Tried and Tested: Fat Melting with a Slimming Machine

Tried and Tested: Fat Melting with a Slimming Machine

Diet and physical training do not always lead to desired results. Genetics, age, hormones, bad habits, and sedentary lifestyles all play roles in cellulite development. Some people find it difficult to get rid of the annoying “orange peel”, as well as fat deposits and flabby or saggy skin. Luckily, professional slimming machines effectively fight these skin concerns.

Advantages of Using a Slimming Machine

Discover the benefits of using slimming machine:

  • Best alternative to surgery, drugs, or exhausting diets
  • Reduces or eliminates cellulite and other congestions
  • Improves circulation and toxin elimination
  • Works locally on particular problem areas
  • Helps reduce weight and get fit
  • Strengthens, tones, and firms the skin
  • Achieves rapid results in no downtime
  • Is powerful, safe, non-invasive, and painless
  • Is easy to control
  • No recovery time

Slimming machines help both women and men to attain and maintain a slim shape. Furthermore, some techniques allow men to get a washboard stomach without taking any efforts.  

How a Slimming Machine Works

Despite invasive procedures, there is a variety of non-invasive techniques for body shaping using professional slimming machines. These modalities focus on specific physical properties of fat in order to influence them selectively and burn fat cells. Furthermore, each method of treatment draws on particular therapies and utilizes a special device to get the great effect. The machine can tighten and lift the skin after losing fat. So, if you are interested in how slimming machine works, learn about various slimming techniques.

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation is the most advanced technology of losing weight by applying low-frequency ultrasonic waves. When influencing the body tissues, these impulses form air bubbles in fat tissue. Gradually, such creations grow and, at least, burst thus breaking the lipocyte membrane without the ability to restore. Cellular debris is easily eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system.

Cavitation allows patients to end obese and unhealthy lives for good.

It usually takes 5-7 sessions with an interval of 7 days to see  the full correction of one problem area. The procedure lasts from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the treated area, the amount of fat, and a person’s desire.  

A patient observes visible effects after the third session (minus 2-4 inches in volume). However, a course of several procedures helps improve the results and achieve their durability.

Infrared Sauna Blankets

An infrared sauna blanket provides  warmth, like a sleeping bag, and infrared rays. Thanks to its efficiency and simplicity, this device is widely used in wellness centers, spas, beauty salons, facial rooms, and homes.

This device utilizes infrared warmth for body contouring and cellulite elimination. Such absolutely harmless impact causes body temperature to rise, blood flow and metabolic process to improve, and fat to actively burn.

Clients should see a reduction of 1.5-2.5 inches in volume just after the first procedure. However, an entire whole course of 10-15 sessions allows for more prolonged and observable results. A two-day interval between treatments helps the body get rid of toxins and restore itself before the next session. A manipulation lasts 15 to 30 minutes depending on the target area, stage of treatment, and client desires.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The main function of the lymphatic system is to bring nutrients in and waste out, help with cellular restoration, get rid of toxins, and prevent viral and bacterial attacks. However, a lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, stress, a polluted environment, and other issues can cause congestion, failure of bodily systems. This can lead to  fatigue and health issues including cellulite and flabby and saggy skin.

By utilizing a lymphatic drainage massage machine, you can stimulate the lymphatic system, improve the condition of vessels and metabolism in the tissues, and enhance natural lymph flow and venous blood.

There are three types of lymphatic treatment: pressotherapy, vacuum, and microcurrent drainage.

Pressotherapy is based on using compressed air for improving lymph flow and fighting “orange peel”. A patient needs to wear a special costume (on the whole body or selectively on the skin problem area) which is filled with this air. Due to a deep massage effect, cellulite gradually eliminates, 4-7 inches of volumes disappear, and a person feels lighter.

On the contrary, a vacuum therapy system operates similarly to a vacuum anti-cellulite massage treatment.

In general, this machine allows you to affect a particular problem area like the legs, hips, face, etc. Depending on the treatment type, target area, and skin condition, a body contouring and energy-improving manipulation can last anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes. An entire course consists of 15-20 procedures, giving an individual three days in between for rejuvenation.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

This is another device that helps people boost weight loss throughout every area of their  bodies, get fit, and increase muscle strength. It is designed to produce and deliver an electrical current through special patches into a predetermined area. As a result, the nerves and muscles activate and demand necessary energy. so they start burning fat cells from the body’s fat stores to get this energy. Both fat deposits burning and the excretion of toxins lead to significant cellulite reduction.

Working with the electric muscle stimulation machine, an esthetician can adjust intensity and pace, choose a problem area, and find a suitable approach to each patient.

It  takes approximately 45-60 minutes for a procedure. For  optimal results, a person should have 15-18 sessions at an interval of 2-3 times a week.  

Endermologie Lipomassage with Vacuum Roller

Endermologie lipomassage is an innovative, non-invasive method of massaging with a vacuum roller as an alternative to invasive liposuction. Does the LPG endermologie machine work? The answer is “Yes”. Let’s consider its operating principle and advantages by evaluating the Zemits Bionexis machine. This device is based on the combination of bipolar RF energy, infrared light, and mechanical and vacuum rollinge. The unit looks like a system with a monitor and includes a variety of differently shaped applicators with self-propelled rollers. When moving the handpiece along the target area, the vacuum chamber between rollers slightly lifts and squeezes the skin. This process causes the expansion of lymph flow and an active withdrawal of fluid and toxins from the subcutaneous layer.

The soft massage helps activate fat burning and reduce fat deposits on the hands, thighs, and buttocks. Furthermore, the device is used for body contouring, reduction of wrinkles  and their depths, and improvement of the skin condition that is targeted.

A course usually includes 15 sessions, although it can be more or less than that. After each 40-minute procedure, you should have a three-day break because a roller massage has a prolonged impact; this also gives your body time to recover. Note that it is necessary to have supporting treatments approximately 1-2 times a month.

Safety Tips

Please remember that a slimming machine is not a solution to excess weight; it simply is for the elimination of weight gain consequences. Each method of treatment mentioned above has its benefits and contraindications. Here is a list of the most important contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Blood coagulation disorder
  • Heart failure
  • Fever
  • Increased thyroid function
  • An active form of tuberculosis
  • Recent plastic surgeries
  • Active herpes, acne, or rosacea in the area treated

Note that if you suffer from a cold, fever, or chronic medical condition, it is better to postpone treatment. Besides, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor or general practitioner before starting any exercise program. This helps a specialist choose the most effective treatment in accordance with their skin concerns, personal characteristics, and preferences.

Using slimming machines for weight loss is absolutely safe and painless. However, side effects may occur after a treatment. In the case of wrongly selected intensity or a person’s individual characteristics swelling, small subcutaneous bruising, redness, or other complications may appear. In fact, these side effects are temporary and disappear on their own.

To maintain perfect effects, we advise undergoing supportive procedures, following an exercise regimen, and simultaneously maintaining a nutritional diet.


Fortunately, technology is rapidly developing and giving way to more non-invasive and painless weight loss techniques. There is a wide range of slimming machines on the market nowadays that is a great advantage for beauty business owners and individuals. Moreover, up-to-date multifunctional systems allow beauticians to perform several advanced procedures using just one device.

You can also buy a compact portable slimming machine for personal purposes or for use in small spas and beauty salons.

When making a purchase, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. Well-known and popular brands within the beauty industry supply products of premium classes and guarantee high quality, reliability, and long durability.

Advance Esthetic takes pride in cooperating with leading companies and offering slimming machines with competitive prices, effective systems, high safety, and the best customer service. You can read more detailed information about each body contouring device on our online store and choose the most suitable one from our wide range of professional equipment. Furthermore, our training sessions will help you learn how to use slimming machine, what additional functions it can perform, and more.

Choosing AE is a great choice. We will equip you and your business for success by providing the world’s best non-invasive weight loss esthetic solutions!

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