40-minutes Slimming with Pressomassage Technology

40-minutes Slimming with Pressomassage Technology

People always strive to care for their skin and enhance their true beauty. However, with the rapid rhythm of life, challenges, endless stress, and physical overload, having a healthy look, feeling great and, most importantly, getting fit can really difficult. For this reason, people try various modern techniques and treatments to achieve their goals. One of those efficient up-to-date methods is lymphatic drainage, or pressotherapy.

As a rule, most anti-cellulite and slimming programs include lymphatic massages. During this procedure, liquid is excreted from the body, pores become enlarged, and a patient is prepared for further physical manipulations. Thanks to this technique cosmetics effect are noticeable just after the first session. For example, the hips and flanks tend to reduce in volume by a few centimeters due to fluid removal. Furthermore, performing this on the legs helps get rid of cellulite, spider angioma, the “orange peel” effect, and swelling.

A 40-minute slimming, body remodeling, and energy-boosting procedure is complete with a help of a professional lymphatic drainage massage machine, and people even believe this device helps them to get rid of weight without any diet and physical activity.

The Essence of a lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Human health remains heavily dependent on the status of the lymphatic system. Lymph is a type of the connective tissue that exists in the form of a viscous transparent liquid. Its function is to transport essential protein molecules, nutrients, toxins, and various metabolites from muscle tissue to the blood. Performing the role of a particular barrier, the lymphatic system helps the immune system prevent microbes and viruses from harming us. In addition, it signals the brain whenever the body is infected with harmful microorganisms.  

When there are failures in the lymph system, the entire body is disturbed. With age, blood vessels become clogged and narrow, compromising the work of the lymph system. As the result, harmful products accumulate in cells and intercellular tissue spaces. Excess liquid cannot be effectively removed from the body and causes swelling. Moreover, local fat deposits, cellulite, acne, seborrhea, the increase in blood pressure, hormonal disorders, diet, intensive physical work, and other factors provoke impaired blood circulation and fluid drainage as well. Over time, these factors lead to serious health issues such as:

  • Swollen, puffy face – in these cases, skin can gradually stretch out and get wrinkles
  • Appearance of bags under the eyes
  • Excess weight accumulation
  • Worsening of cellulite
  • Varicose disease development.

Lymphatic drainage massage is recognized as a viable method to treat these issues. By applying light pressure with the help of a special machine, we can enhance natural lymph flow and venous blood, and unclog any trapped proteins and toxins.

This treatment can be either be used to treat existing issues or for maintaining a normal metabolism in those without cosmetic problems.

How Does it Work?


By using a lymphatic drainage therapy machine, we trigger soft facial and body tissues to activate the lymphatic system. The procedure task is a maximally deep tissue cleaning from waste products excreted by cells due to outflow along the lymphatic vessels, simultaneous extra liquid removal or its more even distribution. The method renders a deep curative effect, noticeably improving the condition of vessels and metabolic processes in tissues.

Nowadays the therapy is widely used both for medical and cosmetic purposes thanks for its efficiency and painlessness. We can affect the skin of the face, legs, back, hips and other problem areas. The positive changes are visible at the beginning of the treatment. After 2-3 sessions patients regain lightness in the body, a burst of energy.  Upon completion, swellings disappear, skin tone improves, the spider angioma on legs reduces.



Reasons for a lymphatic drainage massage include:

  • edema of any origin
  • cellulite
  • obesity
  • the initial stage of varicose veins
  • vascular dystonia
  • neuromuscular tension
  • stretch marks
  • sagging skin.


The therapy should not be used under the following conditions:

  • malignant tumors
  • varicose veins in stages 1-3
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • traumas
  • blood diseases
  • thrombosis
  • acute infectious diseases
  • heart failure
  • skin lesion in the massage impact area
  • tendency to bleed
  • pregnancy

Types of Slimming Procedures

There are several kinds of slimming lymphatic drainage therapy, the most demanded of which are:

1. Pressotherapy

This is a massage of a specific body area using compressed air. This technique is efficient for reducing fat deposits and treating cellulite treatment. For such procedure, a professional lymphatic drainage machine is used. The essence of this method includes dressing up a patient in the special costume. Then, compressed air under a certain pressure is emitted to different regions of the costume. Circulating between chambers, the air flow alternately affects the calves, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms.

When atmospheric pressure reduces, blood vessels expand and blood flow to the subcutaneous layer increases. Some machines for pressotherapy have infrared heat, which can change the temperature in the suit.

The atmospheric pressure and air temperature fluctuations in this treatment contribute to the restoration of water balance and the removal of excess fluid in the body. Furthermore, during treatment, muscles rhythmically compress, and venous blood and lymph outflow normalizes. Due to lymphatic system restoration, toxins, wastes,  excess liquid, and other harmful elements are excreted from the body.

The duration of the procedure is about 40 minutes. A whole session includes 15 procedures at an interval of 2-3 times a week.


2. Vacuum Lymphatic Drainage



This method works like a vacuum anti-cellulite massage. It is based on locally applying negative pressure on certain areas of the skin. For this purpose, the specialist uses a lymphatic drainage tube with a wide glass attached to its end. During a procedure, a massage therapist keeps the tube on the patient’s problem areas. All movements are made along lymphatic pathways. It takes 25-30 minutes for one treatment. A massage on one skin area should be no longer than 5 minutes. A whole session includes 15-20 procedures at an interval of 2-3 days.




3. Microcurrent Lymphatic Drainage



This procedure is gaining increasing prominence. It stimulates the top skin layers under an electric current influence. Impulses ease muscles and vessels, and biochemical processes in tissues strengthen. This treatment is absolutely painless and does not cause any discomfort. Sessions are repeated every day for 10-15 minutes. A whole session consists of 10-15 procedures.

In the absence of any contraindications, people of different ages can undergo this kind of slimming lymphatic drainage without any side effects.



The Lymphatic Drainage Machines Review

Advance Esthetic encourages its clients to learn about a wide range of modern cosmetological machines for slimming, preventing and treating cellulite, and contouring the body. Leading global brands that offer this include  Zemits, KosmoSpa, and Endosystems.,

In our online store, customers can pick any item from the multifunctional system to manageable lymphatic drainage machines for home use.

In general, multifunctional systems include a variety of programs, and a preliminary lymph massage is built in any program. If a device provides pressotherapy, the unit is equipped with a special belt, shoes, shorts, and other suit pieces. Through these elements, compressed air affects skin problem areas and fat deposits, causing the, excretion of fat molecules to accelerate. While a patient is relaxing and feeling pleasant massage sensations, his or her body volume and signs of cellulite decrease, and extra liquid and wastes are eliminated. Furthermore, this procedure has a powerful positive psychological effect. Most clients state after this treatment that they feel a lightness and warmth in the body. Besides, the result will be perfect if the lymphatic drainage is combined with other manipulations, such as mesotherapy, thalassotherapy, etc, as well as physical activity, and proper nutrition.

Also, the system can provide a vacuum or microcurrent lymph massage, both of which are also famous for their effectiveness.

Small-sized devices help solve a lot of problems, like fat deposits on the belly, sides, or hips. Customers buy these for beauty or massage salons, wellness studios, spas, or home use. The only downside is that they have restricted functionalities.

To sum up, we recommend getting acquainted with a wide range of goods on our site to make the right choice for you and your clients.

Make Purchases with Pleasure!

Our guests can get modern equipment of European technology at affordable prices on our online store. For over 10 years,  our company has provided our corporate clients (beauty salons, spa, wellness centers, etc) and individual customers with high-quality goods and guarantees. Moreover, we train clients on the equipment they buy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us; our professional staff will answer your questions with pleasure. And keep in mind, our prices reflect the efficacy and quality of equipment and service you get from working with us.   

Purchasing a lymphatic drainage machine will drive plenty of clients to your beauty salon or give you personal satisfaction with at-home use.

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