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Best Esthetician Gifts 2021

Gift ideas for estheticians, graduation gifts ideas, gifts for students, Christmas gifts.

Top Five Books for Estheticians

We are always on the search for skincare trends, new aesthetic technology and of course the best skincare books.

Esthetician in Different Languages

Do You Know How to Say Esthetician in Different Languages?

Cosmetologist in Different Languages

Do You Know How to Say Cosmetologist in Different Languages?

Spa Digital Marketing Plan - Strategies and Tools 2021

This e-book was created to support and help spa owners on a global level.

Aesthetic Beauty Shows & Expos 2021 in the US

Beauty Shows For Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, and Spa Owners

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels involve the application of acid to burn off damaged and dead skin cells of the face, neck, décolleté and hands. A peel removes several layers of sun-damaged and aged cells to expose fresh skin with a more even surface and color.

Hypotrichosis - Inadequate eyelashes

Eyelash hypotrichosis is a condition indicated by an inadequate amount of eyelashes. Eyelashes provide a natural protective barrier for the eyes from foreign bodies, sunshine, wind and perspiration. 

Looking After Acne-Prone Skin In Summer

You need to look after your skin throughout the year and this is even more true in the summer months. After spending months in a winter darkness, it’s very tempting to head out into the sun for a good sunbathing session.