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LED light therapy machine for face is all the rage right now. It’s one of the most popular by demand skin care treatment. You have read about it, you have seen amazing before and after pictures, and, if you follow any celebrities on Instagram – you have definitely seen them in those futuristic looking blue or red light masks. LED light evens out skin tone, brightens it and greatly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

As LED therapy is one of the fastest growing technologies today, professional led light therapy machines come in many different shapes and forms to accommodate any needs. You can buy a small portable professional machine or you can invest in LED light therapy mask that everyone loves posting online. Since the procedure shows great results when done after microdermabrasion - a good investment for salon or spa would be a Multifunctional system that includes both. 

How Does it Work?

Technology has a line of different colors (wavelengths) that reaches deep layers of the skin and promotes healing from within. When LED light waves affect the skin, they trigger different skin cell reaction. Those waves reach dermis layer where light is converted into fuel, and this helps to heal the skin on the cellular level. Mainly it speeds up body’s ability to heal. It’s a non-invasive way to heal your skin from the inside. A led facial machine was essentially designed to treat patients with wounds and fast-track the post operation recovery process. Later on rejuvenation of the skin became apparent and LED therapy began its journey into the beauty world.

Benefits of the Professional LED Light Therapy Machines?

LED light therapy devices for estheticians uses different lights in order to achieve different goals.

Red light is used to increase collagen production, the most important thing to achieve when undergoing treatments for the skin tightening and lifting. Red light is also used to treat some skin conditions, such as rosacea.

Blue light therapy is proven to rid of problems with acne. It is clinically proven to be a great remedy for acne.

White LED light is effective for inflamed skin. It is reported to also tighten the skin and give it healthy glowing look.

And Amber led light stimulates both elastin and collagen production. It is specifically designed to lift the skin and achieve a younger look by pushing the folds of the deep lines and wrinkles out while tightening the skin. There is professional led light therapy equipment that offer all the light spectrum, but you can as easily choose machine with just one of the mentioned lights.

Safe and painless procedure. The procedure is usually quick (from 15 minutes), pleasant and relaxing. There is no chance of damaging or burning the skin. Though different for everyone, usually first results become visible after only four shirt sessions. But, with this treatment, you need to be patient: few weeks of LED light facials would be needed to feel the skin tightening and to see a younger healthier skin.

What Are the Main Expected Results?

  • Collagen and elastin production
  • Tighter, lifted skin
  • Reduced wrinkles around the mouth, crows-feet and forehead lines
  • No inflammation
  • Better blood and oxygen flow
  • Skin cleared of Acne.

In this category, you will find a very futuristically looking type of products. It seems like the whole world has been in love with these masks for a while now, you cannot open a celebrity Instagram page without seeing a Star Wars kind of metallic mask brightly lit from the inside with a rainbow of different colors. Though, no matter how cool they look, it would have been impossible to get people to advertise these beauty deviсes if they didn’t work. And the results are truly out of this world - LED therapy masks deliver such impressive impossibly healthy perfected skin that the mask should be considered magic.

What Results Should You Expect When Buy LED Therapy Mask?

First and foremost you will see the rapid results of rebuilding the skin from within by synthesizing vital proteins.  The skin will look and feel tighter, the elasticity will be evident and, because of this, you will see a strong reduction of lines and wrinkles. A void of volume will also turn into soon to be forgotten problem.

It is a great treatment for those with problematic pores; treatment will make the pores appear smaller by taking the oil secretion under control.

Shortly you’ll be able to see a healthier skin color, supplier luminous skin.

One of the most effective pimples nixing procedures.

Skin rejuvenation through heightened cell metabolism and cell turnover.

The treatment always initiates a structural protein boost cascade so your customers will be able to see more and more results in time.

How Does Light Therapy Works To Treat Skin Care Problems?

LED light cutting-edge technology has been widely studied and is proven to be effective with the minimization of the signs of aging, like deep set wrinkled, dull lifeless complexion, sagging droopy skin. LED light was used in general medicine for cell repair, rejuvenation and overall rapid and effective healing of the skin. Of course, this was a breakthrough for the beauty industry. With treatments like these people can finally move away from plastic surgery. This skin-perfecting procedure is made possible with a line of different infrared wavelengths that can reach the dermis without in any way engaging or injuring the superficial skin layer. When LED light reaches the dermis it transforms into energy and speeds up all of the rejuvenation and cell metabolic processes.

LED therapy masks for sale in this category have the usually available essential colors and much more. You can expect to treat your customers with the red, purple, dark purple, green, cyan, blue and light blue. With these colors on hand, you can treat a wide array of skin problems – anything from acne, breakout, allergic reactions, inflammations, poor lymph activity, uneven skin tone, sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles.

Absolute Contraindications

People with malignant tumors are not eligible for the treatment.

Those who are sensitive to the light should not be scheduled for an appointment.

Those with serious health issues should first consult with their GP.

Though there is no data, pregnant women and those breastfeeding are also considered a group of risk.


LED light treatments are clinically tested with proved documented results it is one of those amazing treatments that has been developed, tested and perfected for tissue rejuvenation and wound healing in general medicine and later was pulled into the beauty industry. As it always happens, researchers have suddenly discovered that with time skin improvement became very evident, they’ve documented better complexion, new collagen synthesis and strong reduction of the signs of aging. Isn’t that a fantastic discovery?

What is LED Light Therapy?

Simply put LED light therapy is the infrared lights with different wavelengths determined by the skin problem you are to treat. LED lights reach different depths and trigger different cell reaction. When infrared rays reach the dermis the light actually transforms into cell fuel that cells need to speed up the rejuvenation process and activate the healing of the skin. LED light treatments are a way to help your skin to properly function. Now let’s look at the available colors and what reaction we can trigger with them:

The Colors

There are 5 essential treatment colors or wavelengths and a lot of different color combinations. All of the lights reach different depths of the skin and are targeting different skin problems and conditions. LED light treatments is a very praised for being result-oriented. It doesn’t matter what skin problem you are treating – capillaries, sagging dull skin, decreased blood flow – you’ll be able to deliver results.

As many other advanced treatments, LED light treatments are recommended to be performed only on clean skin, so in multifunctional machines, the high-quality light beauty device is usually paired with amazing cleansing and effective exfoliating microdermabrasion devises or an ultrasonic skin scrubber, both are ideal duos.

Red and amber colors first and foremost are used for the lifting. An amber light can only be used for the anti-aging treatments. Both of them synthesize collagen, boost the production in 5 times. Red LED light also treats rosacea, scarring and other small to medium skin imperfections.

Best led light therapy device that emits blue light is the acne wizard. Blue light targets and effectively kills acne-causing bacteria thus preventing pus formation in clogged pores and keeping the skin clear and under control.

Machines with the green light are used to treat sensitive areas of the skin, sun spots, sun damaged skin and capillaries.

Inflammation or very strongly pronounced signs of aging are treated with the white light, the strongest one of all. White LED light can really help you reverse and further control the aging process.


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