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Facial Toners

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Salicylic Toner 6 oz/180 mL 28018 1 Toners For Combination Skin
$ 34.00
Salicylic Toner 6 oz/180 mL is a performance toner with eucalyptus, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. The best solution for blemished and troubled skin is our Salicylic Toner. AHA and BHA formula retextures and gives deep exfoliation to over accumulated dead skin cells that may contributed to active oily skins.
Instant Soothing Toner 6 oz/180 mL 28017 1 Toners For Dry Skin
$ 32.00
Instant Soothing Toner: Hydrating properties of Aloe and Chamomile, which give a refreshing soothing effect to all skin. Start your day with a hydrating mist toner with soothing and calming chamomile botanicals to give your skin an energizing boost with each spritz. Instant Soothing Toner includes a combination of hydrating ingredients, antioxidants and desensitizers to help give your skin relief from dryness, redness, and other common sensitivities that may cause irritation or inflammation. Life saver against dry, chapped, dehydrated skins. Soothes oily and troubled skin, while balancing daily skin stress.
Prana Nourishing Milky Cleanser, 6.7 oz 47022 1 Facial Cleansers For Dry Skin
$ 36.00

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Facial Toners

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