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Zemits DermeLuxx PRO™

Top-Rated HydroDermabrasion System

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Greet machine! Thanks

Beth Francis

The machine is wonderful! But I implore you to purchase it out right and DO NOT fall for their sales pitch a Financing any part of it. The company that they use for financing is called TimePayment Corp. although originally I was just going to purchase the machine outright during the call, I was convinced to finance, part of the machine to help build my LLC’s credit score. At the beginning of the conversation that sounded like a wonderful opportunity, but this financing establishment has been absolutely horrible to work with. I have had to call and request several times my entire payment history, the lease term agreements are insanely confusing to understand it is not worded clearly, and I just now received an invoice because I called the facility to talk to them about my lease agreement with them. I am being charged for the call! Now the machine is wonderful!! A bit of a pain to deep clean the hoses, but my clients absolutely love this system and the serums I purchased through this site. Some reading this may think a 4 out of 5 stars isn’t right to post bc the financial company isn’t them, but when I first called to purchase this machine, financing it was really pushed. And honestly, John the rep from Zemits I was working with, made it sound like a smart idea. But TimePayment Corp is who they use for financing, and everything I have had to deal with them since purchasing the machine has been a headache and a half. The machine excellent, but I have been charged on my card randomly for the payments and now one of calls to TimePayment Corp to see why I have been charged randomly. I would have rather put the entire machine on my credit card and dealt with interest fees than deal with TimePayment Corp.

Tabatha Copeland

Where you located

Jasmine Winsett

If you’re debating on getting the Dermeluxx, DO IT!!! Your clients will absolutely fall in love with the results & it doesn’t cost you insanely high consumables to perform. 10/10 MUST have for all levels of estheticians


If you are thinking about buying, a Dermaluxx machine, just buy it! You won’t regret it. It’s easy to use and the results are Amazing. My rep Erica is great! My questions big or small, she immediately gets right back to me!

Jasmine seals

I purchased the DermaLuxxe hyrdodermabrasion machine for my spa. The training is hands down the best I've ever had. The videos were extremely thorough and easy to follow. The equipment came quickly and everything was easy to set up and operate. Our clients love this new addition to our menu! They appreciate results-driven treatments and this certainly is!

Michelle Foster

I bought my Dermaluxx in 2020. I chose it for a numbers of reasons: 1. It's cost effective to run. 2. The price for all the modalities you get is fantastic. 3. All the modalities allow me to target a number of different concerns and customize treatments. The treatments are fast and effective. I use the cryo and oxygen infusion with other facials and laser skin treatments I provide in studio. This has become one of my most popular treatments and have recently provided package pricing for my regulars.


I have several machines from this company! The Dermaluxx, gloves, and more. They are my go to and although Ive had a few issues, they handled them pretty well and I will continue to buy from them in the future. Prices are reasonable also and the training module makes it easy to train employees. Def a great company to work with.

Christine Bach

The Dermaluxx machine is easy to use

Sherrymaine Regala

I love my dermeluxx machine! My Clients is always happy and looking forward for their next session.
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