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Skin for life

Microdermabrasion Machines by Skin for life

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Nue Skin 50 Organic 28005 Microdermabrasion machines
$ 2,795.00
Organic Microdermabrasion gives any skin a smooth, polished, and even finish. Skin for Life’s Nue Skin 50 Organic Microdermabrasion machine uses our 100% walnut shell organic grains. The results are amazing for ethnic skin types, sensitive skins, and hormonal skin types. Organic grains are a nice alternative for clientele that like the natural polished results.
Nue Skin 50 Standard 28006 Microdermabrasion machines
$ 2,795.00
Nue Skin 50 Standard is two canister microdermabrasion system. that makes it easy and simple to maintain your microderm machine without missing any time between clients and patients. It literally takes 20 seconds to maintain your filters after every treatment. Nue Skin 50 microdermabrasion machine is the perfect choice for graduates, mobile estheticians, and someone that may have additional performance modalities, but wish to create more serious treatments.
Nue Skin 50 PLUS With LED Light Therapy 28007 Microdermabrasion machines
$ 2,995.00
Nue Skin 50 PLUS With LED Light Therapy is compact and easy to use with a touch of a selector switch that may guide you from left to right or from right to left. Gives a licensed professional a chance to customize their treatments when working with sensitive, dark, oily, sun damaged, aging, or mild to severe scarring.
Nue Skin 100 Standard 28008 Microdermabrasion machines
$ 3,395.00
Nue Skin 100 Standard has a modern design with a simple approach to microdermabrasion. This two canister system is easy to use, and includes manufactured hand pieces from Skin for Life that are specifically designed to give a thorough performance application. Blue hand piece is an excellent way to perform a general microdermabrasion, or as preparation for other cosmetic services. Red hand piece is target specific, this is a progressive hand piece that targets wrinkles, fine lines, and scarring in localized skin areas.
Nue Skin 500 Standard 28010 Professional microdermabrasion machines
$ 3,995.00
Nue Skin 500 Standard gives you an easy way to use crystals as well as our signature 100% organic grains for specific skin concerns. Being able to use organic grains with your microdermabrasion machines gives you the ability to polish the skin, to minimize pigmentation marks, reduce the appearance of deep furrowed wrinkles, and smooth the appearance of pitted scarring. It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3, with switching from left to right or right to left to control the use of crystals and organic grains.
Nue Skin 100 PLUS With LED Light Therapy And Oxygen 28009 Peeling & Oxygen machines
$ 3,895.00
Nue Skin 100 PLUS With LED Light Therapy And Oxygen was built to meet the demand of estheticians that did not need a high performance motor, but still wanted a serious skin machine. This microdermabrasion machine gives you all the options of our Nue Skin 500 deluxe microdermabrasion machine, but with a better price point. This is the perfect solution for licensed professionals that are starting a new spa business or do not need the extra power for their practice.
Nue Skin Deluxe With LED Light And Oxygen 28011 Peeling & Oxygen machines
$ 4,495.00
Nue Skin Deluxe With LED Light And Oxygen is a performance driven microdermabrasion machine sold to medical professionals, master estheticians, and physicians to specifically target more serious treatments. May be used as a preparation for IPL, LASER, and other adjuncts to providing skin change.

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