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Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser



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Brand: Zemits
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  • Hydrodermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion Machine. 

    Zemits Wasser is Estheticians' #1 Choice in 2017.

     Zemits Wasser is a unique machine that combines two of the most popular and advanced treatments into one.

    Functions of Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser:

    • Oxygen Infusion
    • Hydro Dermabrasion, also called Aqua Dermabrasion or Aqua Peeling

    Zemits Wasser 

    Hydro Dermabrasion & Oxygen Infusion System

    Make smart investments. Choose Zemits 

    • Estheticians' #1 choice in 2017
    • Provides instant visual results 
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed 
    • Choose any solution brand
    • Invest less- use saline or distilled water
    • Save time - 15-25 min per treatment 
    • Perfect facial in 4 steps 
    • FDA Registered 
    • 2-year warranty

    Hydrodermabrasion is the latest renovation in skincare technology, being a great crystal free alternative to microdermabrasion. Utilizing water jets, this process breaks up the outer layer of the skin to reveal a smoother, more even texture. This is perfect for people who want to exfoliate but have extremely sensitive skin. Luckily, this procedure is gentle and very relaxing without discomfort. After treatment, the skin becomes slightly pink but the color effect subsides quickly.

    Hydrodermabrasion is used on all skin types to repair aging, congested, blemished, dull, or discolored skin. Oily skin can benefit from this too by becoming less greasy as pores are shrunk significantly. In addition, mild acne scars can be reduced and fine lines can be eliminated. Puffy eyes have also been treated using hydrodermabrasion.

    Overall, this process will increase circulation and lymph flow within patients’ bodies on top of many other benefits. The entire process of hydrodermabrasion takes only about half an hour to perform, and results such as softness and hydration will be evident immediately.


    Benefits of Hydrodermabrasion:

    • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Improves the appearance of aging, thickening skin
    • Helps repair sun-damaged skin
    • Refines pores
    • Encourages softer, smoother skin
    • Reduces the appearance of scar tissue

    How does it work?

    Zemits Wasser uses specific abrasive tips to gently exfoliate the skin. First, the tips suction the skin in a gentle manner, removing the dead skin cells. Then, water is delivered to the skin with the attached nozzle, and triple action process is performed:

    1. Vacuum Suction.
    2. Peeling with abrasive tip.
    3. Hydration with incoming liquid.

    The vacuum suction stimulates the lymph flow and increases blood circulation, stimulating oxygenated arterial blood to the treated area.

    The abrasive tips provide deep exfoliation, remove dead cells of the stratum corneum, stimulate lymphatic drainage, make skin glow, and provide deep and comfortable pore cleansing and dirt extraction.

    Incoming liquid gently washes away peeled cells and hydrates the epidermis. Saline absorbs oil and sebum out of pores that provide deep pore cleansing.

    if you use the solution with vitamins skin will also see increased revitalization through strengthening of the immune system which makes skin brighter.


    What solutions can be used for Hydrodermabrasion treatment?

    Zemits Wasser is designed to achieve great results using minimum investments in cosmetics.

    This machine allows to use the distilled watter, saline or water that has been infused with minerals and vitamins.

    The main results of treatment are achieved by the combination suction power of the machine and specific abrasive tips.

    Oxygen Infusion. 

    An oxygen facial is a gentle revitalizing treatment that uses air from the room, concentrate it through filters, mix the oxygenated air with the solution and creates a high force flow of low molecular liquid with oxygen.

    The high pressure of oxygen penetrates the molecules of serum deep into the skin and oxygen molecules stimulate skin rejuvenation.   

    Benefits of oxygen treatment:

    • Promotes collagen production – The infusion of oxygen and vitamins into the skin encourages the production of collagen. This helps plump up facial features and restore volume and firmness to skin that has lost elasticity.
    • Helps detox the skin – Everyday toxins like air pollution and cigarette smoke rob the skin of much-needed oxygen. An oxygen facial helps reverse the effects of environmental pollutants and rejuvenates oxygen-starved skin.
    • Speeds up cell turnover process – Medical researchers suggest that the infusion of oxygen into skin may help skin create new cells at a faster pace. This increased cell regeneration helps speed up the healing of facial scars, acne and blemishes.
    • No side effects- Unlike other more invasive anti-aging treatments like Botox or microdermabrasion, oxygen facials don’t cause any uncomfortable side effects like stinging, burning or redness. The process of delivering the oxygen and serum is quite gentle, which makes oxygen facials suitable for individuals with sensitive skin and for those who would rather avoid injections or chemical treatments. After an oxygen facial, you can resume normal activities immediately, even applying makeup and using normal facial products.

    How does it work?

    The process of delivering oxygen and serum to the skin is quite gentle, which is what makes oxygen facials so great for individuals with sensitive skin or those who wish to avoid injections or chemical treatments. After an oxygen facial, patients can resume normal activities immediately, including applying makeup and using regular facial products.

    Following the treatment, clients will notice a more refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. Skin will look well-rested with a just-back-from-vacation glow! For this reason, the oxygen facial is perfect for special occasions when clients want to look their best without any downtime. 

    What products can be used with the oxygen treatment?

    The oxygen spray gun has special small container for treatment solution to be stored. Thus, any type of water-based serum can be applied to penetrate the skin.

    No oxygen tank or water is needed to provide this oxygen treatment. The machine operates using only the air available in the room.

    What procedures can be provided?

    • Peeling and hydrating treatments for face and body
    • Oxygen infusion therapy for face, neck, decollete and body
    • Anti-aging programs for face, neck and decollete
    • Depigmentation programs for face, neck and decollete
    • Post acne treatment

    Accessories and Handpieces of Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser:

    Zemits Wasser comes with a full set of necessary accessories:

    1. Container for treatment solution.

    2. Waste container.

    2. Hydrodermabrasion metal wand.

    3. Tips:

    • The Dual-Effect Hydro-Diamond Tip is a combination of classic diamond and advanced aqua peeling. Double action provides the perfect synergy for deep exfoliation and hydration in skin
    • Ruffle tips allow to provide gentle superficial exfoliation
    • Spiral tips provide gentle extraction and hydration

    4. Oxygen infusion gun.

    5. Set of connective tubes.


    Treatment with Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser:


    Step 1

    The Dual Hydro-Diamond Tip provides deep exfoliation, removes dead cells of the stratum corneum, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and gives skin a natural glow. 

    Step 2

    The gentle ruffle tips provide superficial exfoliation of the sensitive skin areas, increase blood circulation, and stimulate skin immunity.

    Step 3

    The spiral tip has specific circular ribs and a powerful vacuum suction, both which provide a deep and comfortable pore cleansing and extraction.

    Step 4

    Oxygen infusion

    Promotes collagen production, helps detox the skin, and speeds cell turnover, all without any side effects.

    You may use any cosmetic brand you prefer. 

     Or you may use the following Protocol with Ageless Solutions:

    Step 1

    • Use the hydro-diamond tip for forehead, cheeks, chin, jawline, nose. This tips provide deep exfoliation, removes dead cells of the stratum corneum, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and gives skin a natural glow.
    • Use Salicylic Wash Solution 

    Step 2

    • Switch the hydro-diamond tip to the ruffle tip, provide superficial exfoliation of the sensitive skin areas (around eyes, around nose, neck). These tips increase blood circulation, and stimulate skin immunity. Use the same Salicylic Wash Solution 

    Step 3

    • Use the spiral tips that have specific circular ribs and a powerful vacuum suction. It provides a deep and comfortable pore cleansing and extraction.
    • Use Antioxidant Solution

    Step 4

    • Add Peptide Infusion into the top container of oxygen gun and provide oxygen infusion.

    All cosmetics products are sold separately. Order the starter kit of hydro dermabrasion serums here:

    What areas can be treated by Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser:

    • Eye area
    • Jawline
    • Nasolabial folds
    • Entire face
    • Neck
    • Decollate
    • Elbows
    • Hands
    • Body stretch marks

    What are the results of treatment?

    • Skin Lightening
    • Improvement of skin texture and elasticity
    • Reduction of acne and post acne
    • Deep hydration and moisturization
    • Reduction of wrinkles

    Before and after the first procedure photos:

    Benefits of Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser:

    • Doesn’t require a specific solution- regular saline can be used
    • Unique set of peeling tips
    • Optimal technical specification - 80 kpa vacuum power
    • Adjustable vacuum intensity
    • FDA Registered Machine
    • Two-year warranty

    Technical Features of Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser:

    • Air flow rate: 4.8 l/min
    • Vacuum pressure: 80 kpa
    • Input frequency: 60Hz
    • Input power: 60 Watts
    • Voltage: 100 - 220V / 50-60Hz
    • Noise: under 40 dB

    Package Dimensions: 12.6” H x 16.5” L x 9” D

    N.WT 8 lbs.

    Who can offer this treatment?

    To offer Hydrodermabrasion and Oxygen Infusion Treatments,  you must be a licensed esthetician.


    The average cost of a Hydrodermabrasion Facial is $100 to $250. The Oxygen Infusion costs around $80 to $150.

    Return on your investment

    Due to the minimum cost of treatment ($180) and minimum amount of sessions (4 times per client), only 4 clients are needed to provide you a return on your investment!

    Zemits Wasser gives you the option to use any treatment solution for your clients’ needs, including distilled water or saline. This can make treatments even more affordable!


    Unlike most equipment in the market that has a 1-year warranty, Zemits Wasser comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime client support.


    Profitable Financing Program is available. 

    2 in 1 Hydrodermabrasion and Oxygen infusion Machine Zemits Wasser is a great deal for any esthetician because of its high effectiveness and affordable price. 

    Call us for more details!


    Send us a message if you have any questions

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    Hydrodermabrasion and oxygen machine Zemits Wasser
    $ 3,694.00 $ 2,992.14
  • Rating: (12)reviews

    Wonderful machine. I can provide peeling sessions even for those my clients who can't accept dry dermabrasion. Wasser works great!



    I love the results! 5 stars! Thanx



    It works very well. But I needed 2 FaceTime training to start operating it the right way. At the end I understood all tips. That’s my second favourite machine now , the first one is Radiofrequency!



    Good deal! And good machine. Thank you, Celeste! I just need one more set of tips.



    I have the original HydraFacial MD at my main office. When I opened my additional small office I needed something really quick for affordable price, so I decided to try this machine Wasser I didn't know what to expect for this low price. I got Wasser in 3 days and I was amazed. It really worked!!)) I had great results with pigmented and oily skin. It doesnt have LED therapy as my old machine, but instead, it has Oxygen infusion, that works pretty cool after hydradermabrasion. I do like this machine.



    Good machine. Excellent results. And amazing service! Thank you, Celeste, for your time and patience. I was not easy to deal with!LOL! but i finally made a good decision! I am totally satisfied! Thank you!



    very good


    Jacki Hatch
    Jacki Hatch

    After comparing machines for weeks, I decided to purchase this one based on all of the positive reviews and I am glad I did.



    I am totally happy with this purchase. I was looking for some complements for my clients, they all want quick visual results. Thanx to hydrodermabrasion I can offer it now! And I use just distillate water, very affordable.



    Love it!



    Incredible! I purchased this hydro dermabrasion to offer something new to my clients, now they don't wonna settle for less! LOL..Only new silk peel with oxygen spray!



    Couldn't ask for a better machine! It has been working great


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$ 3,694.00 $ 2,992.14
Rating: (12)reviews

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