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RadioFrequency Gels


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Zemits MediAbsolute Multi-Purpose Conductive Gel, 12 fl oz | Advance-Esthetic
Zemits MediAbsolute Multi-Purpose Conductive Gel, 12 fl oz 125121 Conductive Gels
$ 35.00
$ 29.00

Radiofrequency Gels

Radiofrequency (RF) gel is a type of gel that is used in radiofrequency (RF) treatments, a type of medical treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to heat the skin and stimulate collagen production. RF treatments are often used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, and cellulite, and they can also be used to tighten and lift the skin.

RF gel is applied to the skin before the treatment. It helps to create a good electrical contact between the skin and the RF device, which is necessary for effective transmission of the RF energy. Without the gel, the RF energy may be absorbed or scattered by the skin, leading to reduced effectiveness of the treatment.

RF gel is typically water-based and non-greasy. It is easy to clean off the skin and is available in various sizes. It is important to use a high-quality RF gel to ensure the best possible results in RF treatments.

Just like the name implies, the radio frequency gel is used with devices that produce and emit radiofrequency when it is being used for treatment.

It helps ensure optimal conductivity of radiofrequency into the skin. It’s usually lightweight but with enough viscosity to assist in maneuvering the device.

The conductive gel used for treatments involving rf machines helps ensure proper connection between the electrodes of the device, the head of the device, and the skin surface being treated.

The ideal radiofrequency gel helps increase skin permeability, increases the absorption of active ingredients, soothe the skin and protect against burn, smoothens and moisturizes the skin. It could be a clear gel or a transparent but slightly yellow gel that is water-soluble, hypoallergic, biologically pure and with proper viscosity for easy glide.

Radiofrequency conductive gels are commonly used in procedures such as electrophoresis, electrolysis, thermolysis and blend, as well as electrostimulation for lifting and tightening the skin. Depending on the treatment being offered, active ingredients that are needed specifically for that particular procedure should be present in the gel to help enhance the results.