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Advance Esthetic Blog

What Kind Of Insurance Does An Esthetician Need?

When performing such services, you’ll need to protect yourself and your clients adequately. That’s where insurance comes into play. Insurance allows you to earn an income, defend yourself, and keep a roof over your head, among other things.

Upgrade Your Massage Business With Stone Massage Therapy

A stone massage has therapeutic effects and healing purposes. Adding stone massages to the regular massage increases client relaxation. With heated stones, it helps warm up the tightened muscles fast which help therapists work better and deeper into the muscle tissues.

Productos Barbicide más populares

Si trabajas en la industria cosmética o te desempeñas como barbero o estilista, debes conocer bien la marca Barbicide, también llamada Barbicida en español, en caso de que no sepas de que se trata, te lo explicamos brevemente.

How to Get a Job as an Aesthetic RN?

If you plan on job hunting, you'll probably look for classified ads in a newspaper (too old fashioned, I know) or explore an employment website. Time-consuming as it may sound, but it is easy to find a vacant position nowadays as most things can be found in just one click away.

PCA Professional Skin Care Products

PCA professional skincare product is a brand that has been in existence for years; it is also a chemical peel pioneer. Since its launch in 1990, PCA Skincare has grown into a diverse set of products. The brand, founded by a dermatologist and esthetician in the Arizona United States, helps PCA skincare customers or professionals provide the best skin health and science results.

Types Of Lasers For Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has quickly become very popular and mainstream as one of the quickest, painless, and permanent methods for hair removal. If you’ve heard a lot about this hair treatment method and you’re considering getting into it, it is helpful to be knowledgeable about it, know the options, and which works best for each skin.

Depilación Profesional de Cejas con Hilo

La depilación de cejas con hilo es un método de depilación especialmente eficaz para dar forma a las cejas con precisión. Este método se originó en el sur de Asia y está ganando popularidad en Occidente.

Eyebrow Threading Tips and Ideas

Eyebrow threading is a method of hair removal particularly effective to shape eyebrows with precision. This method originated in South Asia, and it is gaining popularity in Occident.

How To Get A Job As An Esthetician?

Being an Esthetician can be the equivalent of being a magician. Estheticians can help people feel confident in themselves. How many times have you gone to see an Esthetician, and you left your appointment feeling the best version of yourself?