Leave It Behind: How to Get Rid Of Acne Once And For All

Leave It Behind: How to Get Rid Of Acne Once And For All

As a beauty professional you know for sure that when it comes to skin complaints nothing even comes close to acne, it is on the top of everyone’s list. Acne is hated across the world, it is greasy, it looks gross, it causes a lot of discomforts and at times even pain, and, the absolute worst thing about acne: it shows up unexpectedly at the worst possible moment. At times it seems that there isn’t a skin care routine you can keep, a pill you can take, a product you can buy or an age you can reach to get away from this very annoying skin condition.  Sorry to say, but we aren’t announcing a 100% one-step miracle cure and are definitely not promising a zit-free life for your clients, though we are here with the next best thing: we will teach you how to make those a pimple pop-up accessions for your clients as rear as possible. Now, let’s get zapping!

Let’s Talk Acne!

Top 8 Ways to Keep the Breakouts Away

Hydrodermabrasion for Acne Treatment

Let’s Talk Acne!

Getting rid of acne once and for all is, first of all, a process, or, rather, a lifelong commitment. When you are discussing acne troubles with clients, you need to stress that there isn’t just one simple cure, no miracle “Pimple-be-gone” substance, not even the best skin care habits can be a 100% guarantee, though, they help a lot.  There are literally more than a hundred thousand anti-acne products being sold worldwide and yet, we are still here talking about breakouts. So, let’s just decide on something right now: yes, all of your clients will get a zit at some point of their life, though, if they follow your advice, the breakouts can be classified as “highly unlikely”.

Another very important fact is: to get rid of something you need to know the cause. Acne can be caused by just about anything; there are just too many variations to count. Stress-related pimples, bad skin care routine breakouts, the ones due to poor dietary choices, you can see hormonal breakouts, the inflammatory ones, the postural and cystic zits. Honestly, we can go on for a long time here, let’s move on to what can be done about it.

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Top 8 Ways to Keep the Breakouts Away

Make it a rule to spend a few minutes with every client that come in to rid of acne to explain the general rules, regimen and lifestyle choices of those without acne problems. It usually gives people an understanding that though all breakouts start with clogged pores, the cause varies. Now, these are simple rules to follow for a clear, smooth, zit-free skin:. 



A balanced diet is sometimes everything for a glowing complexion. This doesn’t mean that your clients need to live off salads and fruit, though it does mean that being conscious of the foods they put in their bodies is necessary and, starting is rather simple: nixing greasy fast food and take-outs and cooking a bit more, eating fresh foods, carefully reading the labels, limit red meats and sugar intake, and as a general rule – if a person doesn’t recognize the ingredients that go in a meal, their body won’t recognize them either and will say so in a breakout form. Following these simple rules will get them on their way to acne-free living. As a bonus – they’ll be much more energetic and those cheat days will become something to look forward to!



There isn’t much to add here, really. Though, if you explain to your clients that dehydrated body equals dehydrated skin, and dehydrated skin is flaky, itchy, way more prone to acne and with more pronounced lines and wrinkles maybe that’ll do the trick.




You should make an effort to additionally point this one out, especially with clients that have severe acne problems. There are numerous studies and research that has been carried out over the years that shows serious health benefits, which include weight loss and acne control.



Sugar, just as dairy products, can provoke and at times be the sole cause of breakouts. Just point out that everything should be consumed in moderation and if your client caters to their sweet tooth way too often they are going to see results on their skin soon enough.



Yes, alcohol and nicotine are not now nor ever have been friends of the skin. Both responsible for extreme dryness, flakiness that quickly clogs the pores and causes breakouts. Not to mention all other scary health problems both can cause.  

Ideally, your clients, especially those suffering from acne, should always consult with you about the products they are using in their daily skin care routine. If they’ve bought products without your consultation ask them to bring the daily routine beauty bag with them to the appointment.  

Honestly, we’d have to scatter the Earth to find someone who doesn’t understand the benefits of good sleep and exercise regimen for health and body, though, you should always point out that flawless acne-free skin is also a direct result of the healthy lifestyle.


Now, all of your clients and especially those suffering from constant breakouts should know the absolutely necessary treatments that they cannot skip to keep the acne away. They should understand the importance of regular steaming treatments, keep their LED-light anti-acne appointments and to never-ever neglect their skin by forgetting about the hydrodermabrasion.

Hydrodermabrasion for Acne Treatment

As a professional in the skincare business you know that though there are numerous causes for a full-on breakout, it all starts inside a clogged pore. And one of the best ways to gently clear-out the pores and keep them clean over time is the very popular hydrodermabrasion treatment.

Hydrodermabrasion has been popular for a while now and there are reasons for that: with this treatment, you can get the best level of pore cleanliness with the amassing results like those with microdermabrasion and, the “hydro” explains the amazing skin hydrating properties of the facial. 



During the treatment gentle exfoliation is achieved as abrasive materials are substituted with distilled water infused with vitamins and minerals. Hydrodermabrasion is the recommended acne treatment for all the skin types doesn’t irritate the skin and it’s completely painless.  During the treatment itself, the top layer of the skin is exfoliated, along with it goes all the goop packed inside the pores living them clean.  

The benefits of hydrodermabrasion for the skin are well documented, and, very well advertised, which is great for business – just go in Instagram, just recently we saw a Chelsea Handler promoting non-surgical approach for a polished, glowing look with the hydrodermabrasion hashtag. Apart for the hydration, the plumped-up polished skin, clear of the dead skin cells, another amazing feature for those tired of acne – the product absorption. Hydrodermabrasion makes skin receptive for all anti-acne treatments, they can finally seep into the skin instead of just sitting on top of clogged pores.

Simply put, apart from all of the other awesome results, hydrodermabrasion is the best acne-be-gone facial, so you will get a lot of hours of work from the machine. So, our only recommendation is: pick a great one. We are huge fans of the Zemits as most of their highly rated and very popular machines are multifunctional, adding a line popular advanced beauty procedures to your list of beauty treatments.

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