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RF Body Machines

RF machines for the body provide a modern and effective procedure. A great alternative to dramatic liposuction.

Advance Esthetic offers the best RF body machine for the sale of well-known and reliable brands.


What is Radiofrequency (RF)?


Radiofrequency is a non-ionizing electromagnetic emission from vibration diapason, having a high penetration level into biological tissues. The quickly vibrating electromagnetic fields affect the skin and cause the movement of polarized particles inside the tissues. This leads to heat generation proportional to the electrical resistance of the tissues. The increasing heat in the targeted zone stimulates collagen production, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation manifestation.


Types of Radiofrequency


There are different types of RF energy, such as monopolar and multipolar, divided into bipolar, tripolar, six-polar RF energy, etc. The difference between them is based on the number of active electrodes in their operational handpieces.

The first invention was monopolar RF, known to have high capacity and impact depth. Monopolar energy is famous for being effective in cellulite treatment. Monopolar rf machines have active and passive electrodes, and electromagnetic emission goes through the comparatively large area between active and passive electrodes. As for the monopolar RF machine, it makes its impact on active and passive electrodes. Usually, the passive electrode is situated near a zone where the procedure is performed.

In the case of, for example, the tripolar rf machine, the second electrode is incorporated into a handpiece. There is no need to put the second electrode near the treated zone. As a result, RF energy will influence the targeted zone.


How Does the Procedure Go?


The whole procedure is very relaxing for a client. It is painless. A client may feel a little heat in a treated area. As the problem zone designates, an esthetician puts gel on the skin and puts a handpiece moving it through the whole treated area. The RF heat immediately shortens existing collagen fibers, thereby creating an immediate skin tightening and lifting effect. The RF heat stimulates fibroblasts to start new production of collagen and elastin fibers, thus triggering a separate skin tightening effect. The damaged fat cells from the heat will be released into the bloodstream where it exits the body through the lymphatic drainage. 



How Does RF Machine Work?


RF beauty machines are designed to reach the dermis (the deepest underlying layer of the skin) without penetrating or damaging the skin surface. The RF treatment is designed for remodeling and sculpting the skin from within. RF waves quickly heat the tissue, and tissue reacts with contraction and a boost in collagen and elastin production.

High-quality skin tightening machines effectively remodel the skin from the inside. RF waves penetrate the top layer of the skin and reach the dermis, the deep underlying layer. Radiofrequency quickly heats the tissue, slightly damaging it. The body reacts to the injury in a very natural way - it starts to heal with a boost of protein production immediately. Collagen and elastin proteins are the main ingredients for young, healthy, tight elastic skin.

In summary, RF skin tightening face-lifting machines cause the new growth of elastin and collagen using the electric current and engaging deep layers of the skin.

Who needs an RF body treatment?


RF body treatment is an excellent treatment for many. For someone looking to treat skin that has lost elasticity and overall tightening, RF is an excellent treatment option to avoid non-invasive surgeries.



Does RF treatment work?


RF therapy has been around for about 20 years now, and the research had shown that RF is safe and, when performed correctly, treats signs of aging. 



What are the results after RF body treatment?


  • Tighter and toned skin
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Less visible cellulite
  • Less sagginess
  • More elasticity in the skin
  • Improved fine lines and wrinkles


How often to get the treatment? 


Recommended frequency of RF Therapy is 5-15 sessions at one session per every

5-15 days.



What are the side effects of RF treatment? 


Although most patients report no side effects, the most common is a slight redness that disappears within an hour of the treatment. Makeup can be immediately applied after RF treatment. 



How many treatments are needed to see the results?


This question is individual and depends on the type of problem, treated area, and other conditions. In general, from 4 to 6 sessions are recommended. However, a client may require more sessions to achieve the best results. The complete treatment may take from 7 to 10 days.

What is the after-care for RF treatment?


Many water consumption is recommended after RF body treatments and a more gentle approach to skin washing or product applications. 

How long do the results last?


When performing a session of treatments, one week in between sessions is needed. Depending on your client’s skin type and age, we recommend 3-12 sessions in a treatment package. The desired goals will depend on how often and many treatments were performed, but the results usually last up to 6 months. When you continuously keep up the sessions, your results will be longer-lasting but not permanent. 

Is RF good for skin tightening?


Radiofrequency is one of the most celebrated skin tightening technologies today.

Can you do Botox after the treatment?

We recommend waiting for 1-2 weeks in between treatments.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Treatment Benefits


Long-lasting results that last up to a few years. By engaging the natural healing functions and boosting protein production, the body will produce new collagen and elastin fibers to keep the lifting effect going for years.

Protein and Hyaluronic Acid boost. With age, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production diminish, and skin starts not noticeably sag. The best radiofrequency skin tightening machine can easily renew protein and acid production.

Non-invasive treatment. Beauty industry generation of intelligent RF skin tightening machines requires no time for recovery, so you can easily book your clients before work or on their lunch breaks. There is no skin damage, injury, or skin perforation.

Instantly tight, lifted skin. Your customers will be able to see and feel the results immediately. The before and after photos of a single RF treatment are awe-inspiring. You will offer instant skin tightening, and the results will significantly and noticeably improve with every treatment.

Safe and relaxing treatment. By purchasing RF skin care machines and you will be investing in a pleasant, soothing treat for your customers. People that have undergone the therapy have compared it to a hot stone massage. The treatment is entirely pain-free. Though some side effects are listed, such as redness and slight swelling, they are insignificant and infrequent.


What is the RF body treatment recovery time? 

Some redness can occur and sometimes bruising, but this will go down within 2-7 days after the treatment.


Radiofrequency body treatment pros and cons


  • It’s not time-consuming
  • No pain during the treatment
  • Effective body treatment
  • It works for most people
  • Many love this treatment


  • Expensive treatment
  • It can’t be performed on someone with rosacea
  • It cannot be performed on someone pregnant (+ breastfeeding)
  • Not a quick-fix treatment
  • When performed incorrectly, profound side effect can occur


RF body treatment cost

The treatment program can cost from $1000-$6000 depending on how many treatments are performed.

How long is the treatment?

The RF body treatment should last about 20-50 minutes, depending on the condition treated and treated area size.


What to expect after the treatment

Most people will be able to notice treatment results right after the treatment - tighter skin, etc. Some people will see the results within a few days. 


Are the RF body treatment results permanent? 

The results are not permanent but will be longer-lasting when performed continuously.

What are the other names for RF body treatment?

Radiofrequency body toning, Radiofrequency skin tightening, RF skin tightening, and others!

Radiofrequency body tightening vs. Microcurrent

RF is measured in frequency energy (or wavelengths per second) classified as ‘electromagnetic spectrum.’ Microcurrent therapy uses a low level of electrical current which mimics the body’s natural current. While RF produces heat on more profound levels of the skin, Microcurrent works with the muscles and educates them to perform better and tighten up. The heat from the radiofrequency helps produce more collagen and elastin. The current from the Microcurrent helps to tighten the existing muscles, just like a workout. With Microcurrent, you can see the results after just one treatment, but for RF, it takes a few sessions before seeing the desired goals. There are also a few side effects with RF facials, such as redness or swelling, but there are no side effects for Microcurrent. Both treatments need to be continuously performed to keep the desired results.


Radiofrequency body tightening vs. Cryo Toning

When it comes to body toning treatments, there are so many options out there. Find out what your clients are most comfortable with and make the decision based on their needs. Cryo slimming helps tone the skin with its cold temperatures. With RF technology, the skin is exposed to heat, so we talk about the exact opposite technologies. When applying the treated area cold or hot temperatures, the deeper layers of the skin start producing more collagen, which affects the top layer of the skin. The skin gets tighter and wrinkle-free over time. Both treatments are excellent when it comes to skin toning. 

Radiofrequency body tightening vs. Vacuum therapy

Vacuum therapy targets specific fat cells while Radio Frequency (RF) heats the skin and melts the fat essentially. The damaged fat cell will release the liquids to the bloodstream, where the liver will filter them out. Vacuum therapy uses vacuum suction to improve lymphatic drainage and break up the fatty cells. 

Radiofrequency body tightening vs. Cavitation

RF and Cavitation treatments are often combined for someone who is looking to sculpt the body and lose inches. Ultrasonic Cavitation uses sound waves, but RF uses radiofrequency waves to treat the skin. Both work with deeper skin levels. 

Who can perform RF treatment? 

RF treatment can not be performed by everyone and in every state. Please check with your state board if you qualify and get certified. 

Radiofrequency Body treatment protocol

Duration of RF Therapy should be about 20-50 minutes, depending on the size

and condition of the treated zone

Recommended frequency of RF Therapy is 5-15 sessions at one session per every

5-15 days


1.Prepare the client for the session:

  • Take off all jewelry
  • Remove makeup and clean the skin
  • Perform dermabrasion or ultrasonic skin peeling for a deep cleanse

2.Apply conductive gel on the cleansed skin

3.Always start at a low RF intensity to prevent burns and adjust intensity increasingly during treatment, if needed.

4.Slowly move the handpiece on the skin using conductive gel.

Note: during treatment, all electrodes on the handpiece must contact the skin tightly and all at once.

Otherwise, burning on the skin may occur.

The higher the intensity, the faster the handpiece must be moved.

During the treatment, all the electrodes need to stay in contact with the skin.

5.Ask your client to inform you if he or she feels any muscular discomfort. If yes, immediately stop treatment.

6.Normally, patients experience a comfortable deep warm sensation throughout the treatment.

How long to wait between treatments

We recommend waiting one week for your subsequent treatment, but best to consult with the provider.

RF treatment areas

  • Stomach
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs


RF Slimming treatment consumables

For the treatment, all you need is conductive gel. In A-Esthetic, we have our skincare line where you can choose the right product for your clients.

Body RF machine maintenance

  1. Turn the machine off, unplug the power cord
  2. After each treatment, cleanse the handpieces from the rest of the remainings of gel 
  1. Clean it with wet tissue
  2. Dry it thoroughly
  3. Spray the handpieces with an alcohol solution, thoroughly cleanse them.
  4. Place the handpieces in their space at the holder.
  5. Cleanse the screen from gel and dust with alcohol wipes.


RF training

Zemits certified educators have 30+ years of experience.

We genuinely believe in the power of knowledge and study. That is why we offer a personalized online training through a video call or in person. 

We aim to help you understand your new equipment and succeed in performing new treatments. 

We believe that sharing our deep professional knowledge of the equipment and treatment method is our goal to increase your business and be completely confident in your equipment and the results of the treatments. 

According to our customers' testimonials, detailed professional training and excellent customer service were key factors in the successful growth to the next level for their beauty business. 

If you are unsure about your purchase or have questions, we suggest you schedule a demo with us to get more insight into our equipment. You can book your free demo here:


Radiofrequency consent form

Here you can find our consent form for providing RF treatments: 


Target Audience

RF body toning is a great option for someone who has lost skin elasticity and has signs of aging. For someone who is not ready for surgical treatments, RF body toning is a great option.

Combining RF with other treatments


RF vs. Liposuction

The advantages of RF treatment comparing to dramatic liposuction are apparent. It is modern needle-free, downtime-free, and painless technology that give positive results. Plus, it provides a long-lasting effect provided that clients follow balanced nutrition and physical exercises.


RF vs. Hydrodermabrasion

Hydrodermabrasion and RF are completely different treatment types. One is for cleansing the skin deeply, and the other is for toning the skin. Hydrodermabrasion and RF are an excellent combination for beautiful glowing and younger-looking skin, however. First, you will cleanse the skin, get rid of the dead cells with the hydro step, and then perform RF on the clean skin. When using our Zemits hydro system, you can end the treatment step with oxygen infusion after applying RF heat to the skin. Your clients will love the results.


Indications and Contraindications

RF treatment can be offered for individuals who want to eliminate the local fat deposits, eliminate the appearance of cellulite, body sculpting, improve the skin tone. RF treatment is also recommended before and after liposuction.   

As with any cosmetic procedure, RF treatment has some contraindications. RF is not recommended for individuals with tumors, inflammations, pacemakers, diabetes. It is also not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Our Service

There is much more to explore with our line of fantastic RF machines. Buying intelligent RF skin lifting machines will be highly beneficial for your business. Your perfect RF facial machine is always available in our showroom for you to check out. You are also welcome to contact us any time – we will gladly offer free training and consultations on all the equipment we have for sale.


Here at AE, we are proud to be working with the best companies in the field. Our partners offer quality and safety through years of research and development.

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions or if you need help with choosing a mono- or multifunctional RF treatment machine for your business.

In this category, you can find RF facial machines. To recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for RF facial machines, you have come to the right place.

Our goal is to offer high-quality products, the most extensive range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell.


Please call us now if you need any assistance selecting your equipment.




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