Cavitation Gels

Cavitation Conductive Gels

Ultrasonic cavitation is a body contouring treatment used to remove or reduce excess fat deposits underneath the skin. Unlike liposuction and other surgical procedures, it is a non-invasive form of lipolysis that uses ultrasonic radio waves to break down fat cells and dislodge them from the dermal layer. The broken-down fat molecules are then drained by the lymphatic system.

This treatment uses ultrasonic waves, and so the conductive gel used should be a professional thermal gel that will allow and encourage the penetration of the waves through the skin and into the deep layers where fat is deposited. Cavitation gels are usually made as thick formulations, to protect the epidermal layer of the skin against the radio waves and, for easy glide on the surface of the skin to be treated.

They usually also contain slimming and anti-cellulite agents that aids in the lipolytic action of the treatment, as well as actives that promote circulation to help in draining the fat that is being dissolved. The conductive gel used should also contain other nourishing active ingredients that promote hydration and protection of the skin. These gels can be used with any cavitation machine brand.

Cavitation gels are gels that are used in a type of medical treatment called ultrasonic cavitation. Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to break down fat cells in the body. It is often used for body contouring and fat reduction.

Cavitation gels are applied to the skin before the treatment. They help to create a good acoustic contact between the skin and the ultrasonic device, which is necessary for effective transmission of the ultrasonic waves. Without the gel, the waves may be absorbed or scattered by the skin, leading to reduced effectiveness of the treatment.

Cavitation gels are typically water-based and non-greasy. They are easy to clean off the skin and are available in various sizes. It is important to use a high-quality cavitation gel to ensure the best possible results in ultrasonic cavitation treatments. delivers to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, ...
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