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Brush dermabrasion Eco Smooth



Brush machines
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  • Brush dermabrasion Eco Smooth will automatically circumvolve when approach skin and clean the grease, black head, make-up remnants and dirt.

    The purpose of the Facial Brush Machine is to slough off the dead cells (exfoliate) and to remove any dirt and grime that clings to the surface of the skin. Before any brushing procedure the skin must to be cleansed. The face is vaporized or steamed with warm towels to soften the dead surface cells so that they can be more easily removed. It is important to use the rotary brush before commencing further treatment.

    Functions of Brush dermabrasion Eco Smooth:

    • Clean face
    • Brush skin
    • Clean skin
    • Rub nail
    • Massage

    The brushing or mechanical peeling is a cleaning of the superficial horny layer of the skin of face and body with the aid of various rotary conductors (pumice, sponges, brushes of different rigidity). The brushing facilitates the removal and scaling of cells of superficial layer of the skin, irregularities effacement, removal of oil perspiratory glands products, and makeup residue.

    Technical features of Brush dermabrasion Eco Smooth:

    • Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
    • Certification: ISO
    • Function: Skin Rejuvenation
    • Feature: Portable
    • Power: 10W
    • Application: Skin Smooth
    • Voltage 240/220/110V
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz

    Package Dimensions: 8.3"H x 13.4"L x 13.4"W.

    G.WT: 5.5 lbs.


    One Year Warranty. 

    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are intended for cosmetic use.

    All products at www.advance-esthetic.us website are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

    Brush dermabrasion Eco Smooth Brush dermabrasion Eco Smooth
    $ 325.00
    Rating: (3)reviews
  • Rating: (3)reviews

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    Poor Excellent

    2 years ago I was very wary of discounts of any size====. I thought it was necessary if the goods sold poorly or to eliminate other problems.==== but when I made my first order at your store with a 10% discount, I realized that I was wrong !!! and now I ordered this device with a 50% discount and I am not afraid that I will get a marriage or something terrible))) I adore the colors that are on the case. the only thing that saddens me a little is the other colors in reality, but this is no longer your fault, but the color rendition on computers ..=-==-. the brushes are very comfortable and with different rigidity. they wash easily - the main thing is not to forget about it and wash it on time. ===I have been using them for 3 months now and I think that we need to change it already to support normal hygiene. but for the money it is a very high quality product !!!==

    Slenk Sik
    Slenk Sik

    A good device, but I dont really understand why it costs so mucch ... I did not buy it myself, it gave to me my fiend, but I thought it costs a maximum of $ 150. but definitely not more than 300 ... the massage makes it pleasant, even relaxing ... the epidermis from dead cells cleans well, but in the salon they make me a better cleaning .. would I advise this device to someone else? rather no, than yes .. no complaints, but the price would stop me ...


    I received this machine a few months ago and it's pretty good. At first, I was not sure about brush dermabrasion, but I was mistaken. It works well on different skin types, and you can choose the function that perfectly fits your client's needs. Btw the machine looks very stylish. Great stuff, highly recommend it!

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$ 325.00
Rating: (3)reviews

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