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Vacuum Machines For Butt Lifting

Technological automation paved its way towards the invention of beneficial products that are way too convenient and user-friendly. They cover particular domains of the market sectors, but most especially the health care and consumer discretionary categories, emphasizing the fitness and beauty sphere. Now, with current trends and the aid of influencers, there is a rapidly growing sales in beauty products and automated body enhancement equipment, making it possible to opt-out of the horrifying course of plastic surgery together with the consequences after. In the scheme of beauty and fitness trends, the market for these products, which targets all age groups and gender, but most especially women, is rapidly rising. 

Butt enhancement is one of the most sought-after surgical procedures revolutionizing the current beauty trends, but the unimaginable complications that may come with it in the worst case undoubtedly outweigh the benefits presented beforehand. In the past years, we witnessed how automated beauty equipment dominated and cliqued for the public. The question now would be, do these machines offer the same benefits? Do they provide more than the standard surgical course? 


Cosmetic treatments since their emergence have been utterly expensive and are still continuously getting pricier. Despite this factor, some people still seek and are willing to go through the discomfort and risks of getting surgery. Though many are willing to undergo such an operation to achieve an hourglass look like the Kardashians, not everyone is financially and physically endowed to have one. It is the point whereby an alternative of surgery becomes one of the options towards the road to achieving the desired look. Several machines for body augmentation are available in the market, and opting out in surgery still has a comparable outcome.

What Is Butt Lifting Vacuum Equipment?

Butt lifting equipment for sure does ring a bell. But what is this equipment? To carry out a professional butt-lift procedure without incisions and distressing needles, the therapist or even the client on his own with appropriate training will need a butt lifting vacuum machine. This type of machine mainly depends on the needs and preferences of each client. This equipment uses a vacuum pump machine consisting of suction cups, an atomizer, set of hoses connected to the main tube, which is plugged in directly to the device. The suction cups are in different sizes to meet the needs of each client. The therapist needs to have a clear vision of the effects of the cup suction for monitoring purposes and ensuring the optimal outcome of the procedure. For this reason, the suction cups are composed of transparent material. 

Benefits The Clients Can Get from Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatment?

Who will say no to a perfectly toned tush with contours in the right places, right? The evolution of butt-lifting, non-invasive, and painless treatment led to the production and innovation of more advanced equipment escalating its pinnacle as more people embrace and pursue this new trend in the aesthetic industry. This butt-enhancing equipment is not solely for the butt but also on thighs, legs, belly, arms, and back. It is brilliant as it is a piece of all-in-one equipment. This vacuum butt lift therapy offers a wide range of benefits such as breast enhancement, wrinkle reduction, attainment of more elastic skin by accelerating body collagen production, restoration of breast malformation and asymmetry, improving its contour and texture, promoting smooth lymphatic flow, and good blood circulation, removal of toxins and dead cells, fights against cellulite, and fat deposit transfer.

Contrary to the well-known Brazilian buttocks lift, which involved incisions, needles, liposuction, and anesthesia, the butt lifting vacuum machine has no downtime, unlike the Brazilian surgical procedure. This ingenious machine performs outstanding work without hassle and potential side effects, which might impede the daily tasks. Practically speaking, this is the best choice for those looking for some butt enhancement procedures that are painless and non-invasive, serving similar objectives with the surgical options. With this advanced device, there is a big chance that clients will go for the non-invasive treatment over the surgical procedure. It also contributes to the decrease of morbidity rate following butt-lift surgery, prevention of any traumatic aftermath to the skin, and mortality reduction. 

Types of Butt Lifting Vacuum 

Butt lift machines are available in the online market and physical stores in varying sizes ranging from $149.99 to $2,000.00. Each has distinct function modes, features, and accessories. Most of the machines also come with a massager roller in different designs equipped with one or more rotatable rollers with a non-slip handle which is easy to hold, and at the same time, it is a great tool to relax various parts of the body. Aside from the accessories, oils and creams for vacuum therapy are also available online, in physical stores, and during the sessions. It is also perfect for muscle tension relief and blood circulation improvement. The control system for suction cups and the different buttons which allow the therapist and users to make certain adjustments are advantageous. The higher the price, the more features are indeed available for use, and multiple benefits are to be gained by the clients. Of course, people tend to go for affordable or mid-range products and services, and it is necessary to choose what best fits the financial capability and demands. Several varieties of these machines are being utilized in spa businesses and sold on multiple online market platforms. 

How Does Butt Lifting Vacuum Machines Work?

Most butt lift machines come with radiofrequency. However, a few brands, especially the cheapest ones, are not equipped with this setting. Its mechanism of action has something to do with the negative pressure applied on the suction cups, which is responsible for initiating the stimulations required to achieve a perfectly contoured butt. The suction cups can correct and improve the tone of the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. The gluteal muscles are the most superficial group of the posterior hip and thigh muscles consisting of gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and tensor fasciae latae, the four of which fill the gluteal or buttock region and provide it with shape and form. The cups are placed on the butt and left in a fixed position for about 30 to 45 minutes. The initial pressure should be at medium to low intensity and should be controlled based on the extent of tolerance and comfort and the recommendations of the trained personnel. The rationale behind the edge of these machines is that they function for various purposes. The suction cups in diverse sizes allow the therapist to place them on the different parts of the body to carry out an array of massages and vibrations on the skin during the suctioning session. What happens is hydration and blood flow increase. It boosts oxygenation of the area in which detoxification and shaping occur. The lymphatic system will drain through the cups as the suction is applied.


What Is Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatment?

If you are looking for an alternative way to reshape and achieve a stunning booty contour without going under the knife, then you are looking for butt lifting vacuum treatment. This Butt lift therapy is painless, safe, and less expensive. Its practice was made known on the market a few decades ago when it evolved from a treatment to reduce the scars to a non-surgical butt lifting method. It helps to restore the natural elasticity of the skin and fights cellulitis. It also breaks down fat deposits, removes toxins, and triggers the muscles in areas of the body. These combine to offer increased toning effects and give the appearance of a smoother, firmer, more lifted derriere.  

Who Needs Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatment?

Anyone who can have this procedure with the desire to enhance the shape of their butt with natural-looking results can have this treatment. Most importantly, this could be the best option for those after a non-invasive procedure with less of a paid-for look. The people suitable for this treatment are those with flat tush, people who value the appearance of the body shape, people who desire to have the fullness of the butt, and those seeking psychological or professional needs to satisfy their desire for image perfection. 

Does Butt Lifting Vacuum Work?

Yes, it works! This procedure does its wonders by making your buttocks look striking and natural. It also comes with other health benefits contrary to the surgical procedures that may have probable complications. Anyhow, you need to bear in mind that the results are not permanent and require multiple sessions. Experts recommend that clients complete two to eight vacuum butt lift sessions to achieve optimal results. The duration of each session depends on the muscle definition and skin elasticity. To keep the booty looking lifted, you must opt in to continue with regular exercise and consider yearly maintenance. For a long-lasting result, other options such as surgical Brazilian Butt Lifting or implants are good choices during a visit to a plastic surgeon. 

Butt Lifting Vacuum Results

Relevant results following treatment show after the 5th session. They are not permanent, but an exceptional therapy can yield results that could last up to four or five years. This therapy will never be the same as a surgical procedure, but for a non-invasive treatment, the results are pretty incredible. After five to eight sessions, the treated area will look bigger, firm, elevated, and more toned buttocks. 

How Often to Get Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatment?

Commonly, this procedure can be done once or twice a week for the first month. The months following the 5th or 8th butt suction sessions only require a minimum of 1 session per month for maintenance.  

What Are the Side Effects of Butt Lifting Vacuum? Does it hurt?

This type of therapy poses little-to-no side effects and risks as surgical butt augmentation without pervasive downtime. Because it is a non-invasive procedure, it’s virtually painless. Clients may feel a slight pinching sensation on the treated area as the cups are applied and removed. It is also common to experience swelling and tightness which shall dissipate quickly after a few hours. This process is very safe than the other alternatives, and it eliminates all concerns such as infections, inflammation, disfigurement, and more fatal repercussions.

How Many Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatments are Needed?

To start noticing some observable and relevant outcomes, at least about four sessions of vacuum butt lifting should be completed. For maximum results, the client should have finished about eight sessions, but of course, it should not end here as there is a need for one or two sessions a month to keep the stunning butt look and to maintain the optimal result. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Butt Lifting Vacuum?

In most instances, the minimum waiting period to see the result is on the second week, after the fourth session of the vacuum butt lift treatment. Remember that the complete outcome can be observed by the end of the first month, after the eighth session.  

What Is the After-Care for Butt Lifting Vacuum?

There are some recommended practices as they contribute to the desired outcome of the therapy, and at the same time, they provide health benefits. These practices include drinking extra fluids, ideally 2 to 4 glasses of water to improve lymphatic drainage, and taking some rest to let the body restore itself during the day. Prevention of alcoholic beverages, dairy or sugary products, and caffeine are recommended, especially during the first six hours after the treatment. Certain precautions include avoiding exposure to harsh temperatures as it can be harmful after the procedure. Any form of intense routine activities is allowed the next day.  

How Long Does Butt Lifting Vacuum Results Last?

The treatment mainly depends on the number of sessions completed. By completing the eighth session by the end of the first month, the results will last for several months up to a few years. It means, with regular exercise and maintenance sessions, the results would last longer than anticipated before you consider doing the entire therapy again. 

Can You Have Butt Lifting Vacuum After Botox?

Botox therapy, a well-known procedure for several years that functions by relaxing or temporarily paralyzing muscle activity, thereby giving a younger appearance and smoothens wrinkles, is also one of the current trends in cosmetic treatments. The good news is that Botox treatment is not among the contraindications to butt lift vacuum therapy. 

Butt Lifting Vacuum Therapy Recovery Time

There is no recovery period when you go through a vacuum butt lift session since you can go back to your usual routine without thinking much about it. However, you should bear in mind the after-care practices and precautions. 

Butt Lifting Vacuum Therapy Contraindications

Contraindications always come along with every treatment, regardless of whether it is cosmetic or medical. Here is a list of vacuum butt lift contraindications: Menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, elderly, and anyone recovering from surgery.

Butt Lifting Vacuum Pros and Cons

There are always pros and cons to everything, and now is the time to get acquainted with them in line with the butt lift vacuum therapy. There are plenty of benefits this therapy is offering, and here is a list of them: it is a non-invasive treatment meaning no needles are involved, no chemicals, and certainly no cuts, hence risk-free without complications; there’s no downtime as you can go back to your normal activities right away; it improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and texture of the treated area; finally, you can say, Adios cellulite! Hello lifted and natural derriere! 

There are also a few cons: the multiple sessions that come along to achieve maximum results; the maintenance therapy once or twice a month for longer-lasting plumped tush; and the temporary results, so regular exercise and maintenance therapy is necessary to keep it for several years.

Butt Lifting Vacuum Cost in the US

The cost for each session varies depending on the location. The typical cost for this treatment in the United States ranges from $85 to $150 per session. By estimating the number of sessions within a year, the annual cost ranges from $2500 to $4500. 

How Long Is Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatment?

The suction cups are on the buttocks for 30 to 45 minutes. The intensity of pressure is adjusted per tolerance and desired enhancement result of the client. 

What Are the Other Names of Butt Lifting Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum butt lift therapy is associated with other names such as non-surgical butt lift, vacuotherapy, depressomassage, vacumtherapy, vacuum butt lifting, or vacuum buttocks therapy. 

When Is Butt Vacuum Treatment Recommended?

There are imperfections in our bodies that affect our self-esteem and confidence level. Thanks to advanced technology because almost everything is now made easy and possible. When a client asks for buttocks lift or buttocks enhancement and an effective slimming procedure, recommend vacuum butt lift therapy. It is also a good option when sagging skin is the issue. 



Who Can Perform Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatment?

Cosmetic treatments- surgical or non-surgical should be performed by a board-certified professional, like the vacuum butt treatment. Empirical thinking is necessary for seeking a prospective provider or therapist. Doing prior research about the credibility of the therapists by asking about their training and expertise with the procedure is a good practice. Having the therapist show a portfolio of the successful treatments is possible. Steering beyond any facility that gives vacuum therapy at a low cost with no credentials will not guarantee a good outcome. 

How to Perform Butt Lifting Vacuum?

Provided below is the step-by-step process of the vacuum butt lift procedure. The first step is to allow the client to lie on their stomach, during which specialized suction cups are on the buttocks. Next is, the cups should be left on the butt for about 30 to 45 minutes with appropriate intensity depending on tolerance. The purpose of suction cups made of transparent material is to provide good visuals to the therapist to monitor the effects of the suction treatment. Lastly, a vacuum butt lift session should take about 30 minutes most of the time. Surprisingly, it’s not unheard of for a session to last up to 45 minutes, as it mostly depends on the tolerance level.

How Long to Wait Between Butt Lifting Vacuum Treatments?

One disadvantage of this treatment is the multiple sessions each client should go through. In the first month, there are consecutive sessions, and the interval between each session is both on a weekly and daily basis because of two sessions carried out weekly. It may seem time-consuming, but heeding the recommended number of sessions will carry quality results.  


Treatments You Can Perform with Butt Lifting Vacuum Machine

Spa owners can benefit and earn profit by offering vacuum butt lift treatment to the customers and owning a few types of machines. Aside from enhancing butt contours, it also works in other parts, such as the thighs, legs, belly, arms, and back. Acquiring machines of the highest quality, beautifully and ergonomically designed, highly functional, and user-friendly pose many advantages. Portable buttock vacuum therapy machines are ideal for at-home salons and those beauticians working on-site. Another option is the full-on beauty salon in one sleek machine with multiple effective and popular beauty treatments that will boost your portfolio with just one purchase. Whichever type of machine you own, you can be sure your clients will appreciate this buttocks lifting equipment. 

Multifunctional Vacuum Butt Lift Machine

Vacuum butt treatment combined with other beauty treatments provides outstanding results. The radiofrequency feature is the ultimate asset of this machine. Series of skin healing and restoration, especially the sagged skin, are the forte of radiofrequency. 

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