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Microcurrent Conductive Gels


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Zemits MediAbsolute Multi-Purpose Conductive Gel, 12 fl oz | Advance-Esthetic
Zemits MediAbsolute Multi-Purpose Conductive Gel, 12 fl oz 125121 Conductive Gels
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Microcurrent Treatment Products

What Is Conductive Gel?

Conductive gel is a water-based gel, chemically neutral and electrically conductive. This type of gel is widely used for facial procedures like ultrasound, electrotherapy, microcurrent, radiofrequency and ultrasonic devices.

When it comes to microcurrent machines, they are designed to produce a low frequency pulsating currents of electricity and gel needed to conduct current.


Why Should You Use Conductive Gel?

  It helps to transmit the electric current from the equipment to the muscles, without the gel this treatment won’t be effective, since the electric currents will not be able to reach the necessary depth.

  Conductive gel protects the skin from micro electric shock, and enables the device to glide smoothly. In fact, it is recommended to apply a generous amount of microcurrent gel to ensure good conductivity and an adequate skin protection.

  Additionally, some microcurrent conductivity gels are infused with anti-aging ingredients and act as both, conductive medium and anti aging treatment. Usually these microcurrent gels are leave-on, so you don’t have to wash them off after the procedure, and they are also more expensive.

Using microcurrent gel provides the following benefits:

  • Enables microcurrent to penetrate into the muscles
  • Increases product absorption
  • Nourishes skin with anti-aging ingredients
  • Protects skin from zapping
  • Allows the equipment to glide easily

Microcurrent Conductive Gel

Gels for microcurrent conduction are usually water-based, clear solutions that allow conduction of electricity while being chemically neutral. It is widely used for medical procedures like ultrasound, electrotherapy, and with radiofrequency devices.

When using microcurrent devices that produce low-frequency electric currents for skin rejuvenation, a medium is needed to allow transmission of these currents from the tools being used and into the skin. Normally, the skin resists electric currents, and zapping (electric shock) can happen. This affects the effectiveness of the treatment. Microcurrent conductive gels help convert the electric currents from these microcurrent devices into the body’s natural current, which then releases energy into the muscles and skin tissues, providing the lifting and toning effects needed.

Some of the conductive gels available in the market are infused with other ingredients that also get into the skin, such as anti-aging, hydrating, and moisturizing actives.

An ideal and appropriate microcurrent gel should be water-based, transparent/clear, hypoallergic, oil-free, and have nourishing active ingredients.