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Best LED light therapy machines

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All of us need sophisticated skin care. Even if the skin isn’t showing signs of aging, it is undoubtedly being damaged on a daily basis. As a facialist you have an obligation to explain the constant damage done by the environment, sun, water, and even the light waves emitting from every computer screen, tablet and phone are damaging to the skin. And, of course, age isn’t a big friend to the skin, the older we get, the more professional help we are going to need. Luckily for all of us, where there’s damaged aging skin, there’s a professional anti-aging skin care treatment.  In this particular category, we have devices that are age-friendly and it is applicable in most of the cases. So, say hello to the fantastic colorful lights of the best LED light therapy equipment!

How Does Light Therapy Work to Treat Skin Care Problems?

LED light cutting-edge technology uses different wavelengths to penetrate the outermost layer of the skin without damaging it and reaching the foundational deep levels of the skin. LED light machines use different wavelengths or different colors and at times different combinations of those colors to get the skin cell to react in a very specific way. Different colors trigger a very different reaction and are used to treat a line of unrelatable skin issues. This fantastic technology was initially intended for a post-operation or post-trauma use in hospitals to promote rapid skin cell regeneration and trigger natural bodies wound healing abilities. Of course, with time. We were presented with amazing results for the renewal of the damaged skin and LED light was fully embraced by the beauty industry.

Main lights that are used are blue, red, white, green and amber. Let’s look at the benefits.

LED Light Therapy Benefits

Research has confirmed blue light to be very effective with acne treatments. The light targets the acne-causing bacteria inside the pores that are extremely sensitive to the blue light. Simply put, blue light kills acne-causing bacteria.

Best LED light therapy device with red light can increase vital protein synthesis. Red light is used on the aging skin that has to loose or have already lost its elasticity. By addressing the deep skin layers and thus synthesizing collagen as well as protein you will be able to quickly rebuild structural protein and see supple, tighten and lifted skin. Red light is also very effective in treating rosacea and small scaring as it rebuilds the tissues from within it can smooth out smallest impurities.

Green LED lights are often used to treat problems with capillaries and more sensitive types of skin, like the one around eyes. A green light is also great for treating damaged skin, not only sun damaged.

White light is often used with inflammatory problems and also to tighten the skin as white light is the one with the deepest penetration, it engages the deepest skin layers and rebuilds the skin from within.

Amber light is very similar to the red one, though in a very particular way – it specifically targets underlying layers and is responsible only for the protein synthesis. This is the light to use on a healthy skin that has evident signs of aging.

Our Service

In our store, you’ll be able to find the best LED light therapy machines for sale. In this particular category we have the representation for all of the public favorites: the professional machine for salon use, the portable LED light device and the multifunctional options with fantastic additional treatments for your beauty practice. We work exclusively with the best manufacturers in the beauty industry that are fully dedicated to the research, product development and safety, so you can always be sure of the quality and provide safety to your clients.

We offer warranty and, of course, free product training. We are here to help you jump start your business and our trained and knowledgeable staff can quickly answer any and all of your questions. We provide free training and can help you to find out everything there is to know about any machine or equipment we sell. 

We are not only an online shop and are always ready to welcome you to our showroom. If you are local to Fort Lauderdale, Florida or just in from out of town, we will offer you a great shopping experience!


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