Lipomassage for Body Sculpting with Endermologie Machines

Lipomassage for Body Sculpting with Endermologie Machines

Women tirelessly strive to improve their beauty and attractiveness. To get perfect body parameters, they try new diets, do physical exercise, and visit beauty salons. One of the most popular salon procedures used for body sculpting, reduction of skin imperfections, and cellulite is  or in other words “Endermological lipomassage”. Endermological Lipo-massage is an innovative method of massaging with a vacuum-roller as an alternative to liposuction. In fact, this is often referred to as “doing sports on a couch” because a patient can lie completely still during a therapy session.

What is lipomassage? “Lipo” means fat, and “massage” is self-explanatory. The balance between fat deposition and fat burning is a natural result of how fat cells, or adipocytes work. Over time, despite healthy eating and regular physical activity, the processes of fat accumulation begin to dominate. As a result, unwanted body fat appears. Lipomassage is an exclusive technology which gets rid of fat deposits that diets, physical exercise, and other methods cannot be eliminated with. Furthermore, the procedure is absolutely safe and painless, where a beautician uses a professional endermological machine to achieve desired effects.

The Essence of Endermologie Lipomassage Treatment

Lipo-massaging machines mechanically affect the skin and its subcutaneous layer by rotating rollers upon it while a vacuum influenced a massaged body part. First, this method was used to treat burn scars with great success. Later, the therapy was applied to healthy tissues to reduce cellulite, improve skin tone, and sculpt the body. 

Thanks to their efficiency, lipo-massage techniques have become very popular and in demand nowadays.

The device for this procedure looks like a special system which allows one to comprehensively affect the soft tissues with the help of self-propelled rollers. Rollers are installed in a special handpiece and can rotate in different directions. Between them, there is a vacuum chamber that slightly lifts up and kneads the skin.

They are also equipped with a digital monitor which helps beauticians to choose the appropriate program to use on each patient. This intelligent programming makes any procedure easy and painless. The likelihood that something will go wrong is very minimal as the whole process is automated. A specialist should only choose programs in accordance with each client’s individual problems, and move the maniple with rollers along the skin.

A hardware operating principle is based on the fact that the skin and adipose tissue are drawn into a handpiece by creating negative pressure. With various speeds and intensities, the skin assembled in a fold is processed by rollers, causing active fat burning.

How is the Massage Carried Out?

This treatment begins with a preliminary diagnosis. Each person is different has their own problem areas which need to be treated. Thus, a client should answer some questions concerning his or her lifestyle and health before a treatment. Then, a specialist will create a personal massage program while taking into account the patient’s requirements and individual characteristics. Next, the client must wear a special costume and rest in a comfortable position. During lipomassage, a beautician works with the chosen skin problem areas, with the help of dynamic and deep movements. A patient also assists in this procedure by moving into various positions.

All aesthetic programs of Lipo-massage can be divided into several categories:

  1. Lipomassage for android morphotype: This is applied to the areas of the abdomen, back, and arms. The manipulation encourages the volume reduction of deep fat deposits and subcutaneous fat in the upper part of the body. The procedure lasts 35 minutes, and its results include a tight stomach and slimmer waist and arms.
  2. Endermological massage for the treatment of cellulite: It is applied on areas with cellulite. After the therapy, volumes of fat deposits are reduced, the effect of an “orange peel” is eliminated, and skin turgor is regenerated. Treatment duration is 35 minutes.
  3. Endermological drainage for “light legs”: As a result of the manipulation, microcirculation, venous outflow, and leg contour improve, and a patient feels lightness in his or her legs. Treatment duration is 25 minutes.
  4. Full lipomassage procedure: This is used to treat cellulite, restore skin turgor, and reduce the volume of fat deposits in the upper and lower parts of the body. It takes only 35 minutes, but after the session, a client sees a more slim, attractive, and harmonious shape, and his or her skin becomes firm and beautiful.  
  5. Lymph-drainage for edematous cellulite: The area of influence is the legs. This procedure is aimed at stimulating lymph drainage and gradually getting rid of cellulite. After several sessions, cellulite appearance is significantly reduced and harmonious contour in the legs are restored. Treatment duration is 35 minutes.
  6. Lipo-massage for recovery of skin quality: This is applied to the weakened skin. By stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, skin quality is restored. After several sessions, a client will feel the effects, like more elastic skin and a trimmer figure. The procedure takes 35 minutes.
  7. Special lipo- massage for men: This is performed to reduce fat deposits in problem areas peculiar to men. As a result, the stomach becomes taut and the skin firmer and shinier. To get great effects it is recommended to have several 25-minute sessions.

Indications for Lipomassage

The main reason for cellulite appearance is stress. The human body immediately responds to any changes that affect it, whether it is a bad environment, poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, or lack of proper rest. If the body has to continually operate in such conditions, pathological changes in the nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems will inevitably arise. All this is a direct precursor to the emergence of “orange peel”.

 allows beauticians to fight cellulite or prevent its appearance in its earliest stages. This treatment eliminates physical effects of stress and improves overall health.

The pronounced drainage effect after an anti-cellulite endermological massage normalizes microcirculation and lymph circulation. Each procedure accelerates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cellulite-affected tissue and helps remove toxins. After an entire session, the volume of fat deposits are reduced and “orange peel” disappears.

Thevacuum-roller machine allows estheticians to massage of specific zones like the buttocks, abdominal wall, thighs, shoulders, and more. Furthermore, it increases the proliferative activity of fibroblasts that encourages an enhanced production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, making scars and stretchmarks maximally unnoticeable.

Lipomassage increases endorphins production (“joy” hormones which have an analgesic and anti-stress effect), being the reason why this treatment is successful in anti-stress therapy.

Moreover, rollers positively impact superficial and deep skin receptors that improve movement coordination and muscle performance.

Therefore, indications for this massage are:

  • Cellulite (“orange peel”)
  • Fat deposits on the stomach, arms, and thighs
  • Tendency to swelling
  • Flabby and aging skin
  • Bad posture
  • Scars and stretch marks

The Approximate course of Anti-Cellulite Lipo-massage

A course usually consists of 10-20 procedures. The exact number of sessions depends on skin condition and desired effects. For instance, a patient needs approximately 10 treatments of lipo-massages on the abdomen, and 15 for the hips since cellulite is more pronounced there. Sessions are held 2-3 times per a week for the duration of 35-45 minutes.

A beautician determines the total number of procedures by taking into account the patient’s individual characteristics, the severity of the problem area, and the patient’s preferences.

To create lasting positive changes, it is necessary to have supporting manipulations 1-2 times per a month.


There are some contraindications to LPG massages:

  1. Cancer
  2. Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Blood coagulation disorder
  5. Heart failure
  6. Fever
  7. Menstruation

Furthermore, complications may occur. After a treatment, a mild fever can occur due to the mechanical irritation of nerve receptors in the skin (a cup of hot tea will solve this problem). In case of wrongly selected intensity, therapy can be painful and swelling can appear (for just 2-3 hours). Patients with increased capillary fragility may have small subcutaneous bruises in the form of red dots that will also disappear on their own in 5-7 days.

Reviewing Endermologie Machines

Vacuum Lipo-massage is carried out with the help of high-tech equipment. Advance Esthetic offers a wide range of such devices from leading brands. Our machines are used in beauty and spa salons, wellness centers, massage parlors, and even in homes; they are well-known for their high quality, great efficiency, reliability, and affordable prices.

In accordance with a beautician’s goals and the functionality of equipment, beauticians can choose either a multifunctional system or compact in-home device from our online store.

High-tech multifunctional stations are most widely used in professional beauty and spa salons, wellness centers and other professional businesses due to their functionality and parameters. Despite their size, modern machines are easy to use and safe, and provides estheticians with complete freedom to move comfortably. This greatly facilitates lipomassage. The item is equipped with attachments which allow a specialist to treat deep skin tissues and get to the most remote body areas. While  the procedure a patient does not feel any pain, the skin does not damage, and there are no any bruises and redness. Furthermore, clients admire great visible effect in the short term.

Endermologie machines for home use are also famous for their positive results. Their main advantage lies in the ability to use them anywhere at any time. Moreover, this device is small, powerful, and safe. It helps to fight stress, reduce fat deposits, and perfect body contour.

Rest assured that any unit you choose on our website will exceed your expectations and become a reliable assistant.

Advantages of Making a Purchase from Advance Esthetic

Our company appreciates every customer and provides pleasant shopping conditions:

  • Quality certified equipment
  • A wide range of products
  • Great prices and flexible price policies
  • Individual approaches to each client
  • The best service in the beauty industry
  • Training sessions for using professional machines sold by us

Vacuum Lipo-massage is a true find for those who always want to keep fit and help other people look healthy. Apply our machines to your practice and make everybody happier!


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