BBL Buttocks Vacuum Cups, Size Double Extra Large XXL 1

BBL Buttocks Vacuum Cups

Size Double Extra Large XXL

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The advanced Double Extra Large Vacuum Cups from Advance-Esthetic are made of durable medical grade plastic and have been sized to an 22.5" diameter | 180 ml to offer non-surgical BBL or "Vacuum Brailian Butt Lift" and cellulite reduction treatments on larger areas.  


These carefully crafted cups have been designed with the idea of treating all body types in mind - with the 22.5" circumference and curved cup edge.

The XXL vacuum cups are comfortable and fit a wide variety of sizes: 10-16 | L- XL- XXL

Compared to the previous size of cups offered, the new XXL cups are much more effective for the clients that are Large- Extra Large- Double Extra Large.


When performing the non-surgical BBL, the XXL cups are placed simultaneously onto the back of the legs to hold vacuum suction.
The cups are then slowly moved into the desired position and left in place for 10-20 minutes. 


The XXL Vacuum Cups are compatible with any vacuum therapy system.
Simply connect the double hose single open ending directly to the unit and the double hose endings to the respective cups. Set the vacuum pattern, intensity, timer, and enjoy!
The XXL Vacuum Cups are compatible with any brand of Vacuum Devices and perfectly fit these Advance-Esthetic systems:

What Comes in Set?

When you order the XXL cups from Advance-Esthetic, you receive a full set ready to be used with any vacuum device:

- 1 pair of XXL cups

- 1 double-connector hose

- 1 filter 

Technical Specification 

Zemits Ultimate Double Extra Large Cups:

Advanced Buttocks Treatment, fits a wide variety of sizes: 10-16 | L- XL- XXL

8.5" diameter

22.5" circumference

8.5" height

180 ML 


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