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Body Slimming Treatments

Vacuum Cupping Techniques for Slimming and Detoxifying

From LED light therapy masks to body shaping techniques, it’s necessary to know the trends in your business. If you are thinking about adding new and exciting treatments to your portfolio, expand and grow your business with amazing vacuum massage therapy equipment.

Lipomassage for Body Sculpting with Endermologie Machines

One of the most popular salon procedures used for body sculpting, reduction of skin imperfections, and cellulite is LPG massage, or in other words “endermologie lipomassage”. What is lipomassage? How is the Massage Carried Out?

40-minutes Slimming with Pressomassage Technology

By using a lymphatic drainage therapy machine, we trigger soft facial and body tissues to activate the lymphatic system. The method renders a deep curative effect, noticeably improving the condition of vessels and metabolic processes in tissues.

Reduce Inches with The Infrared Body Wrapping Technique

With a wide range of advantages, this technique is considered to be an innovative instrument for losing weight, getting rid of fat deposits, and eliminating cellulite.