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Zemits Skin Expert

Ultrasound Skin Scrubber

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$ 139.00

Reviews (8)

Leticia Denicolo Oliveira

I have had this product close to 2 years and it has been a great acquisition for my treatment room! This device is impeccable each time it delivers the results I wanted for my clients! Knowing how and when to use it for each application in the treatment it is important too! Knowing your tools for the right job and getting quality products will make your business grow and make you exceptionally successful as a beauty professional! I wish I could have all the products and machines that Zemits A-Esthetic provides! These are the key components for your Skin Care business: products quality and performance and education and they have all! I Love this brand and how this company takes care of us Skin Care professionals! Thank you Elsa Balladares and Zemits A-Esthetic!

Mattison Solomon

I purchased a skin scrubber as my first device. It’s very easy to use and education is very accessible.


5 stars for customising the intensity of the phonophoresis for each client. The skin layer exfoliates without trauma, with no need for rehabilitation. It is suitabl for the prevention of acne. The device came by mail the very next day after ordering, so everything is very prompt. They gave me a year warranty. Overall, I'm satisfied.


Nice scrubber, with a sturdy but delicate spatula. Good exfoliation without scratching or damage. Just what you need for easy cleaning and quick removal of comedones. Cleanses clogged skin with ease, beautiful design.


Small but powerful, renews the skin perfectly and has different modes for each case. It removes horny scales in a few strokes. Delicate, so suitable for regular care.

Brittany Poyner

So far so good. I got my zemits skin scrubber today. it did take about two weeks to get here so, in the meantime, I decided to buy a $25 one from amazon. I feel like this one is more powerful. I could actually see the build up come out of my pores. So, I’ll say this was a good purchase!

Natty M

I highly recommend the Zemits company. Very welcoming service and excellent aesthetic devices. Face to face training with Nuno who is very informative and helpful. Nuno is an excellent professional who provides a lot of support with your new beauty equipment. My clients are already happy with my new treatments. Hydroluxx, Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and Marvellous are the best investments for my clinic. Thank you so much.

Tsvetelina Angelova

I bought the Zemits skin scrubber and have been using it for few weeks. Amazing results, easy to use. Thank you Nuno for the very informative and professionally presented training. Thank you Zemits, I'll be back for more!
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