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ZEMITS Light Quantum Smart LED Light Therapy System



LED Light Therapy Machines
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$ 950.00

Sorry, this product currently unavailable. Please contact us for availability dates and options.

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Brand: Zemits
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  • Zemits Light Quantum Smart LED Light Therapy System

    The New Professional System for LED Light Therapy

    It has 288 LEDs capable of emitting light from blue to red wavelengths.

    Each colored light carries significant meaning.

    Red- 640 nm- Helps eliminate wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen to lift up the skin. 

    Yellow- 590 nm- Stimulates lymph activity.

    Green- 520 nm- Repair sensitive skin and vessels.

    Laser Light- 510 nm- Offers soothing relief from inflammation caused by allergies or breakouts.

    Light Blue- 490 nm- Helps reduce inflammation.

    Blue - 470 nm- Kills the bacteria known to cause acne and other blemishes. 

    Purple- 420 nm - Stimulates oxygenation of the epidermis. 

    The wavelength additionally stimulates cellular mitochondria to increase energy production, which hastens cell replication in addition to encouraging collagen and elastin production.

    The Zemits Light Quantum Smart LED Light Therapy System.

    This equipment allows you to succeed in:

    1. Lifting and tightening treatments for face, neck, decollete, abdomen, hips, and buttocks

    2. Rejuvenation treatments

    3. Treatments for reducing eye wrinkles and dark circles around eyes

    4. Treatments for improving skin elasticity and skin color

    5. Treatments for oily skin with loose pores.

    6. Galvanic Infusion Set for sheet masks and Microcurrent probes for skin tightening.

    7. The LED function has 8 LED bulbs with Diod RED laser - 808 nm for deep skin rejuvenation and hair growing

    What is Light Therapy?

    If you’ve been doing your research on effective rosacea treatments, then you’ve already read more about light therapy than the average person. So let’s start with what light therapy is not. Light therapy is not laser therapy. Lasers take light and focus it (unnaturally) into a continuous beam.

    Lasers work by destroying specific tissue, then depend on your body to clean up the mess. Lasers have the potential to do a great job – they also have the potential to do more harm than good. Light therapy poses no such risk.

    Light therapy is not IPL. IPL takes non-laser light and blasts it at your skin at high intensity. Again, specific wavelengths of light are chosen to target certain cells or depths of skin, damage is done to those targeted areas, then your body cleans up the mess. Granted, the damage is usually less with IPL than with lasers, resulting in a less painful experience, and less drastic risks, but still, it’s not light therapy.

    What light therapy is. (Photobiomodulation)

    Light therapy is a branch of alternative medicine. It has been gaining more and more credibility in the conventional medical community, and has finally been accepted as a legitimate therapy and formally named “photobiomodulation.” Light therapy uses natural light of different colors (wavelengths) to cure, treat, and prevent a growing list of conditions, including rosacea. Light by nature is electromagnetic energy, traveling at roughly 186 thousand miles per second.

    It does not need any help from man to have an impact. Here’s an example you might be familiar with: blue light therapy for jaundice. Blue light has been the standard treatment for neonatal jaundice for decades. These infants do not have to be bludgeoned with light for it to work. Instead, their delicate skin is bathed in gentle blue light for hours. Without any sensation or side effect, the light interacts with their blood through the capillaries in their skin, breaking down the bilirubin, so their body can clear it away. That is light therapy.

    How does red light therapy work?

    The wavelengths from our red light therapy products can penetrate the skin to a depth of 8 mm to 10 mm. The energy from that light is used by the mitochondria in the cells to turn it into a form of energy that the other parts of the cells can use for activities such as: Improving circulation to the area and encouraging new capillary formation. Increasing collagen and fibroblast production. Boosting ATP (raw energy that cells can use) release. Stimulation of tissue granulation. Reduction of skin inflammation.

    Enhanced “clean up” of the cells (phagocytosis). Raised activity from the lymphatic system.

    What are the benefits of light therapy for rosacea sufferers?

    The processes that red light therapy promotes in the skin can help to generate the following benefits for people with rosacea: More even overall skin tone Reduction in redness, flushing, and broken capillaries Improved natural moisture levels in the skin Faster healing of “acne rosacea” bumps and pimples Sun damage repair Lowered inflammation Decrease in rosacea-related skin discomforts such as burning, itching and tightness.

    What products are needed for Zemits Light Quantum Smart LED Light Therapy System ?

    LED Therapy can be performed on dry skin or you can apply any active serum to increase its penetration deep into the skin.


    • Device with 288 LED Bulbs
    • Power cord
    • Users Manual

    Treatment method

    1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly

    2. Apply any serum or mask to the area that will be treated

    3. Plug the power cord into a standard wall outlet. Press the power button.

    4. Press the on/off button to start the treatment. Adjust intensity onto the machine

    5. Set up time and color.

    6. Treatment time is 20-30 minutes.

    7. At the end of treatment apply the soothing/moisturizing mask and SPF cream.

    Benefits of equipment

    • Can be applied for face and body treatments
    • Decreases inflammation (which can reduce swelling, redness, and other skin discomforts)
    • Boosts the rate of skin healing for faster results
    • Reduces the time needed to manage rosacea flushing
    • Helps to heal existing acne rosacea and redness without any added irritation
    • Assists in the prevention of worsening/progressing rosacea symptoms
    • Drug-free with no reported long- or short-term side effects 100 percent natural and non-invasive
    • Safe for regular daily use for people of all ages
    • Requires very little time and/or effort
    • Painless
    • Does not lose effectiveness over time
    • No down-time


    One Year Warranty.


    This product is intended only for aesthetic purposes. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions.






    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are intended for cosmetic use.

    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

    ZEMITS  Light Quantum Smart LED Light Therapy System ZEMITS Light Quantum Smart LED Light Therapy System

    Sorry, this product currently unavailable. Please contact us for availability dates and options.

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