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Foxy spa

Professional massage tables by Foxy spa

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Massage bed Maui 20128 1 Adjustable massage tables
$ 999.00
Massage bed Maui is a very sturdy two section bed. It's height is adjustable and the backrest can adjust to several fixed angles. The headrest is adjustable and removable you can also remove the armrests. The backrest conceals a facial hole.
Massage bed Cubo 20129 1 Adjustable massage tables
$ 1,199.00
Massage bed Cubo is a two section bed with great storage space built into the frame. There are two large cabinets underneath the bed to store essentials. The height is adjustable as well as the backrest. The armrests are removable and the headrest can be removed or adjusted. The backrest includes facial hole.
Massage table Trapp 20132 1 White massage tables
$ 1,899.00

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