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Zemits FrioLift

CRYO RF Contrast Skin Rejuvenation System

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Achieving Remarkable Results Post-Treatment

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Revolutionize Your Spa:
Game-Changing Zemits FrioLift 

Introducing the Zemits FrioLift, a revolutionary Cooling RF Contrast skin rejuvenation device, meticulously engineered to elevate your spa experience. This state-of-the-art equipment synergizes the power of Cooling therapy and RF technology, delivering optimal results for clients seeking for tighter skin and more contoured facial features.

The FrioLift's cutting-edge design allows for precise temperature control and unparalleled safety, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty.

Invest in the Zemits FrioLift and set your spa apart with this innovative, non-invasive solution that promises visible, long-lasting results. Witness a significant boost in client retention and revenue as you redefine the esthetic industry standard. 

Zemits FrioLift Technology: Revolutionizing Aesthetics

Zemits FrioLift Technology is a ground-breaking innovation in the beauty industry, developed in collaboration with leading experts. It surpasses any existing technology in terms of absolute safety and efficacy.

This cutting-edge technology accomplishes two primary objectives of modern aesthetics:

  • Facial skin tightening without volume loss.
  • Double chin slimming with simultaneous skin rejuvenation.

These distinct yet crucial goals are achieved using a single intelligent device, guided by specific treatment protocols.

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Pairing Non-Invasive Methods

FrioLift technology unites two non-invasive methods - RF and Cooling treatment. The contrasting temperature variations create a unique experience for the skin, promoting relaxation and a sense of revitalization.

This innovative technology empowers aestheticians to tailor treatments to individual client needs while maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable experience. It offers the following options:

  • Skin rejuvenation, focusing on providing a refreshed appearance.
  • Double chin slimming and a revitalized, sculpted look.

FrioLift technology elevates the aesthetic experience for both practitioners and clients, ensuring optimal results while prioritizing safety and comfort.

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Discover Zemits FrioLift in Action: View the Video

Holistic Approach for Jawline and Double Chin Contouring

By adhering to Zemits Protocols, practitioners can customize treatments to target specific areas of concern, while promoting a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for clients.

Cooling Therapy can be adjusted to focus on maintaining facial volume while enhancing the skin's appearance. This approach is ideal for areas such as the face, hands, and around the eyes.

For clients seeking contouring and revitalization, the cold temperature range can be adapted to address concerns such as double chin and jawline areas. RF enhances the treatment experience, providing a warm sensation without affecting the underlying fatty deposits.

FrioLift technology prioritizes client safety and satisfaction, allowing aestheticians to deliver tailored treatments that emphasize rejuvenation and relaxation. It's the perfect solution for addressing various aesthetic needs. 

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The Synergy of Cold and Hot

FrioLift Technology is a versatile system for estheticians seeking to address diverse skin concerns in a non-invasive manner.

Drawing from practical experience and best practices in rejuvenation, Zemits experts have developed the Contrast Skin Rejuvenation protocol. This unique, holistic approach promotes relaxation and revitalization without the need for injections or surgery.

Clients can enjoy a refreshing experience with noticeable improvements after their first FrioLift treatment. A series of procedures further supports the overall well-being and appearance of the skin.

FrioLift is a welcomed innovation in the aesthetic industry, prioritizing client safety and satisfaction while empowering aestheticians to deliver customized, enjoyable treatments.

The Unique Contrast Skin Revitalization

Zemits' team of top medical practitioners has developed a unique Contrast Skincare Treatment Protocol, emphasizing the synergy of RF and Cooling technologies.

Step 1: Initial RF 

RF treatment protocol helps to achieve soothing, rejuvenating effects for the skin.

Step 2: Cooling Application

Cooling application follows the RF, offering a refreshing, cooling sensation that contrasts with the warmth of RF. This step enhances the overall experience and revitalization effects.

Step 3: Finalizing RF

The concluding RF step enhances the overall treatment experience, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

The Contrast Skincare treatment protocol allows aestheticians to provide tailored, enjoyable treatments that prioritize client safety and well-being.

After a FrioLift treatment course, clients may experience:
  • Enhanced appearance of the chin area
  • A refreshed and revitalized skin sensation
  • Improved skin texture
  • A reduction in the appearance of puffiness and discoloration
  • Smoother-looking fine lines around the eyes and mouth
  • A more defined jawline and neck
  • Revitalized décolleté and neck area
  • Rejuvenated appearance of hands
  • A more balanced skin tone and reduced appearance of pores
  • An overall boost in skin quality
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The Holistic Cooling Technique with Zemits FrioLift

Zemits FrioLift utilizes a holistic skin cooling approach, offering a safe and enjoyable experience for facial treatments. This method is an excellent option for clients seeking a refreshing, revitalizing outcome.

The gentle application of low temperatures helps enhance the local skin appearance, reducing the look of puffiness and discoloration while promoting a radiant glow. The cooling technique supports the overall well-being of the skin, making it feel refreshed and revitalized.

A notable feature of Zemits FrioLift's cooling application is its contouring effects. Aestheticians can achieve natural-looking, secure, and non-invasive double chin contouring without the need for injections. 

Boost Your Revenue with Zemits FrioLift

Elevate your business profits with the highly sought-after innovation of the year - Zemits FrioLift!

Be a pioneer in offering Contrast Skin Stimulation Treatment Protocol. 

Provide your clients with a safe, holistic experience that promotes long-lasting facial contouring effects.

Suggested pricing per treatment - $250-300 for a 45-minute facial session.

Positive Business Impact of Zemits FrioLift:

Based on feedback from our Zemits clients, conducting an average of 2 treatments per day, 4 times per week, can potentially increase revenue by $2,200 per week, or $8,800 per month.

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Recommended treatment sessions

Package of 4-6 treatments, one time per week.

Visual results after the first treatment. Cumulative long lasting results are expected in 28 days after the initial treatment session.

Watch the review with Zemits FrioLift
This esthetic device is intended for cosmetic use only. This esthetic device is not intended to be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition.
This esthetic device is intended to be used by estheticians and skincare providers. This esthetic device is not intended to be used by doctors or healthcare providers.
This esthetic device is not intended to be used in medical nor surgical purposes. This esthetic device does not affect the structure of deep skin tissues.
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