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Zemits CelluSpice Pro

Thermal Body Sculptor

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Zemits CelluSpice Pro –
Stand out of a crowd with a unique Thermal Body Contouring Technology

What is CelluSpice Massage?

A Revolutionary Approach to Thermal Vacuum Massage.

Embracing a 100% holistic method, CelluSpice proves to be an essential step following any cryotherapy procedure, whether vacuum-associated or employing a direct gliding cryo technique. CelluSpice allows for the introduction of contrast stimulation after the application of cold treatment by utilizing a heated vacuum handpiece.

The contrast treatment protocol is not only invigorating but also instrumental in optimizing circulatory and lymphatic flow. In addition, it bolsters the resilience of capillaries while enhancing body contouring and slimming outcomes.

Experience the transformative impact of thermal vacuum massage with CelluSpice, the definitive companion to your cryotherapy services.

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Zemits CelluSpice Pro – Stand out of a crowd with a unique Thermal Body Contouring Technology

It's 100% natural with no side effects! Zemits CelluSpice Pro from is used as an add on or stand-alone technique for various treatments including aggressive treatments such ultrasonic cavitation,  or cryotherapy.

The advanced technology of CelluSpice Pro, added with high precision, are perfect for toning and contouring any body type.
Thermal Body Contouring is non-aggressive and non-invasive therapeutic procedure, with no downtime and no known side effects. CelluSpice Pro delivers this procedure perfectly!

How is CelluSpice Pro Special?
  • Unique and rare treatment on the aesthetic market
  • No electrical current like Radio Frequencies (RF), which means less contraindications
  • Perfect finishing step after Cryotherapy 
  • Effective Vacuum massage after Cavitation treatment
  • Adjustable Thermal range up to 70C/ 150F
  • Three replaceable thermal vacuum handpieces
  • 100% Holistic Technology
  • Unique and relaxing heating experience
  • 3-Year Warranty
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How does CelluSpice Pro work?

The Zemits CelluSpice Pro offers a non-invasive solution for face and body massage, armed with intelligently preconfigured protocols. With a simple touch, select from one of the nine available programs on its intuitive touchscreen interface, and the device instantaneously prepares itself for the treatment. Whether you're focusing on the face, arms, abdomen, or gluteus, we've incorporated all the necessary parameters for an effective, hassle-free performance: vacuum pulse patterns, thermal temperature settings, recommended suction intensity, and treatment duration. All of this is ready and waiting at your fingertips.

Press start, apply massage oil, and deliver a soothing massage aligned with the body's natural lymphatic flow. With the Zemits CelluSpice Pro, achieving relaxation and efficacy has never been easier.

The Zemits CelluSpice Pro Thermal Body Sculptor

CelluSpice’s Pro Thermal Effect

CelluSpice Pro works wonders by pairing vacuum strength with the gentle heat of thermal treatment, creating impressively effective results.

This safe, non-electrical warmth helps muscles unwind and boosts circulation, sending a flood of oxygen-rich blood to your skin. This warming, oxygen-boosting effect goes hand-in-hand with a vacuum pulse massage, making this approach an exceptional, well-rounded treatment.

It fits perfectly into body contouring and anti-cellulite treatment protocols, and it's also fantastic as part of a relaxing massage treatment. With CelluSpice Pro, you're not just getting a device – you're gaining a versatile tool for whole-body wellness.

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Customized Treatment Protocols for Your Clients' best experience

With Zemits CelluSpice Pro our customers receive 10 unique protocols to cover the most wanted clients' needs and help increase clients retention

Zemits CelluSpice Pro Durable Accessories

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Some Unique Properties of CelluSpice Pro

The Zemits CelluSpice Pro Body Remodeling handpiece combines multiple technologies in one tool:
- Thermal massage
- Vacuum Deep Tissue Massage with adjustable patterns
- Interchangeable heads of three sizes, covering all the body areas.

This unique synergy of technologies works perfectly for:
- Full Body Massage
- Anti-Cellulite Treatment Protocols
- Post Cryotherapy Massage
- Post Cavitation Massage
- Muscle Tension Release 
- Fascia Release 

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Maximize the Results of Treatments

STEP 1: Exfoliation
Zemits FreshPeel Exfoliating Body Scrub
to Illuminate Dry and Dull Skin
The natural body scrub helps to restore skin’s natural glow with a refreshing blend of Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, and Cucumber Extract.
Clean and simple formula for amazing exfoliating results.

STEP 2: Massage
Zemits DazzleSkin Premium Massage Oil
High-Performance Mixture of Pure Botanical Ingredients for the Most Luxurious Body Treatment Experience.
This lightweight, deeply hydrating blend of natural oils is a choice for every vacuum-powered device, as it helps to glide on the skin and minerals help to conduct Rf energy for greater treatment results.

STEP 3: Moisterizing
Zemits SilkEuphoria
Deep Hydrating & Revitalizing Body Lotion
One-of-a-kind lightweight and deeply nourishing body lotion with light notes of the ginger scent. The Zemits Silk Euphoria is a masterpiece for spa body services. It contains 8 essential oils, that help to soothe and soften the skin during or after body treatments.
The Zemits Silk Euphoria was created for luxurious spa services.


This esthetic device is intended for cosmetic use only. This esthetic device is not intended to be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition.

This esthetic device is intended to be used by estheticians and skincare providers. This esthetic device is not intended to be used by doctors or healthcare providers.

This esthetic device is not intended to be used in medical nor surgical purposes. This esthetic device does not affect the structure of deep skin tissues.

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