How to Start Your Beauty Business: 10 Tips from Zemits

How to Start Your Beauty Business: 10 Tips from Zemits


Being your own boss and operating own beauty salon or starting an at-home or on-the-go beauty business is a dream of a lifetime for many women. It is a business you can fall in love with. The mission to better lives and make people feel good about them while earning a good salary is one of the best! Isn’t it wonderful living your dream and setting your own hours, curating the team of professionals or building your own brand? We know it is! Over the years Zemits has been a part of a life-changing experience for thousands of women and men, the company has made it their mission to keep their promise of staying modern, innovative and astoundingly effective with their cutting-edge products.

Zemits has held their position of the best in the world of esthetics for years and we are happy to share great advice that company experts have prepared for those starting their own beauty business. The beauty business is hard work that takes dedication and will to succeed, in reality, it is far from the glamorized version that we see on YouTube beauty channels or shown in the Lifetime reality competition “American Beauty Star”. Reality is not all perfect models, best products and machines in the industry on-hand and “iconic” looks. Your road to success may not always be smooth sailing, though going through this checklist might give you a few new ideas or give you a push in the right direction.


10 Beauty Business Tips for Beginners from Zemits


Tip #1:  Do your research!

There is no way around this one. To have a clear applicable concept for your startup and vital understanding of the market needs, you will need a plan. Location, design, customer portrait, trending beauty treatments, staffing, proper personnel trainings, bookings, accounting, local advertisement, internet presence, pricing, home set-up system for those working at home, understanding how to install a beauty salon for those willing to start a bigger business - all of the above should be carefully researched, studied and crafted into a business plan.


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Tip #2:  Location, location, LOCATION!

We cannot overstress this: location is the key! This is one of those “make it or break it” kind of things. In US great spaces are rented-out almost instantly, so, if you are serious about creating the best possible conditions for your future success – hit the streets a start looking. This has proven to be the best way to find a space of your dreams in big cities. Because when a great space is up for grabs – I’ll have new walk-in renters before owners will be able to post the “for-rent ”ad online.


Tip #3:  Advertise in your neighborhood  

Your neighbors and those living in your area will be your customers. Hire someone to give out brochures on the street, advertise, hold a grand opening and invite neighborhood for a cup of coffee and a cupcake. If you want to go more advanced and high-tech invest in a screen that can face the streets. With new digital signage apps and an Apple TV that you probably own, you can communicate with people on the street, literally stopping them in their track. You can advertise the design of the salon, the makeovers, your qualified staff, and the top-of-the-line treatments – anything and everything. You can put your business cards in the near-by restaurants and bars.


Tip #4: Find a great accountant

Find someone who can help you on your way to success. You need a set understandable budget, you need to know the ROI on all of your beauty salon products and equipment, and you need to work out a good compensation and motivation system for your staff. It would be much easier to figure out the ups and downs with a professional, that knows the way around the laws and regulations, no project can get off the ground without a good accountant.


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Tip #5: Work with reliable and trustworthy partners

This is applicable to anything in your business, really. Your staff, the sterilization substance provider, the beauty supply company, the accounting program, the companies you buy your equipment from, those delivering coffee and water – it is applicable to anything! All of it is very important. Though it may seem that you can but water for clients on your way to work, and look for a cheaper RF-lifting machine, skip the towel sterilization, hire inexperienced staff for a while before you really start earning. 



Tip #6: Education is the king!

Beauty market today is overwhelmed with courses, seminars, congresses and so on.  Most of your suppliers will be holding an event on the use of their product once in a while. Companies like Zemits have educational programs and those who can tutor you on pretty much anything all year round. 



Tip #7: Respect your clients!

No clients = no business. This is a rather simple tip: show your clients respect and appreciation and they’ll do the same for you. First and foremost, your respect is shown with the polite and helpful administrator, with coffee and water in a comfortable waiting room. Of course, it is shown with professional staff and, most importantly – with keeping the business safe. This means sterilization units for instruments and towels, and this means investing in quality beauty equipment. Most of the popular treatments are very high-tech and advanced, all of them, starting from ultrasonic, RF, microdermabrasion, LED light, laser hair removals are extremely complicated and need millions invested in research and testing before they hit the shelves. Some companies save their money and skip testing. And, the best scenario with a cheap option is that it’ll just won’t work, the worst ones usually end up in court because all of them, if not properly made and tested, can, in fact, become harmful.


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Tip #8: Make smart choices!

This is crucial for salon owners as well as those working from home. You need to find something to stand out. As an example, if you find it overwhelming to compete with big salons and can’t seem to find a way to match their range of treatments and prices – look for a solution with multifunctional machines. There is amazing beauty salon equipment for those looking to offer their clients more. 



Tip #9 Stay relevant!

This is pretty self-explanatory. If beauty influencers are raving about a new treatment from all of their social media platforms – invest in that machine, beauty product, or equipment! If someone does your advertisement for you – take advantage! 


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Tip #10 Enjoy your work!

Those who decide to start their journey in the beauty business almost always love the industry and feel passionate about bringing beauty and happiness to people.





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