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808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machines


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Zemits DuoCratus 2-in-1 Diode Laser & IPL System | Advance-Esthetic
Zemits DuoCratus 2-in-1 Diode Laser & IPL System 111921 Aesthetic Lasers
$ 28,900.00
$ 24,500.00
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Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal  | Advance-Esthetic
Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal 31123 31123 Diode Hair Removal Lasers
$ 29,500.00
$ 24,500.00
OOMNEX RadaLicht Diode Laser for Hair Removal 110421 Diode Hair Removal Lasers
$ 12,900.00
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Zemits LazerDio Hair Reduction 808nm Laser 7015 Diode Hair Removal Lasers
$ 25,900.00
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Zemits NobleLaze Hair Removal Laser 44021 Hair Removal
$ 19,590.00
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$ 199.00
Diode, Nd:YAG, and Dental lasers Protective Glasses 051167 Glasses For Laser Treatments
$ 185.00

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Many of us have facial hair that we want to disappear. And not just gone for a few days or weeks, but permanently gone. We promise, most of your clients have the same problem and you need to take advantage of that. Diode Laser Hair Removal machine might just be the godsend answer for all of our facial hair problems. This hair removal device is advanced top-of-the-line equipment that uses the newest technology to achieve fantastic results.

Facial hair removal treatments usually take just a couple of minutes and are fairly costly. This Diode Laser Hair Removal machine has great  ROI and is considered to be a great investment. 

What is the Diode Facial Laser Machine?

In the field of hair removal diode lasers are the newest and advanced, the crème-de-la-creme.  The new kind of diode (Fiber Coupled Diode) has a longer wavelength of light and this actually guaranties more control and secure treatment. The hair removal procedure is extremely precise because of the even energy delivery on the 12 by 12 mm spot.  Additionally, the diode laser is designed to work with high moisture and temperature which greatly increases the lifetime of the generator. Durability and effectiveness are also much more advanced.

Diode Laser Technology is applied in the same way as all other lasers by targets melanin, the dark pigment surrounding the skin, but penetration much deeper into the skin. This facial treatment destroys the hair follicles while simultaneously preventing its future re-growth. 

There actually is a gold standard for the wavelength of the depilation machine ant diode 810 nm, is it!

The Benefits of Diode Facial Laser Machine 

This is the greatest method of depilation. Let’s count the benefits! With diode lasers, treatments are much shorter. Hairs are targeted in a much more efficient way. Reportedly, you would need just a few minutes to remove facial hair.

It is customer-friendly as fewer sessions are needed to completely eliminate unwanted facial hair. Diode targets large numbers of hair follicles at the same time, thus extremely decreasing the number of needed treatments.

The treatment is safe and painless. But, some customers with very sensitive skin might feel a tingling sensation.  

No hair re-growth as diode laser treatment permanently removes unwanted hair.

One of the most important benefits – diode laser is suitable for all skin types!

And for you, as the operator, there is much less maintenance, plus, a very light, durable and easy to use headpiece.

With skin care products, you should always pay attention to the brand. Look for a reliable and well-known brand. Only then you can commit to offering safety to your clients and protect yourself from mechanical failure. Along with the great investment to a laser of well-known brand, you’ll receive a warranty, free training, free shipping and our seamless customer service. Ask our qualified consultants about the machines, maintenance, and available discounts. Our user-friendly website has a lot of customer reviews you are welcome to read the reviews and, if needed, seek advice. We would also greatly appreciate your review if you would decide to become a customer and let us help you grow your business.  

You are also always welcome to come by and check out the blankets in the showroom.


Diode laser hair removal machine for sale is one of the best-suited utilities for a professional salon or beauty room. It is an example of great quality, unique friendly design and modern attitude to professional skin treatment. Its innovatory construction makes skincare easier, quicker and more efficient. This beautiful machine does not require much attention from you, which will make your choice even more advantageous and profitable for your salon. Best diode laser hair removal equipment is absolutely safe to work with and you will not regret buying it as it will serve you many years with a great efficiency.

Buy diode laser hair removal machine immediately, once and forever! This professional cosmetic device is something you definitely need at your workplace. It is very precise, neat and effective. It will make your salon look beautiful, modern and nifty, being a high-class skincare utility at the same time. Diode laser hair removal machine for sale is a great professional cosmetic utility that will be very helpful at your salon. It will serve you with a great preciseness and quality without any damage.

Do not lose your chance to make procedure session easier, quicker and better! Diode laser hair removal device is made to be completely safe. It treats the skin gently without damaging it while being an effective machine with high preciseness and quality. The outcome of such treatment will leave the skin clear and healthy without any harm. Your clients will be definitely satisfied with the result of these procedures and will be eager to come again.

Diode laser hair removal machine for sale will be an absolutely profitable purchase that is absolutely worth its price! You will be able to restore the full cost by providing the 10-15 sessions of the procedures, though. With such a profit, this cosmetic tool is totally irreplaceable at any salon or beauty room. As a popular utility, it will be a great offer of service for your clients and will help you to increase your clientele without paying much money and with just a little effort.

Best diode laser hair removal equipment removes hair easily and gently. It works with great preciseness and embodies the modern approach to technology, being a neat and effective device. It will help you a lot at your workplace as best working diode laser hair removal equipment with a great level of quality. It treats the skin with all the accuracy, leaving it gentle and well-cured.

Buy diode laser hair removal machine and you will not be disappointed! This professional skincare machine is a beautiful unique helper that will surprise your clients with its great work. The smart design and well-thought construction of the machine are friendly and allow to save a big amount of space and organize your beauty room the way you want without sacrificing your professional needs  as a compromise.

Diode laser hair removal device is small and nifty. Its sophisticated design makes it greatly suitable for  a small room in your salon. This unique utility is time-saving, space-saving and money-saving as it is an example of a high-quality modern technology with a really affordable price.

Choose best diode laser hair removal equipment and you will be absolutely glad about your choice! It will leave you and your clients totally satisfied with the quality of the procedures and the outcome. There will be no unpleasant sensations during the procedure sessions and no possible harm to the skin. The results will pleasantly surprise your clients with the quality and the efficiency of the treatment.


In this category you can find Diode laser hair removal machines. In order to recover the cost of your equipment, all you need is to provide 10-15 procedures. If you are looking for high quality and great prices for Diode laser hair removal machines, you have come to the right place.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality of products, the largest range of equipment, and the best service to our customers. We also proudly provide training sessions for instruction on how to utilize all the equipment we sell.

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