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Zemits DermeLuxx PRO

HydroDermabrasion Redefined

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Zemits DermeLuxx PRO: Revolutionize Your Spa with Cutting-Edge HydroDermabrasion Technology

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The Top-Rated HydroDermabrasion System

Meet the top-rated HydroDermabrasion system, the Zemits DermeLuxx PRO. This state-of-the-art skincare platform offers unparalleled results and has been trusted by over 500 skincare professionals in 17 countries.
The Zemits DermeLuxx PRO is a sophisticated 3-in-1 esthetic powerhouse that seamlessly integrates:
  • Fluid HydroDermabrasion: for unparalleled exfoliation and deep cleansing
  • Serum Application: for targeted nourishment and revitalization
  • Cooling Application: for soothing and calming post-treatment care

Experience the synergy of these advanced modalities, enhancing your service offerings and providing a comprehensive, luxurious experience for your clientele.

Unlock the full potential of your spa with the Zemits DermeLuxx PRO, the epitome of esthetic excellence.

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Zemits DermeLuxx PRO Benefits

Fluid HydroDermabrasion:

  • Achieve 3X more effective HydroDermabrasion exfoliation and extractions
  • Utilize 10X less hydrodermabrasion serum per facial, maximizing cost-efficiency
  • Benefit from a mere $5 consumable cost per treatment, as opposed to $40 with competing hydrodermabrasion systems

Serum Application:

  • Deliver gentle serum hydration and thorough skin nourishment
  • Amplify skin luminosity for a radiant, glowing appearance
  • Unveil dewy, brightened skin, enriched with replenishing serums

Cooling Application:

  • Employ a cold wand to alleviate and comfort the skin post-treatment
  • Offer a 100% holistic and soothing experience for your clients
  • Minimize redness and promote pore size reduction for a smoother, more refined complexion

Choose the Zemits DermeLuxx PRO and elevate your esthetic practice with unparalleled performance and affordability.

Zemits Technology - The Power of Synergy
Zemits DermeLuxx PRO is non-invasive, non-dripping, and non-costly skin treatment.
The synergy of advanced Zemits HydroDerm Serums and Fluid Diamond Exfoliation delivers instantly radiant skin. 
Gentle and effective clear extraction tips perform even better blackheads extractions.
Serum application hydrates the skin with crafted serums while nourishing the skin.
 The perfect finishing Cooling application step helps shrink pores and seal the active serum ingredients.

Zemits DermeLuxx PRO: The HydroDermabrasion Game-Changer

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Fluid Hydro Dermabrasion

Experience Unmatched Exfoliation and Efficiency

Discover Fluid HydroDermabrasion, a cutting-edge skin exfoliation method that combines topical serum application with a fan brush, followed by gentle exfoliation and extraction with a unique DermeLuxx PRO wand.

The Zemits DermeLuxx PRO's innovative technology ensures even serum distribution while using less product. One bottle of HydroDermabrasion Serum now lasts up to 100 services.

Revolutionary serum application benefits:

  • Controlled process with brush application
  • Uses only 5ml of serum, as opposed to 30-60ml
  • Maximizes serum utilization with up to 100 treatments per bottle
  • Eliminates dripping and leakage during treatment
  • Enhances blackhead and sebum softening with potent serum acids
  • Collects exfoliation debris in a waste jar, showcasing treatment efficacy to clients
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Address Every Skin Concern with
Our Advanced Tip Selection

The Zemits DermeLuxx PRO boasts an array of advanced tips designed to cater to diverse skin needs. Our unique Double Diamond Tips feature a distinct shape and twice the abrasive surface compared to traditional diamond tips, enhancing exfoliation while minimizing skin overstretching with a smaller vacuum opening.

For sensitive and acne-prone skin, our Diamond-free Exfoliation Ruffle Tips offer gentle, superficial fluid hydrodermabrasion, providing a delicate yet effective exfoliation experience.

Post-exfoliation, the Clear Extraction Tips enable seamless, pain-free pore extractions, thanks to their smooth edges and transparent design.

Experience the remarkable transformation of visibly clearer, more radiant skin, revealing the look of unclogged pores.

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Experience Unprecedented Serum Savings

Leveraging 12+ years of expertise, we understand the challenges faced by spa owners and estheticians. In response to your concerns, our engineers have developed the groundbreaking Zemits DermeLuxx PRO, designed to maximize client satisfaction and minimize costs.

Navigating the competitive landscape, estheticians must strike a balance between pricing and quality. The Zemits addresses this challenge by redefining hydrodermabrasion with a remarkable 10x reduction in serum usage per treatment, substantially lowering costs without compromising outcomes. Its smart serum application, using a fan brush, guarantees optimal results and delighted clients.  

The Zemits DermeLuxx PRO is crafted to increase customer satisfaction and cut down expenses, creating a winning recipe for lasting business growth.

Serum Application

Unlock Radiant, Nourished Skin

Following hydro-exfoliation and hydro-extractions, serum application is the perfect next step to revitalize and brighten your clients' skin. This treatment not only nourishes skin but also counteracts the adverse effects of environmental stressors, leaving skin healthier, more luminous, and refreshed.

With no side effects, serum application is an excellent addition to any esthetic service, enhancing results and boosting client satisfaction. Our highly nourishing Zerums serums deeply hydrate the skin, unlocking its full potential for a stunning, youthful glow.

The diverse range of Zemits infusion serums allows for personalized treatments, catering to each client's unique needs.

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Cooling Application

The Ideal Finishing Touch

The cooling application serves as an excellent final step in the DermeLuxx PRO service, providing soothing relief while targeting various skin concerns.

This refreshing finale addresses:

  • Redness and skin irritation, promoting a calm and even complexion.
  • Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, revitalizing the delicate area for a brighter, more youthful appearance.
  • Dull skin, imparting a radiant and vibrant glow.
  • Acne and oily-prone skin, contributing to a clearer, healthier-looking complexion.

The cooling application step is a deeply soothing and invigorating experience, leaving skin with a natural, radiant glow.

Why Experienced Aestheticians choose Zemits DermeLuxx PRO

When choosing the new Zemits DermeLuxx PRO aestheticians are able to offer top-popular Hydrodermabrasion treatments.
With DermeLuxx aestheticians achieve better skin exfoliation because of the unique dual diamond tips and longer "serum-skin" contact time. 
Using DermeLuxx, skincare professionals are able to reduce consumable expenses from $40 to $5 per facial. 
With DermeLuxx PRO aestheticians can charge $180-$250 per facial, as it enables a unique 5-step skin logical and exciting treatment protocol protocol.
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DermeLuxx PRO works along with beautiful Zemits Skincare products formulated specifically to enhance treatment efficiency and deliver an unforgettable treatment experience
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Maximize the results of treatments with Zemits Skincare

Experience the Zemits Advantage for Your Spa Business:

At Zemits, we understand that success in the spa industry requires more than just a high-quality device. That's why we offer a comprehensive treatment solution, providing everything you need to start enhancing your business immediately.

With every Zemits device purchase, we include a corresponding to your device complimentary set of premium skincare products, allowing you to offer exceptional services to your clients right away. We are committed to your success and believe in empowering you with the knowledge and skills to maximize treatment results.

To support you in achieving the best outcomes, we provide thorough training and detailed treatment protocols, ensuring you have the confidence and expertise to deliver outstanding services.

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Discover the Rave Reviews: See What People Love About Zemits DermeLuxx PRO
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Advanced Training Program

With the Zemits DermeLuxx PRO purchase, you receive free access to an advanced online training course and Q&A session with our experienced licensed educators. Whether you prefer to learn in English or Spanish, we've got you covered.

Our comprehensive online course covers everything you need to know about your new equipment. Once you have completed the course, you will have the opportunity to book a one-on-one Q&A session with our educators. We're here to help you succeed in performing new treatments and fully understand your new equipment.

A-Esthetic's certified educators have 30+ years of experience.
With our combined experience, we have created the most complete and advanced online training course.
We will provide you with the Certificate of Completion after you successfully complete your training course.
Zemits DermeLuxx PRO Top-Rated HydroDermabrasion System

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Zemits DermeLuxx PRO

HydroDermabrasion Redefined

-2% discount
Free shipping
Available Now
$ 4 290.00 $ 4 380.00
This esthetic device is intended for cosmetic use only. This esthetic device is not intended to be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition. 
This esthetic device is intended to be used by estheticians and skincare providers. This esthetic device is not intended to be used by doctors or healthcare providers.
This esthetic device is not intended to be used in medical nor surgical purposes. This esthetic device does not affect the structure of deep skin tissues.
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Financing Programs - More opportunities for your business

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Advanced Training Program

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