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Zemits DermeLuxx PRO

Award-Winning HydroDiamond™ System

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Kingdom Royale

1. The quality of my Detmalauxx Pro Hydrafacial Machine is second to none. It’s user friendly,, cuts service time in half and the motor system is very powerful. 2. My clients rave that they love the glow that they are left with and how the cooling wand gives them a feeling of luxury. 3. The support that I’ve gotten so far is going to help me to not only use but also to maintain my machine in a more effective way. This has been the most support and assistance I’ve received after purchasing an equipment. 4. I found out about Zemits after calling a friend to vent about my other machine that was not performing efficiently. 5. KIARA was my Trainer and she was Excellent!!! She shared information that’s going to help me to save money on products while earning money. She showed me how to use the machine and how to attach the varied attachments properly. She also taught me how to clean the machine. I feel that I am more equip with Information that’s going to help me to be successful.

Delvis Simmons

I recently purchased the Dermeluxx Pro from Zemits for my spa, and I couldn't be happier with the decision. The quality of the machine is outstanding, and it has quickly delivered amazing results for my clients, enhancing their spa experience. The support and training provided by Zemits were excellent, with clear instructions and immediate assistance whenever needed. A huge shoutout to Kiara, our Customer Care representative, who has been exceptionally helpful and always willing to go above and beyond to support us. The offered warranty made the decision to choose Zemits over other brands a no-brainer, given their commitment to customer service and machine quality. Highly recommended

Karla Phe

Purchased the Dermaluxx Hydrodermabrasion after MUCH research and I am so happy I went with ZEMITS! Not only are their machines and serums incredible but their training is AMAZING!

Kate Radovich

I absoloutely love my hydradiamond machine. Clients are raving about it!

Loreleyne Sierra Chévere

Thank you to Kiara and Katiuska for their help and support. They both were excellent instructors, and I am very thankful for their training. I am so happy with my new Dermeluxx Pro, so far my clients are loving it. :)

Mendoza Mendoza

OMG I’m so obsessed with this machine I have Dermeluxx pro it has been amazing I love the results it leaves on my clients and also the training it comes with. I am impressed by the training Zemits makes sure you know how to use the machine properly and my trainee Lucrecia was amazing !! This is my first year going solo as an esthetician I would lie if I told you I’m so ready. But after this training they provide I feel so confident and excited to open my business.Overall an amazing brand! Thank you!

Timothy Ziegler

Kiara was great and the training was easy to follow and understand. The Dermeluxx pro is amazing so far and cant wait to have more patients experience this amazing procedure.

Delilah Perreira

Great Training. Lucrecia Lacayo provided great information and direction on how to use the DermeLuxx Pro. I feel that I was able to get my monies worth with this machine. I am excited to start using it on my clients.

Kori Morgan

I just finished my training with Kiara she patient and thorough and answer all my questions and followed up with me after the training.I am much more confident using my Dermaluxx Pro and my guests have been loving the customizable treatments and the results they are getting afterwards. Myself and my guest love the oxygen infusion serums and the cool therapy. I am glad i chose zemtis the education is detailed and thorough !

Lori Vittetoe

At Aesthetic Elevation Knox, we love our Dermaluxxe from Zemits. The machine is very simple to use and clean. Our clients are loving their results and even commenting on how amazing their skin feels over a week later. Excellent serum quality and variety to satisfy any skin concern or goals your clients have. Their training and customer service is fabulous and responds quickly to questions. We did a live training with Lucretia and she was very helpful and thorough in explaining the device. Thank you for great experience!
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