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Diamond dermabrasion set



Diamond peeling machines
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  • Diamond dermabrasion set 

    9 Assorted Diamond tips for any of our Diamond Microdermabrasion systems plus 3 hand pieces.

    This package fits most micro systems, even the ones that are not sold on our site so buy with confidence.


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    Diamond dermabrasion set Diamond dermabrasion set
  • Rating: (3)reviews

    ooo, now there will be a big and positive feedback from me) I have never written such people, and in principle I don’t like to write reviews, but there’s such a product that I couldn’t resist!) First of all, this cute box is just super !! // // / It is roomy, small and very convenient for those who need to go to customers' home or take it with them on the road, a trip, to shoot. Secondly, many useful details. if one needs to be sterilized, one can take another for replacement and use it. thirdly, there are pockets for each tool, so it is easy to identify right away what is lost and what is its shape (if a person who is very far from the topic of cosmetology will be looking for) // // fourth, the box contains all the details - their number, from what they are made, what is needed and there is an image with their appearance. for beginners this is simply the best find !!! ///


    Linda Slik
    Linda Slik

    It seems to me that such a small case is the need of every cosmetologist !!! It is very convenient that on the inside there is written instruction and spare parts! And plus all the tools are in a box in separate cells - very, very convenient! Such cases have never been seen anywhere else, and they needed to replace their devices for diamond pilling. The price corresponds to the quality, and the store's service is above all praise) guys, you are such good fellows!



    Already more than half a year I use a 2 in 1 Crystal and Diamond Dermabrasion Nevada Derm-a-Peel. I decided to buy a special set of baits under it. The quality is no worse, even slightly better. Carefully packed in a beautiful box (each tool in a separate cell, so when transported are not damaged). The description indicates that they are suitable for any such apparatus, but I can not say this. The consultant in the store suggested that for my device - perfect, and not mistaken!


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Rating: (3)reviews

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