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Oxygen Facial Equipment

For anyone looking for a flawless picture-perfect look, there is the fantastic Oxygen facial. Experienced dermatologists agree this treatment is the answer to most skincare problems. And, it is the latest celebrity craze for a reason: it delivers results and delivers them quickly. It’s sometimes referred to as the “red carpet facial.” Oxygen infusion machine has only been around for a decade or so, though in such high demand, you would assume it has been around for ages. So, if you are serious about growing your beauty business, this is the machine you need to invest in. Let’s find out why.

How Does Oxygen Infusion Work?

A professional oxygen facial machine blasts Oxygen onto the surface of the skin. By penetrating the superficial layers without damaging the skin, Oxygen transports vital beauty products (moisturizers, hyaluronic acid, nutrients, and so on) deep into the skin.

Before gaining such popularity in beauty, this excellent procedure has also served a very worthy cause – it was used for chemotherapy to treat patients with skin cancer. Oncologists trusted this system to deliver chemicals enough to treat cancer patients, so we know for sure that this delivery service works! 

What types of oxygen infusion machines are there?

Oxygen systems come in many shapes and sizes! Some systems include oxygen infusion only, and some systems are multifunctional. Oxygen concentrators come with an oxygen dome that generates up to 95% pure oxygen. The options are unlimited.

How do the Oxygen Facial Machines work?

Typically oxygen systems come with an oxygen infusion gun or a dome. The serums made for oxygen treatment will be inserted into the infusion gun, and so does the therapy begin. The serums will be inserted into the skin with oxygen infusion, and the skin healing process starts. The oxygen domes are used with concentrators that generate pure Oxygen. The dome is used for the whole face. 

Who needs an Oxygen facial? 

Anyone! Oxygen facials are suitable for any skin type and age. The benefits of Oxygen facials are unlimited. Just think of it that way: can you live without Oxygen?

Does oxygen infusion facial work?

Oxygen is life! Oxygen facials help improving blood circulation in the face that brightens and plumps the skin. Oxygen helps heal wounds and eliminate some bacteria. Yes, it does work!

How often to get Oxygen Facial?

The timeline on oxygen facials depends on the serums the provider uses. When using gentle and healing serums, oxygen therapy can be performed weekly.  

Are there any side effects of Oxygen Therapy?

There can be slight redness temporarily. Some clients can have really sensitive skin, so the serums applied to the skin may cause slight redness. The redness will fade shortly after the treatment. The intense blast of oxygen infusion can also cause some swelling which will make the skin look plump. 

Consult your client about their allergies. Some ingredients in the serums can cause an allergic reaction. Other than that, there are no to a few side effects. 

How many Oxygen treatments are needed?

The treatment number will depend on the skin type, but the minimum recommendation is six treatments for desired youthful-looking skin. Maintenance is also essential. 

How long does it take to see results from Oxygen Facial?

The results will appear immediately after the first treatment. The skin will look rejuvenated and healthy. For more intense-looking products, we recommend a minimum of 6 treatments, as mentioned previously. 

What is the aftercare for Oxygen Facial? 

Since there is no downtime after oxygen therapy, there are no aftercare instructions.

How long do the results last?

The results from oxygen facial last up to 6 days depending on skin type. Continuous treatment sessions are recommended for longer-lasting results. 

Does Oxygen Facial hurt?

Oxygen therapy does not hurt and is rather enjoyable and relaxing. 

Is Oxygen Facial good for skin tightening? 

Definitely! Youthful skin starts with Oxygen. The Oxygen infusion step helps penetrate the vitamins into the skin and boosts the production of collagen. This mentioned process helps plump the face, tighten the skin, restore volume and bring back the skin elasticity. 

Can you have Botox after Oxygen Facial? 

Yes! Oxygen facial is a natural treatment and can be performed after Botox injections. 


What are the Main Benefits of the Oxygen Facial Equipment?

Results are instantly visible. Professional photographers refer to this treatment as a “no airbrush” facial. The skin looked fresh, hydrated, and supple. You should recommend the procedure to every client with a big event coming up; they’ll become clients for life!

Treatment boosts collagen production essential for restoring firmness, volume, elasticity, lifting, and tightening of the skin. Collagen boost reverses the aging process.

Another significant benefit is accelerated cell turnover, as Oxygen has a leading role in the cell regeneration process.

Oxygen facials are safe and are very relaxing, and are recommended for all skin types. So, an oxygen skin treatment machine is an excellent investment.


Is there recovery time after Oxygen therapy?

Oxygen Therapy has no recovery time; you can even apply makeup right after.

How much does this treatment cost? 

Oxygen facial costs between $75-$500 depending on the area and provider. 

How long is the Oxygen Facial?

Depending on the treatment type, oxygen facials can last from 30 minutes up to an hour.  

What to expect after the treatment?

After the Oxygen facial, you expect to see a youthful, healthy-looking glow. 

Are Oxygen Facial results permanent?

Results are not permanent but can be longer-lasting when performed continuously.

What are the other names for Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen Facial is called Oxygen Infusion, Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen healing, Oxygen treatment, and more!

Who can perform Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen infusion is a holistic treatment and can be performed by many estheticians, nurses, and other medical practitioners. We always recommend checking with your state board to be sure.  

How to perform Oxygen Facial?

Before starting the treatment, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated by microdermabrasion or hydrodermabrasion to eliminate any surface dirt or impurities. Next, estheticians infuse a higher-weight serum that reaches the middle and top layers of the skin for complete hydration. Depending on the skin’s specific needs, a blend of antioxidants, botanical extracts, and peptides can be added to the infusion. Natural skin brighteners like Alpha-Arbutin and Vitamin C are perfect for hyper-pigmented skin, and inflammation-fighters like Yellow Dock can help ease redness. The entire procedure takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes, making the Oxygen facial an ideal treatment for a quick pick-me-up that can even be done during the lunch hour.

Oxygen Infusion Facial Treatment Protocol

  1. Remove makeup using milk or cleanser.
  2. Disinfect the skin by disinfectant skin solution.
  3. Exfoliate the skin by microdermabrasion to get rid of any surface dirt or impurities.
  4. Select the necessary low molecular weight serum (for example, hyaluronic acid) for infusion – add it to the container in an oxygen gun.
  5. Push the upper button on the oxygen gun to start spreading the serum line by line all over the face. You should hold the oxygen gun in contact with the skin or at a distance of 1mm from the skin to provide a deeper infusion.
  6. Slowly move the gun through the skin lines from the center to the periphery of the face and neck.
  7. After the first serum is finished, add the second type of higher-weight serum to the gun container and repeat infusion so you can reach the middle and top layers of the skin for complete hydration.
  8. The proper reaction of the skin to the procedure is glowing and moisturizing.
  9. Apply mask by the skin type (soothing/ moisturizing).
  10. Apply the cream with SPF.


What are the Oxygen therapy treatment areas?

Oxygen infusion can be performed on many areas of the body. Whether it’s a back facial or legs rejuvenation - oxygen is a beautiful way to rejuvenate the skin. 

What other concerns can Oxygen Therapy treat?

Oxygen Therapy doesn’t only rejuvenate the skin, and it can be used to heal wounds, burns, treat acne, and more. It is widely used for many medical properties.

Oxygen Therapy Machine Maintenance

Oxygen Gun Maintenance

To Avoid Compromising Your Warranty, the following is Mandatory.

After every treatment, clean the gun.

After your treatment, fill your airbrush cup 1/4 full with the regular water, and spray directly into gauze or towel, letting the tip of the gun touch the gauze or towel. This will allow the solution to dislodge any debris around the airbrush needle and spray until empty.

This will complete your cleaning process, and you may begin your next oxygen infusion treatment.

This is a 30 second - 1-minute process and should be considered a part of your clean-up after your

skin therapy.


For Oxygen infusion equipment, you need oxygen serums for the treatment. We have our skincare line to choose between 3 unique serums according to your client’s skin type. The serums cost $49 plus shipping. One bottle can last up to 50 oxygen infusion treatments!


Oxygen Facial Training

Zemits certified educators have 30+ years of experience.

We genuinely believe in the power of knowledge and study. That is why we offer a personalized online training through a video call.

We aim to help you understand your new equipment and succeed in performing new treatments. 

We believe that sharing our deep professional knowledge of the equipment and treatment method is our goal to increase your business and be completely confident in your equipment and the results of the treatments. 

According to our customers' testimonials, detailed professional training and excellent customer service were key factors in the successful growth to the next level for their beauty business.

Treatments you can perform with Oxygen Therapy Machine

Oxygen Therapy is such a natural treatment - it should be the last step to every facial treatment. 

Target Audience

Oxygen facials can be performed for any age type, especially for people in their 20s. For more mature skin, we do recommend other treatments such as Microcurrent or RF skin tightening.

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What are other effective technologies combined with Oxygen Therapy?

- Hydro dermabrasion

- Diamond dermabrasion

- Ultrasonic skin scrubbing

- RF lifting

- Microcurrent treatment

- Cryotherapy

Why do you need an Oxygen Therapy machine in your spa?

Before purchasing an oxygen spa machine that would be perfect for you, think of what will fit your needs. Advanced skincare treatments are provided by highly complex equipment that is why the manufacturer should be reliable. You should always research the brand of the oxygen infusion equipment and read the consumer reviews.

When choosing your machine, please keep in mind that the price for a single session in the US usually wearies from $100 to $200. And being a much-demanded treatment, you will be able to quickly see the ROI as it is very consistent within the beauty industry. 

We have a great line of Oxygen facial machines for you. There are even portable oxygen infusion machines in the range of our products. Suppose your salon is fully equipped that you need to invest in the fantastic Oxygen by Zemits. It has a great ergonomic design, is very easy to use, offers all of the benefits of oxygen treatment, and is inexpensive. Another great choice would be the Oxy Peel Prof Machine, also by Zemits; this oxygen machine for skincare, in addition to oxygenation, also offers the top-rated vacuum peeling.

As mentioned before, for better beauty product penetration, exfoliating treatments are performed before the treatment which is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our fantastic Multifunctional machines. In addition to oxygen facials, you will also be offering top-of-the-line beauty procedures like LED Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent facials, and others. Salons and spas usually sell the treatments as a package deal.

 The best oxygen facial machine is a beautiful, precise, and highly efficient professional skincare device. It allows you to perform elaborate operations with ease and get an exceptionally superior outcome in a concise amount of time. This cosmetic utility will work with all its preciseness and make you and your clients satisfied and contented with the treatment results. Moreover, it will be an elegant and stylish addition to your workplace that will make your salon look modern and nifty.

The best oxygen beauty machine is an excellent option for a salon owner, as it is a popular and highly efficient machine. Best oxygen facial equipment is suitable for small salons or beauty rooms and the big ones. Big space is not required for this system and it serves as an irreplaceable helper at your workplace. It will leave you contented and eager to work with it many times.  

Best oxygen facial equipment is the epitome of style, quality, and modern approach to skincare technology. It means, best oxygen therapy machine for sale has a revolutionary skincare technology, an innovation in professional skin treatment, which is, as a result, highly beneficial and effective for the skin.

The best oxygen therapy machine for sale has a friendly construction and intelligent design, which means it is effortless to work with. You can manipulate the device with just a little effort, and it doesn’t require much work. The easiness of operating makes the procedure sessions safe, quick, and pleasing.

A professional oxygen infusion machine is also completely safe. The procedures do not bear any risk or unpleasant sensations during the treatment, which will surprise your clients.

Oxygen beauty device is worth the money you pay for it. Considering the fact, it will be beneficial for your salon or beauty room. The price of this beautiful machine is pleasantly affordable, which makes your purchase even more advantageous for your workplace.

The intelligent construction of an oxygen facial machine allows you to easily modify the shape of this utility, allowing you to save much space. This machine is designed in such a specific way it doesn’t require a spacious room in your salon. Also, the best oxygen beauty machine is of minimal size, which is highly profitable if you own a small salon or beauty room. It can be easily fit into your workplace, so it will not be challenging to organize your work wisely and leave space for other professional skincare utilities. While it works as a masterpiece of technology, it is entirely safe to work with. This professional skincare device will serve you profitably for a long time!

By choosing the best oxygen therapy machine for sale, you will be contented with your purchase, and you will never be disappointed with its work. It is a precise, practical, and helpful tool that will be irreplaceable in your workplace. Due to the preciseness of this beautiful utility, all the work it does is neat and distinct. Even the most elaborate operations are done by it with great ease and accuracy. The best oxygen infusion machine does not harm or damage the skin. It performs with brilliant quality, while its cost is affordable.

The best oxygen infusion machine is a unique, helpful, and efficient type of professional skincare equipment. It will leave your clients satisfied with the outcome they get. This machine is exact in its work, and the results of the treatment performed with it are exceptionally prominent and pleasing. The condition of the skin improves generally, and the visible effect will leave them deeply contented!

Buy the best oxygen beauty device, and you will not regret your purchase, as you will make such a lucrative deal. You will not only increase the amount of your clientele, but you will also surprise your old clients with the new and very effective procedures in your salon. Buying this cosmetic utility will be an efficient and profitable choice for any salon or beauty room.

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