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Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Machine Zemits Shape 6.0



Vacuum Therapy Machines
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Brand: Zemits
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  • Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Machine Zemits Shape 6.0 is a cosmetological device designed for professional work in a beauty salon or facial room.

    The vacuum massage is an influence over the skin and deeply located tissues via negative pressure approximately 0.1-0.7 atm. The essence of vacuum massage: capillary vessels widening, improvement of blood flow, activation of metabolic processes in cells and tissues.

    Vacuum therapeutic massager Zemits Shape 6.0 is a professional piece of equipment for beauticians to use in cosmetology and esthetic medicine.

    The device is used in holistic body and face treatments.

    Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Machine Zemits Shape 6.0 is used in esthetic medicine for:

    • slimming procedures;
    • buttocks enhancement and lifting;
    • cupping treatment;
    • anti-cellulite massage;
    • face massage;
    • skin tightening;
    • lymph drainage treatments.

    Accessories of Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Machine Zemits Shape 6.0:

    • 6 pairs of vacuum cups different sizes;
    • 3 pairs plastic cups;
    • 3 vacuum- rolling anti-cellulite handpieces;
    • 1 single silicone hose;
    • 1 double silicone hose;
    • Plastic protective filter;
    • Set of round cotton protective filters.

    Advantages of purchase of Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Machine Zemits Shape 6.0:

    • Performs any type of massage (vacuum-roll, cupping, reflexotheraupetic, lymphatic);
    • Simultaneous and comprehensive influence over different tissue levels (epidermis, derma, muscles);
    • Provides the perfect slide of conductor over oil and does not require special clothes;
    • It is perfectly combined with wrap, pressure therapy, IR-warmup and lipolysis methods;
    • It does not leave blood tumors (sores) on the skin after massage;
    • Possibility of work both with body and face;
    • No age restrictions;
    • No season restrictions;
    • Instant visible result.

    What does the vacuum treatment used for?

    It is for lymphatic stimulation mostly.

    The reason why vacuum massage is also great for body slimming and anti-cellulite program is that the first reason of cellulite appearance is lymphostasis.

    Interstitial liquid squeezes the vessels, so blood circulations becomes poor, oxygen flow decreases, cells metabolism slows down, level of toxins in organs grows up, cellulite appears.

    Not such a happy prospect, right?

    So the best way to eliminate cellulite is to prevent its development.
    Anyway if there are the signs of cellulite the very first step is to normalize the lymph flow.

    Vacuum massage machine is your own secret key to success !

    Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive technique that is used around the world for reducing the appearance of fat and cellulite and now has been discovered to help increase the size of the buttocks and breasts. Its lifts cellulite away from the muscle and encourages blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage. It also helps fat  mobilized to areas where we need it. Vacuum therapy is a modern version of ancient Chinese cupping therapy that is now a popular treatment for slimming, detox, anti-cellulite, pain management and circulation. Side effects are minimal and may involve some bruising or soreness in the areas treated.

    Benefits of Vacuum Therapy:

    • Minimizes cellulite appearance(body sculpting);
    • Improves blood, and lymphatic circulation;
    • Reduces nonmedical swelling(fluid retention) noticeable in puffy eyes, swollen legs, and ankles;
    • Improves skin elasticity,texture,tightness,and vitality;
    • Softens, and hydrates the skin;
    • Stimulates the flow of water throughout the body;
    • Enhances the immune system;
    • Boosts energy;
    • relieves depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome;
    • Relieves muscle tension;
    • Increases collagen synthesis;
    • Stimulates microcirculation;
    • Expels toxins;
    • Activates collagen production;
    • Improves tissue oxygenation;
    • Smooths hypodermic fat layer;
    • Relaxes and rejuvenates your body.

    Technical features of Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Machine Zemits Shape 6.0:

    • Vacuum pressure: 80 kpa;
    • Operating mode: constant, 5 alternatives;
    • Input frequency: 60Hz;
    • Input power: 50 Watt;

    Package Dimensions: 15,4”H x 15,7”L x 15”D.

    N.WT 22 lbs.

    We recommend you to use massage oil during treatment.

    Massage Oil Anti-Cellulite and Relaxing, 8 ounces

    FDA Registered.

    Lifetime Client Support.

    2 Year Warranty.




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    Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Machine Zemits Shape 6.0

    Sorry, this product currently unavailable. Please contact us for availability dates and options.

  • Rating: (6)reviews

    Fantastic slimming system! It is compact and most importantly, because of a powerful vacuum, it is suitable for clients with different body shapes. I am very pleased with its work.



    Really like your customer service! I was in the showroom and tested all the devices I wanted to. This one liked the most. It's really professional and powerful. I got free training and I'm really excited! Thank you



    Amazing slimming machine! Very powerful and effective. I use it most of all in anti-cellulite programs, and my clients are very fond of results. Recommend it!



    Such a great machine! The vacuum is really powerful. My clients are excited about the results of its treatment. Thank you!


    Robert S.
    Robert S.

    Very powerful machine. I never use maximum strength., it works extremely intensive at 70% of power. I like it!



    Very nice machine. I mostly use large cups for buttocks.


    Renee Price
    Renee Price

    Thank you Celeste! I absolutely love the machine! And my clients love it! I am a massage therapist and use it primarily for pain relief on the neck, shoulders, and back. But also anywhere else- hands, feet, etc. It gets rid of pain so quickly and efficiently, and is so relaxing for the client! I also do Sinus Drainage Facials with smaller cups I got elsewhere. My clients say that they notice fine lines on their face are gone! The treatment has gone way beyond sinus drainage- in that their faces looking fantastic and glowing! And other people notice! I’ve been doing “manual” cupping for a long time, and wasn’t sure how my clients would like a machine. But they say- no offense to me, but they like the machine better! Lol! It is much more consistent and intense (in a good way). A great, very versatile machine! And your customer service is outstanding!! Other companies should look to yours as how to do customer service! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you like. Best to you! Renee Price LMT



    Very good. I recommended to others estheticians I've worked with.



    That's absolutely increadiable machine! My clients are happy with results!



    Great machines! Thanks Gunay)


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Rating: (6)reviews
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