. Pressotherapy treatment eliminates the excess fluid while increasing the blood flow and restoring and oxygenating the tissues.

Pressotherapy Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis typically causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. The treatment can help create and maintain proper lymphatic drainage which is crucial for minimizing the severity of rheumatoid arthritis joint problems.

Pressotherapy Machine Maintenance

All maintenance tasks should be done exclusively by skilled and authorized staff.

  • Cleaning the system-Before cleaning the pressure machine, make sure that the electrical cord is unplugged. Wipe the pressure machine with a moist cloth.
  • Cleaning the clothes- The garments are made of water-resistant fabric. They should not be cleaned in the same way as regular clothing and should not be washed in a washing machine. Wipe it gently enough. Avoid wringing, ironing, tumbling, or forcing heat to dry.
  • Storage-Keep the pressure machine and garments away from direct sunlight. Avoid folding the sleeves of the garments during storage.

Pressotherapy Consumables/Expenses

The typical cost of pressotherapy treatment sessions varies considerably. Determined by a variety of criteria (length, severity of the problem you wish to address through therapy, and other services). The cost of pressotherapy might easily range between 55 and 115 dollars for a half-hour session. Another consideration is the location and duration of your appointment.

Pressotherapy Training

Training on the essentials of pressotherapy is important. Most of the training course contents include fundamental knowledge about the treatment, followed by intensive practical instruction to ensure that all of our graduates are completely qualified to administer treatments safely and successfully.

Pressotherapy Consent Form

I hereby authorize _______ to administer Pressotherapy Treatment as it has been explained and described to me as follows:

Compression treatment is a technique for increasing overall circulation and toning the circulatory system in order to aid cleansing and evacuation, fluid clearing, slimming and firming, toning and oxygenation. A computer-controlled pump inflates the garment's individual segments, which are then wrapped around the limbs. The pump inflates each chamber of the garment independently.

I am aware that I should abstain from Pressotherapy if I have any of the following contraindications: asthma, cardiac heart failure, blood clots, first trimester of pregnancy, infection, open wound, history of miscarriage, severe eczema, or deep vein thrombosis. The treatment should be withheld if the client is on medicine for heart disease, asthma, hemophilia, or hypertension, or if the client is on steroid medication.

My name and signature are appended here to signify that I have read and comprehended this agreement and agree to be bound by it.

Benefits Of Pressotherapy Machine For Your Spa Business

Given the popularity of pressotherapy treatment, obtaining a machine for your spa business might be one the best decisions you can make. As people become more health conscious while wanting to maintain their physical aspect, pressotherapy machine serves both. 

Treatments You Can Perform With Pressotherapy Machine

Pressotherapy machine performs a wide variety of functions. It does its task by utilizing air pressure techniques. It is a highly reliable, compact machine that uses a variety of pumping patterns to massage the skin. The treatments you can perform with a pressotherapy machine are:

  • Cellulite treatment;
  • Liposuction alternative;
  • Loss of weight;
  • Detoxification;
  • Shaping;
  • Redefining the body's profile;
  • Alleviating pain and swelling; and
  • Enhancing skin tone.

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Combine Pressotherapy with Other Technologies

With the help of other technologies like lipoaser, cryo slimming, and vacuum therapy, the possible benefits of pressotherapy can be optimized creating the best possible results.

Pressotherapy With Ultrasonic Cavitation

Combining radio frequency and ultrasound technology, this multiplatform solution is indicated for body contouring and rejuvenation.

After the initial treatment, the majority of clients see a considerable drop in their measures; some have lost up to 5 inches, but the average is a 2 inch loss. To maximize the efficiency of your treatment, it is recommended that you consume no more than one cup of coffee per day for the following 72 hours, maintain a low sugar intake, abstain from alcohol, and engage in at least 30 minutes of cardio activity.

Pressotherapy With Lipo Laser

Following a laser lipo treatment, we apply pressotherapy to increase blood circulation and metabolism. Often, the machine has additional therapeutic features such as infrared heat and an electrical system that aids in the elimination of superfluous fatty cells. Within a week of treatment, the average Laser Lipo patient will notice noticeable benefits. After three to six months, these will continue to improve. As is the case with many other fat removal procedures, the results are permanent as long as you maintain an active lifestyle.


Pressotherapy machines aid in lymphatic drainage, which may result in the appearance of thinner or more defined arms, legs, or belly. Additionally, the motion may alleviate aches and pains and help the body detoxify from a buildup of contaminants. While pressotherapy devices are generally considered safe, if you have pre-existing health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or even a fever, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor prior to performing this action. delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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