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Eye Lifting Machine Serre



Portable Skin Care Devices
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  • Eye Lifting Machine Serre is a portable and safe way to keep your eyes young.

    Benefits of Eye Lifting Machine Serre:

    • Beautiful gift for yourself
    • Great for everyday facial routine
    • Serre helps to penetrate active ingredients into the skin deeply through hypoallergenic ionization

    Apply a thin layer of your beauty product of choice and massage with Serre.

    Keep your skin moist with Eye Lifting Machine Serre!

    Galvanic Technology

    The galvanic technology works by using currents. The electron ensures the absorption of nutrients deep into the skin's layers.

    The benefits include smoother and clearer skin, as well as reduced wrinkles and skin tightening due to muscle contraction.

    It helps to penetrate active ingredients of your beauty products into dermis with an ion micro current.

    It will work only when in touch with your skin. When you don't touch the side electrodes with fingers and the pin of device to skin.

    Serre has 2 pins in set:

    • point pin (for sensitive skin)
    • flat pin (for mature skin)

    ◆ Apply your choice of beauty product and treat with SERRE for 5mins. (Around eye area)
    ◆ We recommend having your treatment done before bedtime to obtain the best results
    ◆ Do not massage more than 30 seconds  sensitive areas (eye rims, nasolabial line, etc)


    One Year Warranty.


    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are intended for cosmetic use.

    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

    Eye Lifting Machine Serre Eye Lifting Machine Serre
    $ 119.00
    Rating: (3)reviews
  • Rating: (3)reviews

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    Oh. How much noise is about similar devices and how much advertising ... at one moment it irritated me terribly, but then I saw it with sending to your site and I really liked it. 1) inexpensive - $ 100 for such a device or $ 50 for Korean patches? I'm for a long-lasting effect, so it's better to buy such a small device. 2) small size - I like compact things that fit in my handbag, and this device is almost identical in size with an ordinary ballpoint pen, 3) low weight - I buy only those devices. after using which my arm does not hurt. With this device, everything turned out - I have a relaxation (if I do the procedure for the night) or a surge of cheerfulness (if I do the procedure in the morning). 4) convenient, simple control - there are no 100,500 buttons and some terrible wires. only this pen, a couple of buttons, indicators and everything. it's easy and convenient for me. The purchase satisfied my needs by all 3000%.

    Anri Mish
    Anri Mish

    I really love different devices that simplify the care of themselves. But I can not say that I'm buying everything off) I can not allocate funds for going to beauty salons now, so I can get out :) I have bags and increased swelling under my eyes, even if I drink a little water. patches did not help me, creams too, and this lifting HEEEELP!) Yes, yes, me, such a problem ladies, helped!) I was very, VEEERYYY happy when after a month of active use began to wake up and DIDN’T SEE the bags under my eyes! This is for me a rel victory :) The devic is very convenient to hold in yor hand (it does not slip out and does not fall out). It's easy to switch between buttons and pleasantly to drive over the skin) I was delivered to him in a small beautiful box, so I did not think how and where to store the device!


    Wonderful!!! I love this tiny thing. Very comfortable sensation. I use it every day before sleep. Works great.

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$ 119.00
Rating: (3)reviews

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