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What Is No-Needle Mesotherapy Equipment?

Mesotherapy is a fast-emerging cosmetic treatment for skin rejuvenation and body contouring. Traditional mesotherapy uses needles to deliver the cosmetic agents, but No-Needle Mesotherapy Machines are now gaining popularity as the painless, hassle-free alternative.

No-Needle Mesotherapy machines utilize electroporation technology to deliver special vitamins, minerals, and other skin-care substances to the cellular levels of the skin with ultrasound and low-frequency current and ultrasound. With the machine, you can control the delivery of waveforms which ionize the molecules found in the active ingredients.

What Benefits Your Clients Can Get From No-Needle Mesotherapy Machines?

The absence of needles eliminates the pain or discomfort from cosmetic treatments. More clients prefer No-Needle Mesotherapy because the machine used for the treatment is non-invasive.

No-Needle Mesotherapy machines can aid in the removal of facial lines and wrinkles.  Skin is rejuvenated at its cellular level. The deep-penetration made possible by No-Needle Mesotherapy machines improves the skin’s production of collagen and elastin.  These proteins are vital in keeping the skin firm and youthful-looking.

Types of No-Needle Mesotherapy Systems

No-Needle Mesotherapy systems allow for the conduction of iontophoresis, phonophoresis, and electroporation (or electromesotherapy).

In iontophoresis, low-voltage currents allow the delivery of minute ionic compounds to the deep layers of the skin. Phonophoresis utilizes ultrasound waves to push molecules deep into the skin. Electroporation (electromesotherapy) is considered by cosmetic professionals to be the most effective trans-dermal administration. This is also and known as no-needle mesotherapy. It allows for the growth of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other skin-vital proteins. Electroporation is a unique technology enabling almost-instant filling effects, as compared to needle injections.

Benefits of No-Needle Mesotherapy

No-Needle Mesotherapy is a welcome alternative to needle injections in traditional needle mesotherapy. This diminishes pain and bruising, thus requiring no recovery time. No-Needle Mesotherapy machines aid in the delivery of natural skin-vital ingredients with precision, thus there is no risks for skin damage. Finally, No-Needle Mesotherapy replaces the need for conventional dermal fillers or vitamin injections.

How Do No-Needle Mesotherapy Machines Work?

The electroporation process administers the cosmetic cocktail directly into the problem spot by opening the membranes of the skin. The sterile substances delivered consist of optimal concentrations of anti-aging, regenerative, and vitamin agents. These substances reach the skin’s middle layers (mesoderm).

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment

What Is No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment?

Traditional mesotherapy injects enzymes, vitamins, anti-oxidants, hormones, or plant extracts that tighten and rejuvenate the skin, or remove excess fat.

In contrast, No-Needle Mesotherapy, also referred to as Transdermal Mesotherapy, is needle-free delivery of such skin-vital agents needed for skin rejuvenation or cellulite reduction.  No-Needle Mesotherapy treatments involve the use of low-frequency currency and ultrasound in delivering the natural cosmetic agents to the mesoderm through the tiny channels on the surface of the skin. 

Who Needs No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment?

No-Needle Mesotherapy treatments are suitable for those who seek:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Relief from oily skin
  • Removal of facial lines or wrinkles
  • Evened skin tone
  • Removal of dark circles under the eyes or eye bags 
  • Lightening of acne scars
  • Body contouring

Is No-Needle Mesotherapy Effective?

Although many clients can attest to almost-immediate filling of the face or skin, there is no actual research that supports factual skin rejuvenation or removal of wrinkles. Similarly, no research has found mesotherapy to have definite effects in fat loss.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Results

Many clients still prefer needle-free infusion of hyaluronic acid and vitamins for skin rejuvenation.

Active molecules in high doses delivered to the skin’s mesoderm induce fibroblasts that promote the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. After only one or a couple of sessions, this results in visibly-rejuvenated and radiant skin.

How Often to Get No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment?

No-Needle Mesotherapy treatments can be administered once to twice each week for 6 weeks, max. A 2-week rest period is recommended before further treatments, if required. 

Results are cumulative and are found to improve with more sessions. 

What Are The Side Effects Of No-Needle Mesotherapy? Does it hurt?

Traditional needle mesotherapy may cause redness, swelling, or bruises, especially among those with sensitive skin. On the other hand, No-Needle Mesotherapy is the painless alternative. The cosmetic agents are delivered deep into the skin with the use of ultrasound waves.

The vibration of the ultrasound waves promote the permeability of the skin, allowing for more effective infusion of the active agents. The low-frequency currents open the skin’s pores, which easily return to its normal state upon the shut-down of the device. The skin-vital fluids that have penetrated the skin then advances into the patient’s circulatory system, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in long-lasting improvement.

There are no known side effects to No-Needle Mesotherapy.

How Many No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatments are Needed?

To achieve one’s desired effects, a patient may require several mesotherapy sessions. One could expect to get between 3 and 15 treatments, depending on the severity of the problem.

Initially, treatments may be offered every 7-10 days. If the skin shows visible improvement after then, treatments may be stretched out to bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From No-Needle Mesotherapy?

The beneficial effects from each no-needle mesotherapy treatment typically becomes evident within 21 days. For satisfactory outcomes, space several treatments four to six weeks apart.

For fat reduction, observable results typically manifest after eight weekly treatments. For skin rejuvenation, desired results may be observed after four weekly treatments. Maintenance treatment are usually done annually.

Because each practitioner or different targeted treatments may use varying cosmetic cocktails, there could be a variance in when exactly a patient starts to achieve no-needle mesotherapy results. 

What Is The After-Care For No-Needle Mesotherapy?

Generally, water contact should be avoided around the application point or area of the no-needle mesotherapy treatment. It is recommended to avoid bathing within 6-8 hours after each treatment.

Also, advise clients to avoid applying makeup or other chemicals for at least four hours after each treatment.

How Long Do No-Needle Mesotherapy Results Last?

If you have acquired accumulative sessions of No-Needle Mesotherapy for whatever purpose, the infused molecules will take effect virtually immediately. Upon cessation of treatments, the lasting results of No-Needle Mesotherapy will remain observable until the infused molecules start to diminish and environmental and natural factors that affect skin aging start to overtake the efficacy of the molecules. Therefore, it will be difficult to measure the estimate the average efficacy of No-Needle Mesotherapy treatments as this will depend on your exposure to environmental factors and/or heredity.

Once a client completes a course of no-needle mesotherapy, results may be permanent – as long as the client maintains their weight or avoids over-exposure to harsh environmental elements. It is imperative that clients set realistic expectations and commit to making necessary lifestyle changes in order to maintain their achieved results.

Experts recommend at least 4-6 no-needle mesotherapy treatments, initially. For maintenance, monthly or annual treatment sessions, depending on desired results, may be recommended by the practitioner.

Can You Have No-Needle Mesotherapy After Botox?

Mesotherapeutic solutions consisting of various agents, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, amino acids, etc., the skin is rejuvenated and hydrated. It is fine to combine no-needle mesotherapy skin treatments with muscular botox applications (such as on the forehead or eye regions).

No-Needle Mesotherapy Recovery Time

No-needle Mesotherapy is an out-patient procedure. A typical treatment takes only a few minutes for the actual application. An additional 10-15 minutes is required, should a client choose to have a numbing agent (such as topical anesthetic) applied prior to the needleless treatment.

There is no down-time after treatment. A client will be able to drive themselves home and go about their daily activities.

The Pros and Cons of No-Needle Mesotherapy

No-needle mesotherapy is deemed to have an advantage over other skin and hair revitalizing methodologies for several reasons. No-needle mesotherapy:

  • is non-invasive and safe
  • is painless
  • is efficient
  • has immediate and lasting results
  • requires no recovery time
  • is suitable for all skin types
  • leaves no scarring

A few disadvantages to no-needle mesotherapy include:

  • No standard treatment methodology. There are variances in technique or cosmetic agent recipes across different providers 
  • No academic studies available yet to support that mesotherapy is effective for skin rejuvenation or body contouring
  • Cost

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment Before & After

Conventional mesotherapy treatments use micro-injections to deliver cosmeticeutical agents or homeopathic medications to the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) for a particular problem, such as aged skin or cellulite deposits. Several clients are able to lose about 2-5 inches after just a few treatments.

Skin infusions using No-Needle Mesotherapy take effect almost instantly, as the infused molecules penetrate the inner layers. Improvement of the skin may be observable after several cumulative sessions.

How Much does No-Needle Mesotherapy Cost in the US?

On average, a mesotherapy session may cost around $100 to $200. Because mesotherapy is not considered as a medical procedure but merely cosmetic, insurance providers typically do not cover procedure costs.

Mesotherapy procedure cost usually depends on practitioner’s location, expertise, the client’s problem area/s, and the type and amount of cosmetic ingredients required. Also, the number of treatment sessions prescribed will affect the overall cost.   

How Long Is No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment?

Each no-needle mesotherapy treatment involves the use of a needleless mesotherapy machine that produces low-frequency electrical impulses as the cosmetic agents are delivered to the skin’s internal layers. A typical treatment like this lasts anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

What to Expect after a No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment?

A client may expect to feel mild tingling sensations during the treatment proper. In the few minutes of the treatment itself, clients usually feel relaxed and refreshed. There is no down-time after a treatment and a client will be able to carry on with their normal activities.

What Are The Other Names Of No-Needle Mesotherapy?

No-Needle Mesotherapy is also known as electroporation (or electromesotherapy). Many professionals consider this to be the most effective method of trans-dermal delivery of mesotherapeutic medication, filling skin in or targeting excess fat deposits.

No-Needle Mesotherapy is sometimes also referred to as Transdermal Mesotherapy.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Alternatives

Radiofrequency Lifting

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy or is a non-surgical procedure for tightening the skin. This procedure utilizes energy waves to elevate the temperatures in the deeper skin layers (dermis). The heat produced stimulates collagen production. It is similar to No-needle Mesotherapy in its use of low-frequency currents, but the latter delivers cosmetic agents into the skin that promotes production of collagen and other skin-vital proteins.


Hydrodermabrasion is popular among people with sensitive skin. This technique involves gentle and moisturizing exfoliation. This technology utilizes water and exfoliation to reveal healthier more radiant skin. This technique works on the skin’s surface whereas No-Needle Mesotherapy works on skin from within.

Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent facials are beauty treatments that involve the use of electric pulses to promote the growth of healthy skin cells. The electric currents work to "train" the facial muscles to appear tightened, firm, and lifted. Similarly, No-Needle Mesotherapy uses low-frequency currents but it is to deliver cosmetic cocktails into the skin’s mesoderm.


Microdermabrasion treatments gently sand the skin’s surface, using a lightly abrasive instrument. This skin rejuvenation technique is used to lighten scars, eliminate pigmentation, and relieve stretch marks and sun damage.

No-Needle Mesotherapy is less invasive and relatively painless.

LED Light Therapy

Light-emitting Diode (LED) therapy is likewise a non-invasive skin improvement treatment. It stimulates cellular activity in the skin, including fibroblasts that work to produce collagen. Among all other skin rejuvenation techniques, this is the most similar to No-Needle Mesotherapy in that they both stimulate the production of collagen and they are both painless. But the latter improves the skin by way of carefully-concocted cosmetic agents.

Performing No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment

Who Can Perform No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment

The practice of applying No-Needle Mesotherapy does not require a professional license. It does, however, require suitable training among mesotherapists before attempting treatment on clients.
No-Needle Mesotherapy treatments are commonly available in beauty salons, spas, and other cosmetic clinics.

How to Perform No-Needle Mesotherapy?

The therapist first deep cleans the area where the No-Needle Mesotherapy will be applied. Once the patient’s skin has been prepared for treatment, practitioner uses electrodes and specially-blended cosmetic therapy cocktails. The No-Needle Mesotherapy machine will produce low-frequency electrical impulses, felt merely as a pleasant tingling by the patient. Each treatment session typically takes about 15-30 minutes to complete, a little longer if client requests for a topical anesthetic.


No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment Protocol

The mesotherapy practitioner will thoroughly examine the client’s skin or problem area in order to fully identify the issue and desired effects. This is vital to mapping out the treatment plan to be prescribed to the client. Different skin or fat reduction concern will require specific cosmetic cocktails and different treatment frequency and duration.

For instance, acne scars, corner lines on the mouth, and sun damage to the skin will require a medium microdermabrasion is commonly recommended. Frequency and number of treatments will depend on the severity of the problem.

Each No-Needle Mesotherapy treatment session begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin, removal of makeup and other impurities. This initial step is essential as a cleansed skin makes it optimal for the effective penetration of active ingredients.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment Steps

This needleless procedure consist of four phases per treatment. Mesotherapy practitioners need to complete all four:

Introduction (Phase 1). This opens up the ion channels in the skin cells to allow the active ingredients to permeate.

Circulation (Phase 2). As pressure rises within the cells, the active ingredients are delivered deeper into the skin.

Drainage (Phase 3). Active ingredients penetrate further into the skin as pressure on the cells normalizes.

Stimulation (Phase 4). Ion channels in the skin cells are closed and final pressure on the skin cells is equalized. 

Most No-Needle Mesotherapy machines are multi-functional. Various treatment heads may be purchased for specialized treatment targets. A business which offers No-Needle Mesotherapy need only to buy one such multi-functional machine and offer different needleless mesotherapy services:

  • Radiofrequency lifting
  • Diamond microdermabrasion
  • Ultrasound fat reduction
  • Cavitation peeling
  • Dermo-massage

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment Areas

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment for Facial Lines and Wrinkles

This No-Needle Mesotherapy facial treatment for wrinkles and facial lines targets the neck, cheeks, or jowl areas. Gene technology aids in targeting progerin (the marker for cell aging). This mesotherapeutic facial improves cell function, and the restoration of tired, aged skin.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment for Pigmented Skin

A case of pigmented skin will typically require a mixture of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), antioxidants, and vitamin B5. These key ingredients blend can brighten the skin and remove hyper-pigmented spots, revealing more radiant and youthful skin. 

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment for Eye Bags

In treating eye bags or dark circles around the eyes, No-Needle Mesotherapy targets the eye contour area, elevating its moisture levels and stimulates the production of collagen. Doing so slows down the aging process and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment for Stretch Marks

The aim of No-Needle Mesotherapy for the treatment of stretch marks is to stimulate the fibroblast into producing collagen and elastin. Doing so not only alleviates stretch marks, but is helpful in its prevention.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Treatment for Cellulite

No-Needle Mesotherapy can also be applied to the elimination of cellulite. Here, laser technology and low-frequency electric currents help to reactivate tissue functions that influence cellulite development. Tissues are stimulated to improve blood flow, microcirculation, and lymphatic drainage. Specifically-designed topical agents, combined with conductive gel, create active moisturizing and antioxidant substances that also stimulate metabolism.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Consumables/Expenses

There are multifunctional No-Needle Mesotherapy machines available that can be used for different problem areas of patients. You just need to purchase specialized machine “heads” or probes to conduct different procedures such as for skin rejuvenation, pores closure, skin reconstruction, etc.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Training

Training for No-Needle Mesotherapy application usually takes just 1 to 2 days. Such courses will already cover hands-on training and expert insight to all pertinent aspects of no-needle mesotherapy. You may find and book such courses online.

No-Needle Mesotherapy Consent Form

Should your business offer No-Needle Mesotherapy, you are well within your rights to require your clients to sign a consent form. This signifies that your clients have reviewed and understood the potential risks and benefits associated with the cosmetic procedure. 

Mesotherapy, as a cosmetic procedure, has yet to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, many of the active ingredients utilized in the treatments already have FDA approval for the treatment of other conditions.

Benefits of No-Needle Mesotherapy Machine for Your Spa Business

Treatments You Can Perform With No-Needle Mesotherapy Machine

No-Needle Mesotherapy infusions are safe and painless aesthetic procedures involving the delivery of vital vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into the inner layers of the skin. Such targeted infusions stimulate the production of collagen production and other anti-aging proteins as treatment for skin rejuvenation and firming, cellulite reduction and body contouring, as well as the reduction of stretch marks.

Because it is painless, with no recovery time required and no medical license required for mesotherapists, you may integrate No-Needle Mesotherapy treatments into your spa business easily.

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