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Mesotherapy Gels


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Zemits MediAbsolute Multi-Purpose Conductive Gel, 12 fl oz | Advance-Esthetic
Zemits MediAbsolute Multi-Purpose Conductive Gel, 12 fl oz 125121 Conductive Gels
$ 35.00
$ 29.00

No-needle mesotherapy gel

Mesotherapy involves micro-injection of specific substances just beneath the skin, directly to the area requiring treatment.

For no-needle options, also called Transdermal Mesotherapy, the aim is to painlessly get these substances through the skin’s protective barriers and layers, delivering them using mild electric currents that helps transport the substances into the middle layer of the skin. The substances are usually formulations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and some medication which are then injected into a problematic area in the skin, where it takes effect. It delivers electrical waveforms in pulses, creating small channels in the skin for the ingredients to pass through, and is commonly used to treat skin conditions related to fat dissolution and breakdown such as cellulite and general fat reduction, or skin rejuvenation such as anti-aging, and hair loss treatments.

The conductive gels used for no-needle mesotherapy are usually water-based or gel serums, containing nutrients or active ingredients directed at a specific skin treatment. These actives are then delivered to the skin through a process called electroporation, which means penetration without invasion(injection), achieved due to physical skin-cell-rearrangement where the permeability of the skin membrane is temporarily altered to allow passage of materials across it.