Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal  1
Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal  2
Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal  3
Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal  4
Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal  5
Zemits Quidion Diode Laser For Hair Removal  6

Zemits Quidion

808 nm Diode Laser For Hair Removal

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Ana Aguilar

I own a MedSpa in New York City and I couldn't be happier to have bought this laser machine. I highly recommend the Zemits Quidion. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Especially Lucrecia she was a great help on our training, very profesional!! Our clients are extremely happy with the results, painless, diode, easy to use… Your customers will see the results from the first session :)


The laser has been the "king" of our salon since the first weeks of use, a favorite of all the staff and clients. Enhanced double cooling system, the ideal wave of 808 nm, the impressive operating life of 20,000,000 - 50,000,000 pulses, hair removal without pain and tears. The body of the laser is quite large and heavy (the device weighs more than 70 kg), but even fragile cosmetology girls can move it without any problems - it is on castors.


Laser has a system to save clients' records so I dont need to document parameters) and the pre-set parameters for different skin types. It is immediately obvious that this device was developed with care for both cleint and beauty professionals. The diode has a long service life, from 20,000,000 to 50,000,000 pulses, and is suitable for all skin and hair types.


What I like about my laser is its compact size and functionality and the laser protection system are excellent. Huge working life, there is a double water block for more effective cooling. The innovation is also that the laser reduces painful sensation during a session, and I don't need local anaesthesia.


I'm satisfied with all the parameters. Very nice cooling, which means no risk of burns. Probe size and easy targeting of the follicle, long-term results.
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